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David Winchester
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1984-06-01 (35 years old)
  2. Place of birth
    Montana USA
  3. Nationality
  4. Religion


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Build
    well bulit
  3. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  4. Occupation
    Green Beret Special Forces
  5. Affiliation
    Task Force DOOM and Mafia
  6. Role
    Unconventional Warfare


Not much is known about David Winchester since most of his information is classified. David was born in 1984 Montana USA. David spent most of his time in the mountains, hunting, fishing, and living off the land.

At age 19 David joined the US army, and after 5 years of service in 2008 David was recruited to the Green Berets American Special forces. David went threw the intensive Green Beret training were most of his fellow recruits did not pass, but David succeeded. In 2015, David received the Medal Of Honor for rushing into a burning building and dragged out and injured soldier, after a bomb had blow and set the building aflame.

In the summer of 2017 the infection broke out in chernarus and it was not long before it broke out in america as well. It was an all out war and the amarican army moved swiftly to evacuate civilians and fight infected in high populated cities. A state of emergency was declared and the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) and CSIS (Canadian Secret Intelligence Service) formed TFD (Task Force Doom) under the NADA (North American Defence Act). Task Force Doom was tasked to search for a cure in the place it started.

David was hand picked along with 10 other Green berets to join task force doom which was made up of 10 JTF2 (Canadain Special Forces) 5 from Delta Force, and 5 from the Navy Seals.

In August of 2017 TFD halo jumped into Chernarus with a team of 6 scientists from the Center for Disease Control and 5 Military trained Doctors. The airdrop did not go smooth do to high winds most of the team was scattered across Chernarus.

Currently (David is currently working with the Maffia to establish order in Chernarus while also working on TFD original mission. David has learned from the current leader of the TDF Sabot Walker of the JTF2 that on a mission into Russia Sabot was able to regain coms with the CSIS and the CIA. USA still stands and so does Canada there large untouched land masses have slowed the spread of the infection and the resistance has been able to quarantine the healthy behind high walls. The bad news was that the CIA and CSIS had no intentions on sending more help or coming to get them out until they could get there countries more stable. Orders were clearer, search for a cure, look for other nato military and civilians in the area.)

Task Force Doom (TFD) (Was assembled by the CSIS (Canadian Secret Intelligence Service) and the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) under the NADA (North American Defence Act) to escort a team of doctors and scientist into infected chernarus to search for a cure. There are 10 confirmed dead members of Task Force Doom and 5 confirmed alive, the rest are unknown)

Green Berets (Whether riding donkeys through the rugged mountains of Afghanistan, assembling guerrilla armies in Vietnam, or training paramilitary police to fight drug cartels in Columbia, the Green Berets have come to represent the most adaptable and specialized organization available in the United States’ military arsenal. Like other­ United States special operations groups, the Army Special Forces are considered "Sine Pari," or "Without Equal" in Latin. But they have also adopted their own motto, specific to the Green Berets: "De Oppresso Liber," Latin for "To Free the Oppressed." This is a pretty heavy call to duty, and not one that just any military force can live up to. Perhaps this is why the Green Berets' exploits have been commemorated in song, recreated in movies and reported on in countless books.)


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