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Flint Sharp
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1991-06-04 (28 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Green Bay
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English, German, French
  9. Religion


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    81 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Good
  7. Features
  8. Occupation
    Radio Reconnaissance Marine


Flint was born on June 4th, 1991 to a family 2 upper-middle class parents. He ended up with 2 little brothers before his father got neutered like the family german shepherd.
Flint had a regular life growing up, nothing special. He chased after girls, went out with friends. Picked up a few hobbies. He enjoyed paintball, and occasionally went snowboarding at Cascade Mountain. He lived in the heart of the packerland, Green Bay. Everyone was into football, and the packers more. It was never his thing. Anytime his family would watch the game, he would stay in his room and read a book. He was absolutely intrigued by books on the topic of war. A couple that he read more than once included: The Liberator, and Regeneration. He even read The Art of War by Sun Tzu once. But he could only spend so much time reading, he often watched movies on the subject as well. A couple of his favorites being Full Metal Jacket and Saving Private Ryan. Once into high school Flint excelled at his classes. He didn't seem to have trouble maintaining a social life and keep his grades up. His parents paid for everything he ever needed anyways. He was humble, unlike his siblings which were both younger brothers. Even though they were only 2 years under him he always watched out for them.

He knew for awhile he wanted to become a Marine, he felt it in his heart. Flint had pride in everything he did. The first thing he did in his senior year was enter into the DEP (Delayed Entry Program) This would enlist him has a marine and let him finish high school and then begin his training when he finished. His parents didn’t mind this, well they were upset when he told them when he was 14, but after 3 years of it. They knew they wouldn't be able to change his mind. His mother still cried when she heard the news.

It was a nice day, mid september, it felt like June with a nice breeze. I enjoyed it. I just got home from school it was roughly 1:15pm. My schedule didn’t require me to stay in school for the final hours of the day. I already had all my credits for graduation and was just taking classes in the morning for the extra knowledge really, because I didn’t want to graduate early. I opened the door to the ranch style house which started to squeak. Once inside my mother was at the kitchen table, drinking something and doing something on her tablet. She must be taking a break from her work. She has a home office set up in a nicely done sunroom on the side of the house. It looks nice and professional, all while keeping clients from having to trudge through the house to get to it when they come to get their taxes done. It was her own little company she had by herself but she brought in a good amount of money for us. But, I felt like she initially started it just because she got bored. My father was a fairly wealthy optometrist that had his own office in Green Bay where other doctors worked under him. She didn’t see me walk in but she looked up once I stepped into the kitchen. “Hey ma, what are you up to?” I broke the awkward eye contact.
“Just reading the news.” She looked back down at her tablet, “So more marines died over in Afghanistan. I really wish we weren’t over there.” She did this once in awhile. Talk to me about news involving marines that happen. I think she tries to discourage me, but every article she reads just sets my mind more.
“Yeah, about that mom.” I say looking up then turning around and opening the fridge to search for a snack and not make eye contact with her. “I started enlisting today, I just need to finish some things with the recruiter. And I need parent consent because i'm not 18 yet.” I closed the fridge without finding a snack, but I didn’t turn around yet. I could still feel the laser beam that hit the back of my head when I finish my sentence. After a moment I turned around and I just saw a mixture of emotions in her eyes. She was crying because she was scared. But I also saw happiness in her eyes, like she was happy that she knew I was doing what I thought was right. I walked around the table and hugged her. She started sobbing now, “But Flint, what about all the news.”
“Come on mama, you know that’s all the more reason I need to go over there.” I kept hugging her. It wouldn't be the last time she cried into my shoulder. But for some reason the look in her eyes when I turned around was something I’d never be able to forget. Maybe because I expected more of a fight out of her.

Once graduated, his recruiter took him to take the ASVAB. He was nervous, no doubt. He wasn’t brain dead but nonetheless he needed to score at least a 32 on this test to qualify for the Marine Corps. He scored a 87. This would determine what MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) He could go into. The difference between a Chef and a Scout Sniper. Once finished, and with the help of being in the DEP. He was ready to be shipped off to “Boot Camp” (United States Marine Corps Recruit Training). It’s a 13 week program that essentially break you down and builds you back up. It has 3 phases before you graduate. The first of which includes discipline, 4 weeks of it. The second of which focuses on teamwork and marksmanship training, it also introduces the recruits to basic field skills. This part was where Flint had excelled, he displayed incredible marksmanship on the firing range, in all positions. Prone, crouching, standing. He impressed, to say the least. During the 10th week of training he took the PFT (Physical Fitness Test) He had a high score or 293. Phase 3 focused on testing their new skills. Exercises and testing, simulated combat situations. It included a 54-hour exercise, The Crucible, that tests everything they’ve learned up to this point. It's not about just testing them physically, but mentally as well. If you cannot make it through this part of training, you are not fit to be a marine.
Graduation from Boot Camp is a proud day, It’s the day you can finally call yourself a Marine. After graduation, the recruits got a 10 day leave. It was longer for those that helped recruiters, but that wasn’t Flint’s style. He returned home, and spent some time with his family. His brothers treated him differently. Like they idolized him. His mother was different, she was always happy to see him but he could see the sadness behind her eyes. Like she knew something he didn’t. His father looked proud. He could tell his friends that his son was a Marine. During the family dinners, it was just like he left it. Everyone was smiling and joking with one another. It was great. To she his family, like a family. It was when he ended up in a room alone with someone. His brothers were curious. Always asked him question about what's the training like? What did you do? It got a bit much after a while. Flint was humble most the time. When alone with his father, there wasn’t a lot of exchange of words. More of a sense of respect. Flint respected him as his father, and his father respected him for the man he was becoming. When he was with his mother it was always the same. She smiled, said she was proud of him. Has some small talk with him. Then usually brings up news articles of marines that have paid their ultimate sacrifice overseas. He tried to explain it to her, but to her she's gonna lose a son. He had to leave for SOI (The School of Infantry) before he could talk to her more about it.
Once at Area 52 (Part of the Camp Pendleton) he began his 29 day course of Marine Combat Training. Every Marine is a Rifleman, plain and simple. He went down the luxurious path of Signals Intelligence and was shipped down to Pensacola for his follow on schooling.
6 months later he was stationed at Camp Pendleton 1st Radio Battalion. His leadership asked if he would be interested in going through Recon school, and with much of a thought he decided to give it a try. He slated for BRC and began his training to pull the MOS 0321 under his belt in addition to his previously earned, 2621.
After graduating from the course he was then put back with the 1st Radio. However, this go around he was apart of an RRT, or Radio Reconnaissance Team.
After that it’s a little harder to explain what he did from there without crossing over some red tape. But he participated in multiple operations around the globe, including Chernarus, conducting Signals Intelligence, and Electronic Warfare.


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