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Robert Edwards
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1997-06-13 (22 years old)
  3. Place of birth
  4. Nationality



Robert J. Edwards was born in the early nineties in the outskirts of Orlando. He was the first child of his parents James Edwards and Jennifer Miller. Edwards life was pretty normal in the first couple of years. His father was a employee at Disney World. His mother however was a teacher at a local elementary school. Edwards had no issue's at school and continued to learn new things.

Time passes and in September of 2001 he realizes life isn't that friendly. He was in a school bus traveling to a school excursion and had a fun time. As he eats his sandwiches his teachers freak out and frantically start hysterically crying. A large plane crashed into the WTC in downtown Manhattan. He tries to asses the situation, he attempts to put the puzzle pieces together. Knowing that his Uncle Bobby is a employee at IBM global located in the WTC he panics. The whole school bus was shocked by the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The teachers secured the children and returned to the school where he met up with his mother. They were both in shock but fortunately his father and her husband stepped into the doorway glancing at them.

From that point on Edwards realized he want to serve his country. He wants to prevent any future attacks on the United States. His parents are against this and try to talk him out but he is persistent. Time passes once again and at the age of seventeen he joins the Navy, After a two years of military training he becomes a Navy SEAL and deploys into Afghanistan. He got deployed for 12 months and in those months he further developed his killing skills and gained experience in combat situations.

After 12 more months he returned home going back to his family. After a break of 6 months he is redeployed back to Afghanistan and goes on a deployment of six months to conduct covert ops near the Pakistan border. After a six month deployment he returns home safe and sound. Years pass and Edwards still serving in the Navy goes out on several deployments.

Eventually It's December of 2019 and tensions are rising in Chernarus. Ultimately the violence led the State to declare martial law in South Zagoria on January 3rd, 2019. The province was gripped with fear and tension and some citizens left to go to western areas that were considered to be safe, their belongings and vehicles left behind to rot, for fear of another civil war. However, the attention of the world was focused elsewhere and not on the developing situation in Chernarus. NATO's presence begins to increase in Chernarus, and SOC Edwards and his team (SEAL team 7) get called to do their duty in the post soviet country. Thinking it's just another mission he doesn't worry about it and deploys out.

Weeks pass and the whole country is in chaos, a virus broke out infecting everyone in it's path turning those who are infected into a state of utter rage attacking everyone on sight. While fighter jets fly over the region dropping off payload after payload to halt the growth of the infected. Chief Edwards and his team weren't prepared for this and Edwards together with some other shipmates decided to make sure their safety is at highest priority. Scavenging what they could they decide to move out towards the coast to attempt to get out of the region and hopefully get a med evac off of the coast of Chernarus. Another week passes and after numerous attempts to reach anyone they realized that they were alone. With food supplies running low the group decided to do scavenging hunts around the towns and villages. Having no experience with the infected threat many of the sailors get infected. Eventually ending up in a small squad of four men the group decides to head north into the woods and towards the airfield to obtain a way of transportation. After a couple of days they arrive at the airfield seeing it turned to turmoil. They decide to split up in team of two and start looting the remains while maintaining radio contact. They regroup after a while to discuss what they found, suddenly a sniper rifle shot can be heard in the distance and Edwards falls down onto his stomach. The others scatter but slowly get picked off one by one, fortunately the Corpsman managed to throw a smoke grenade and drag Edwards into cover, where he then left to get the others. Shots ring and after a heavy fire fight it remains quiet. Edwards manages to stabilize himself and radio's the others he gets up and walks outside stumbling upon the blood bath. His remaining group members shot and being torn to pieces by infected.

Being the only known survivor of his unit he goes out on his own. Living in the forest surviving off the wild life sometimes looting the villages near tree lines. He now as the only remaining SEAL member in the world that he knows of continues to survive in the harsh climate of Chernarus awaiting his fellow shipmates or marines to come to his aid.


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