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Keiko Higanbana
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Survive at all Cost
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    2005-12-21 (13 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Tokyo, Japan
  6. Nationality
    Japanese, Canadian
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English, Japanese
  9. Relationship
  10. Family


  1. Height
    145 cm
  2. Weight
    35 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
  8. Occupation
  9. Affiliation
  10. Role



  • Kei was born in Tokyo, Japan to a Japanese American citizen sent to act as a translator for a large company and a citizen. They wed shortly after her birth.
  • Her parents divorced when she was four years old.
  • She spent most of her youth in Canada with her mother.
  • She spent summer and winter holidays in Japan.
  • Was a girl scout whom earned every badge available to her.
  • Was an A Plus student.
  • Generally a victim of helicopter parenting.
  • Was on a cruise off the coast of Japan with her father when the outbreak hit.


The Beginning of the End.

When news of the outbreak hit the cruise ship, everything went still before panic hit it. No one was sure what to do. Some people frantically began to gather food. Others began to try calling for evacuation or for the ship to land on a port. However, soon, it was clear none of the nearby  ports were fit for docking. Furthermore, anyone who had gone ashore recently was now under suspicion of being infected. No one knew anything that was going on, just that some disease was making it impossible to dock. They were in for a long ride. Kei's father tried to stay calm, but he wasn't sure what to do either. The ship's staff tried to ration the food, but it was difficult. A lot of the people still expected to be treated to the all you can eat buffets and what not. There were a lot of arguments. Kei managed to find some enjoyment in the pool still.

Weeks passed and the cruise ship still couldn't find a port to dock at no matter how far along the coast they went. They were practically half way through Russia now. They had gone all around Japan and through a lot of Russia and China. Nothing. Whenever the coast line came into view, all people could see was smoke in the distance. The captain wisely chose to steer the ship away before anyone could get a good look. People were beginning to get angsty. Luckily some of the older men had managed to supplement the rationed food that was running out quickly with some meager fish they were able to catch, but it was still rough.

When the third month passed, electricity on the boat finally gave in and the boat stopped moving. They were adrift. This is when chaos broke out. It was every man for themselves. People formed factions and groups. For food, some took to breeding rats for meat. The group of older men were more lucky with catching fish now that the ship's motion stopped. Some managed to grow meager crops, using soil from all the indoor plants of the ship and seeds people had brought on board as snacks- but it wasn't enough.

The Daily Life

Kei's daily life was trying to keep up with her father. He was set on surviving. He would search every room, searching for abandoned things that could be of use. The ship was massive- it was practically it's own city on the sea. As such, it wasn't odd to find something tucked away. Kei and her father spent every day and night scavenging and then retired in their fortified room. They weren't part of any faction. More often than not, they went to be hungry. The rations were hogged now by the strongest faction, and they were running out of them quickly. Furthermore, any other faction that had found a way to get food was keeping it to themselves. Every day Kei grew thinner.

Weeks turned into months of this life style until Kei collapsed. Her father was like a dancing skeleton at this point. He gave any food they found to her, but it wasn't enough to even keep the girl able to move. He was only able to due to pure will power. Finally, he caved. Kei isn't sure what happened, but she awoke in their room to the smell of something roasting. It was the first actual meal she had had in weeks. It made her cry. She didn't even notice how odd it tasted. The meat lasted them a week. When she asked her father how he got it, he dodged the question and told her to focus on getting better. 

The next week, more meat showed up. That wasn't all, a boy showed up too. He spoke of wanting to follow Kei's father. He saw they had food. He wanted some too. He would do anything. On the cruise ship, the weak- old and young- were often left to starve. To them, Kei's father who could make food appear from seemingly nowhere was like a god. Slowly, more people like this appeared until Kei's father had a cult like following who came for meals and helped prepare them.

The Grind

Kei's father's followers grew into their own large faction. They took over the middle floors of the ship. The rat breeders took over the bottom bowels of the ship, the fishermen took over the lower and middle decks, the staff took over the upper floors of the ship, and the farmers took over the lobby and top decks of the ship with scavengers mixed in between. The first year of their life on the ship passed and Kei continued to eat what her father gave her. He began to preach of the superiority of some people to others. That not all humans were built equal, and what made them different was not their skin color but their brains. His followers continued to grow as they ate, quite literally, out of his hand.

Many seemed to know about where the meat came from. Scavengers and those who starved to death would be brought in and butchered to be served. Sometimes members of other groups would vanish when they came around to cause trouble. Kei herself had suspicions, but, much to her horror she didn't find herself caring much. Or rather, the pain of hunger made her not care. Every day life settled in and everyone had jobs. Kei would clean and help with injuries, learning how to nurse people back to health. Others would go out to find fresh meat.


It wasn't long until there were no survivors on the ship left who weren't within a group. The cannibals had ensured that. There had been 600 passengers and staff at the start of the ship's journey. Now, there was less than 320 due to various conditions all split between the four groups. The Staff faction had died out the moment the rations did. Fighting between the factions wasn't odd, but it was rarely lethal. It was a cruise ship after all, so there weren't exactly weapons on board. In fact, the cannibals had most of the items that could be used as weapons- knifes and what not. With the number of people growing thin, the first group the cannibals clashed with were the Rat Breeders. They had begun to surface as their rats had begun to get sickly and too thin to eat due to inbreeding.

In three months, the rat breeders were wiped out. This set off red flags for the other groups who had been content to leave the lower and middle decks to their own business. The Fishermen and Farmers chose to join forces and tried to fortify against the cannibals. However, by this point, the cannibals were the only ones with weapons and they used gorilla tactics to lure them out. It took several months, but slowly, they chipped away at the other factions until slowly and surely, only cannibals remained on the ship.

Bloody Dawn

The problem with only cannibals on a ship is deciding whom to eat. The faction fractured as they all begun to hunt each other down within the ship. Kei and her father led the largest faction, but it was only a matter of time until there was in fighting in their group as well. It soon began too dangerous to even stay with them. Everywhere one went on the ship one could find people fighting with one another for food- the flesh of one another. It was a bloody civil war among cannibals who once stood together.

Finally, Kei's father decided it was better leaving the ship than staying on it. He had hidden away a small evacuation raft, but he hadn't used it before. Being stranded at sea in an even smaller boat than the one they were currently on hadn't been an appeasing aspect before, but now, it was better than being eaten by his former disciples. However, as he was lowering Kei and preparing to enter the raft himself, several of the cannibals found them. Kei's father cut the rope to quickly drop Kei several hundred feet down into the water with a splash in the raft- leaving him above to his fate.


Kei was set adrift for days. At first she was close to the ship for a while- close enough that she could see them raise her father's head to taunt her. Then see them lower a rope ladder in an attempt to reach her from the lowest docks, luckily it wasn't long enough. No one would jump off however. There was no way back onto the ship if they jumped off. Finally, the ship got smaller and smaller until it was out of view. Kei would curl up on the boat for what felt like weeks with what little rations her father was able to gather. Jerky and water, that was it. She tried to make it last. 

The girl could feel the hunger pains as she laid in the raft, wishing that she had stayed on the ship. Maybe that would have been better. However, suddenly, the girl felt something hard underneath her through the rubber raft. Rocks? She leaned up. The raft had come onto land when she wasn't paying attention. Through the fog, the girl was now on terra firma. In a new country.




None so far.




Nice to see how much effort you have put into your CP, also a very unique story, I love it!

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36 minutes ago, Saunders said:

Nice to see how much effort you have put into your CP, also a very unique story, I love it!

Thanks ❤️ I always try to make unique themes for my characters. This girl is actually for the Tainted group that popped up XD

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It's always nice to meet you and I like the RP of my character feeling protective over yours and so on, great CP!

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Mr. Blue


What a sweet girl

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