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Alfred Husk
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Stable but if u ask him after the time before the epedemie he gets more and more confused
  3. Morale
    Kill the Zombies
  4. Date of birth
    1956-01-21 (63 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Somewhere in the very north of the Sovjet Union
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
    His Rifle
  10. Family
    He doesn't remember
  11. Religion
    Kill the Zombies


  1. Height
    193 cm
  2. Weight
    87 kg
  3. Build
    Strong but old
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
    Cristal blue
  6. Equipment
    Starting gear


(Warning! My written english is not the best!)

*crackling noise from the fire*

A man sits near the fire and watches it carefully. It has gotten cold through the night in the North and he muffles himself into his dark blanket. Next to him lies a wooden stick with remains of meat on it. A quiet noise from the forest around alarms him and he raises his head. The cristal blue eyes look attentively into the darkness and he takes his rifle in his hands. But it just was a little suirrel climbing on a tree. He relaxes and puts his rifle away.

"No need to be frighten old man" He says to himself. "Nothing could kill you till now and as long as you stay observ...."

*a loud scream breaks the silence of the night* "HEEEEELPPP!!!"

He starts and reaches for the weapon. "What the bloody Hell.." he says angry and starts to run.

"Please somebody!" a scream..again!

"It wasn't that far away" he guesses and he keeps running. When he sees a small fire, he pushes himself against a tree and peeks around it. In front of him, a zombie is about to throw himself at a young man. The old man aims well, waits a moment and then shoots. The Zombie collapses in the arms of the young man and does not move anymore.

Just a normal night of Alfred, the keeper of the North. As he grew up in the very North of the Soviet Union he knows everything about staying alive in the wildernes. Huntung/Fishing is a dayly routine for him. He doesnt like very much people but if u got in his hearth, he will do everything to keep you alive. He lived alone in a small hut when the epedemie broke out and he didnt noticed it for a while. But as he did, he swored himself ti kill every god damn bloody Zombie on his way. He lost his memory of anything what happened bevore the epedemie broke out duo to the total shock and so he just grabed his stuff and flew into nowhere. Since he has still no map and dont even know in which country he is, he just orientates at night on the stars.
One day as he arrived at a coast, he builded himself a small boat for fishing. Well it was more or less a small raft but it did its job. After a few hours on sea he came into a bad storm and crashed on mainland. No clue that he just arrived in Chernarus, he continued his journey and tries to survive.

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You seem to be forgetting something in your backstory good sir.

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