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Madison Rahl
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Morale
    The Highest Maintenance
  3. Date of birth
    1998-06-11 (21 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Los Angeles, Cali
  5. Nationality
  6. Languages
  7. Relationship
    Dante Webber (fiance)
  8. Family
    Xander Rahl, Valerie Rahl


  1. Height
    155 cm
  2. Weight
    52 kg
  3. Build
    Slim Thicc
  4. Hair
    Short Blonde Bob
  5. Eyes
  6. Features
    Illuminati tattoo on right elbow
    Horseshoe tattoo on left hand
  7. Equipment
    Hairbrush (always)
    Bug Spray
    Multiple changes of clothing
  8. Occupation
    Nightclub Owner


Madison Rahl

Standing proudly at 5’ at 21 years old, Madison “Maddie” Rahl is the younger sister of Xander and Agent Valerie Rahl. She never really knew their parents and has spent a majority of her life being raised by both of her older siblings who have taken the full burden and responsibility of raising her while also trying to maintain a balance and progressing in their own career choices.

Madison first moved to the city to help Xander with managing his new auto shops, Los Santos Customs. Madison ran into some drama however upon meeting the infamous Jimmy Green. Jimmy Green and his brother proved to be pretty hectic and chaotic in comparison to the smooth life Madison was used to living. Jimmy Green first roofied her at a house party in his house where her and other friends were having fun. She ended up sleeping with her best friend, Sammy, and then making out with Jimmy Green later during the party. It wasn’t long until Madison was soon hooked on drugs as she spent a majority of time around Jimmy Green and his drug dealing friends. Soon, Madison was dealing for Jimmy and his brother mostly as a means to continue her new habit. She was using anything she could get her hands on; LSD, cocaine, marijuana, xanax, just about anything she could snort.As soon as it all started though, Jimmy Green and his brother vanished without a trace. Valerie became a Deputy for the BCSO and fully expected Madison to take control over managing her business Smoke on the Water. This new pressure only put Madison in a darker place that few knew the true depths of.

She hired a manager, Daniel, to help her begin running things with the business. Soon, Berry, Sammy, and Madison formed an intimate relationship circling the three of them. Though, it was obvious due to her choices what Madison loved most: drugs. It wasn’t long until Madison received a phone call about Daniel being found dead on the side of the road after an altercation of sorts on the weed farm with her brother and his security company. 

Madison was suspicious of her brother and two that worked for him, Pixel and Julie. The death of Daniel would only sink her further and further into this hole and soon Berry disappeared, leaving Sammy and Madison alone. She began getting more involved with organized crime and also committing petty crimes and robberies merely for the thrill of it with her new friend Calvin Miller. Calvin would prove to not be enough to save Madison from herself, however. She ended up joining a street gang known as the Animal Kingdom where she would spend a majority of her time selling coke throughout the city. Madison ended up in prison for 98 months after having several warrants out for her arrest and ending up crashing her motorcycle in a police chase.

Madison would then go to rehab and began piecing her life back together, her brother and sister completely clueless as she what had actually been occurring in her life. She had too long felt helpless with the things happening in her life, feeling completely out of control, especially since her siblings had become successful and seemed to have everything planned out.

Now, Madison has moved back into the city once again and has turned a completely new leaf having overcome these personal obstacles. She has let her friends and those closest to her know she has gone to rehab and seeks to do things the right way. First she got a job as a bartender for Blake Masrani at the Vanilla Unicorn. While working around alcohol can be hard for Madison, she somehow maintains her sobriety. That is until she throws a pool party shortly after to celebrate her new position and she ends up drinking too much and getting alcohol poisoning and making out with a guy named James Smith. Madison decides drinking probably wouldn't be worth the trouble and decides not to drink again. Shortly after that, Jason, ended up bringing her to a bank robbery with her brother Xander and his partner Nicole. Madison was beyond stressed as she had explained that she was living a new life now and couldn’t go back to those ways. Her brother was not happy with her being there either but knew he needed her help. Together they all managed to pull off a successful bank robbery. This leaves Madison feeling close to relapsing and feeling she would never amount to anything. She does however end up re-obtaining ownership of Smoke on the Water and she is currently trying to sort out employees and getting a system running for her business and dispensary. Madison begins smoking marijuana occasionally and finds that it helps ease her anxiety and depression that she still deals with. Madison recently overheard James telling police officers about Xander’s blacklist illegal racing competition. Madison made sure their circle knew about what she heard. One night, James finds Madison alone opening up the Vanilla Unicorn. He points a gun at her and demands she go with him to his car and hand over her phone. She complies since she has no gun and gets in his mesa after giving him her cell phone. She pretends to be scared and panicked, trying to get James to lower his guard. Eventually he states that the Pastor Henderson has sent him after her to ‘baptize’ her. He explains further that baptizing meant drowning her. He claims that he cares for her though, and he cannot possibly hurt her. He puts his gun in her hands and tells her she has to kill him so he can pay for what he’s done and protect her. She kisses him on the cheek and tells him she’s sorry before pointing the gun at him. Her hands shake for a moment before she makes him turn around as she proceeds to knock him out with the gun. Quickly she gets into his mesa and drives away to the nearest gas station where she pours gas all over his vehicle and lights it on fire. She quickly texts Ty and him and H pick her up not too far from the scene. She tells them everything that James told her and they decide they need to question James themselves. Madison agrees to let them do it while she takes a back seat and focuses on running the Unicorn and SotW. It’s later explained to her that Ty shot James in the back of the head after he tried to run away from during their questioning. Nicole apologizes deeply about the incident since she had been in charge, explaining that they had no other choice but to shoot him and he made that choice to run. Madison is still unsure how to feel about this except that she should keep her distance from getting close to anyone since the last two, Daniel and James, had been killed for it.

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