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Cody Robbins
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    clear thinking
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1990-02-22 (29 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Indianapolis (USA)
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    170 cm
  2. Weight
    88 kg
  3. Build
    Decent Muscular
  4. Hair
    Long Black
  5. Eyes
  6. Features
    he can fight
  7. Equipment
    a shotgun with a few rounds
  8. Occupation


My name is Cody Robbins and I was born on the 22nd of Feb, 1990 in Long Beach,
California. My parents were Eddie Robbins and Joan Robbins. Both of my parents are deceased.
My mom died at the age of 57 in 1994 from lung cancer which was the result of smoking her
whole lifetime. My father died at the age of 69 in 2006 from a massive heart attack, which was
also the likely result from a lifetime of smoking. Fortunately I have been smart enough to avoid
that bad habit.
My early childhood was a typical middle class environment circa the 1990's. My dad
worked for Simpson Buick as a parts salesman and my mom was a stay at home mother. I had a
happy, normal childhood as an only child, leaving me somewhat spoiled. My mom and dad
divorced when I was eight years old and both remarried within a year or so of the divorce. My
dad remained married to my stepmom Bev until his death. My mom would marry two more
times. My first stepdad Vince became a big part of my life and I maintained close contact with
him until his death in 2006, two days after my real dad died. Yes, that was a very bad week,
losing both of my dads.
Growing up with split parents was not especially difficult since each of my parents kept
me out of their divorce and they got along fine at events where both of them were present. I
lived with my mom until I was 16 and in high school. By my sophomore year in high school I
had begun to hang around with friends that got me into a lot of trouble with a number of things
including smoking pot and drinking. I was rapidly heading down a negative path, but was
fortunate enough to notice it before I had done any serious damage. I moved in with my dad and
changed high schools and friends.
With the fresh start I was able to finish high school without further incident, graduating
from Downey High School in 1985. Even with my questionable behavior earlier in my life I had
always wanted to become a police officer, which I could not do until I was 21 years of age. So,
to kill time and stay out of trouble I joined the United States Army immediately after turning 18.
I joined the army and was sent to Fort Benning, Georgia for basic training, advanced infantry
training, and finally airborne jump school. After becoming a paratrooper (11B1P, Airborne
Infantry) I was assigned to Bravo Company, 2/325th Airborne Infantry Regiment.
What stands out the most about my time in the army are the extremes that you are
subjected to. Some of my happiest memories and some of my worst memories come from my
time in the army. One thing that I am sure of is that it shaped me to become the man that I am
now. The army really straightened me out from my troubled teenage years. When I came out of
the army I had put on 50 solid pounds and was old enough to attempt to become a police officer.
Fresh out of the service I waited on tables and did some bartending while in the long
application process for law enforcement. I applied to the Long Beach Police Department, the
Los Angles Police Department, and the California Highway Patrol. My hope and dream was to
be accepted by the Long Beach Police Department and it came true for me. I was accepted into
the Long Beach Police Academy on July 10th, 1988. My military experience definitely made the
police academy much easier for me. I was already conditioned to withstand the extreme stress of
the police academy. The only difficulty I had in the police academy was a number of injuries
suffered during it, but I was able to continue in spite of them. I attribute this to my time in the
army as well because I had learned to "Play through the pain." During the time that I was in the
police academy I was living with my girlfriend. Shortly after graduating from the police
academy we made the mistake of getting married. As so happens in law enforcement we ended
up divorced two years later, which was a mutual decision and really the best thing for both of us.
Fortunately, (and unlike many other police officers, both male and female) she is my only exwife.
After five months I graduated from the police academy and was assigned as a police
rookie in training for the Patrol Division. My field training period went quickly and I was able
to complete field training without any problems. It became immediately clear to me that I had
made the right career choice. The excitement of being a police officer lived up to all my
expectations. I literally enjoyed the police work so much that I looked forward to going to work
and I could not believe that I was getting paid for it. The job only got better as I became more
experienced, leading to more confidence that I could handle the job regardless of what came
During my career in law enforcement I worked in patrol as an officer, later as a field
training officer, and finally as a patrol sergeant. Over the course of my career I also worked in
detectives, in the Gang Enforcement Section, and as a detective sergeant. One of the best things
about being a police officer is that once what you are doing becomes routine or boring, you can
change what you are doing. By the time I had been a patrol officer and field training officer for
five years and beginning to burn out on it I was able to go to detectives. This gave me a new
dimension of experience and I learned a lot during my years as a detective, particularly while I
was assigned to the Gang Enforcement Section. I did this for several years and eventually
became an acting detective sergeant in gangs.
After my time in detectives and the Gang Enforcement Section I decided to return to the
patrol division as a patrol sergeant. Of all of the assignments I had as a police officer being a
patrol sergeant was easily my favorite. In law enforcement sergeants are the middle men in
between the patrol officers (aka "The Troops") and the lieutenants and above (aka "The Brass").
Unlike many careers where being the middle man is a bad thing ("Being stuck in the middle"), in
law enforcement I found the opposite to be true. As a patrol sergeant you don't get stuck with
the routine paper calls that the patrol officers do, but you can still handle calls that are
interesting, require a supervisor, or are more complicated. While being a sergeant does bring
around a lot of paperwork, I had been doing small stuff until they told me about this place
that I could transfer to out of country, they were low on people, and had lots of riots as of late.
The main reason I did it was to get a higher pay rate, I needed the money. They sent me to Chernarus,
it was pretty easy at first things didnt seem as bad as they had said. While i was there I took up Boxing at a local
gym, and got really good at it. I made it my side profession, and starting making money when i was off duty.
Then it started to happen people where reporting people biting each other and coming back to life from the dead.
I of course didnt believe it, and decided to let that all blow over. Late one night I was off and on my way to a boxing match
the wager was 500 if i lost 2000 for a win the stakes were high. I Figured id win this and get back home to sleep since I
had to be up at 6 to go back to work at my other job. Then out of no where I saw this guy on the ground and another guy
looked like he was on him. I of course ran over to assist then saw this thing eating this mans face!
I pulled him off and he just keep on trying to bite me and tear at me with his hands. I pushed him back with ease and ran out of there
decided to skip the fight and head home that was too much for me for one night and forget the money i could do that any night.
The next day I head shooting as I woke up, and screams it was only 6 am and still a bit dark but I could see fires across town.
I got up got dressed and ran out to see if I could help. The amount of bodies was insane and I didn't know what to do so at this
point I tried to help some people I saw that looked hurt in this all. They actually threaten to shoot me if I didnt drop all my stuff.
So not risking it did and they ran off, and decided to hit me in the side of the head before doing so. When I awoke there was no
screams or gunshots it all seemed pretty peaceful, but the smell was horrible. I had wrapped a bandage around my head, and
got up walked to the street and saw bodies everywhere. I ran far out of town as far as I could and this is where my story begins.


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