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Emmanuel Jacques
Character information
  1. Alias
    The Black Sun
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
    Content, Driven
  4. Date of birth
    1996-04-05 (23 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Jacmel, Haiti
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    Afrikaan, French, English
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    Chiumbo Jacques, (Dead) Adichie Jacques, (Dead)
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    185 cm
  2. Weight
    77 kg
  3. Build
    Tall, Rough, Edged
  4. Hair
    Short, Curly, Black
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Evil
  7. Features
    *Missing two fingers on left hand*

    * Multiple Bullet holes and scars on body*

    *"Prey" Carved into back*

    * Unforgiving
    * Ruthless
    * Thick African Accent
    * Rough Feet/Hands
    * Master of Firefights
    * Short Temper
  8. Equipment
    Red Beret with a stitched in "Commandant."

    Book with the names of people he has/will kill.


    Wellies/Capri Pants

    Machete named "Burundi."
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation
    Burundi Tribe
  11. Role
    Guerilla Fighter/2-IC


Slavery In Haiti/ The Tonton Macoute

In the 1920's-2000's, slavery was quite popular in Haiti. It was not legal, but the government didn't do jack shit to oppose it. They didn't have the men, and they didn't have the right economy. A notorious African Rebel Tribe, called The Tonton Macoute, fought to overthrow slavery. They fought to overthrow any sort of Political government. They had the men, and they had the spirit, but they did not have the right economy or firepower. They had ways of solving this. If you opposed them, they would find you. And if they found you, they would kill you. If they thought you were fit enough to work, they would sell you off, for poetic justice. In return, they bought weapons, and necessary supplies.



Early Life/ Sold By The Tonton Macoute

Emmanuel grew up in Jacmel, Haiti. He lived in a fishing village, with his mother and father. He was an only child. He learned very early on, what it was like to truly be hungry. He learned what it was like to truly be thirsty. His family was quite poor, but the village was quite happy. One afternoon a large force of militant fighters invaded the village, and started shooting people. Anyone who was not fit to fight, was executed. Anyone who was not fit to work, was executed. Anyone who tried to fight back, was executed. They explained themselves as the Tonton Macoute. They were fighting to end slavery in Haiti, and to get rid of corrupt governments. Emmanuel's parents tried to talk back, and refused to fight for this cause. They were both executed in the street.

Emmanuel was still a small child at this time. He was not fit to fight, but he could still be a valuable resource. Apparently the Tonton Macoute had an outgoing alliance with the Burundi Tribe in Africa. Him, and a large quantity of other men, were put into transport. In a few months, Emmanuel found himself in Uganda.



Burundi Tribe

Emmanuel nearly died many times in his Slavery transport expedition. He was about 7, when he arrived in Uganda. The new climate was nearly unbearable. He had to walk for many weeks. He had no idea where he was going. He heard many many gun shots in the distance during the journey. Life was hell, and the people escorting him and a few dozen more men, were absolutely brutal. Eventually, they got to a encampment in the forest. He could hear the war-chants and singing a mile before he got there. The people he met, were the Burundi Tribe. They were a mercenary company, and fought for independence. Similar to the Tonton Macoute, they believed the governments of Africa were corrupt, and unfair.

Normally, the Burundi Tribe would just behead any man they found that was not African. Emmanuel was lucky his parents were actually Immigrants from Africa. He knew Afrikaan terminology, and had a thick African accent. These traditions only grew, once the Burundi Tribe took him in.



His New Bruddas

Life was hell. Emmanuel was quite miserable for a while... He had thought after being separated from his parents, it would never be the same. When the Burundi Tribe took him in, it was like he had found his new family. His true family. They trained him to be a soldier. They trained him to be a warrior. Like all members, he had to pass an initiation test. This test, was taking 3 lashings on your back, with a large piece of bamboo, from every soldier in the Regiment. If you failed the initiation, and fell to your knees while being whipped, you were executed. In a singular day, Emmanuel passed the test and took 72 lashings on his back. This was only the beginning, of the things he experienced. It was only a small part, of the things that would make him a fucking warrior.

He learned a Guerilla Style method of fighting. His entire childhood consisted of warfare. While it might have been hard, he never pussied out. He had a constant fuel to keep pushing. The Burundi Tribe was fighting for something bigger than themselves. Emmanuel finally wanted to know what it was like to be independent, and wanted to help destroy the corrupt governments. It was the Haitian corrupt governments that got his family killed, and the people he was fighting were no different in his mind.





Emmanuel's Commandant


Rising The Ranks/ Exiled To Chernarus

Emmanuel made great progress with his family. His Commandant though he was a good warrior, he never failed to obey orders, and the Burundi Tribe remained strong for a very long time. He spent most of his life with the Rebel Force. Around 13 years. He made every bit of time count. At the age of 18, he was promoted to 2-IC. It was the proudest moment of his life. It lasted a good while. Eventually, UN forces surrounded the battalion. The UN forces were closing in, they only had days left until they would be slaughtered. Some of the men tried to surrender. They were killed. The loyal ones, fought to the death. They would not surrender. They fought, to the last man. They made sure to use every last bullet to the infidels. The Commandant was shot in the chest, and Emmanuel was shot in the waist-line. He laid next to his dying Commandant, letting out miserable wheeps himself. The last words he would ever hear from his leader, "You would have made a good Commandant. You have made your Commandant proud." Unable to fight any longer, Emmanuel and the rest of the forces were taken and put into detainment.

After months in prison, the military decided to send a large number of men to Chernarus, as workers. They would do this, with life in prison. Emmanuel, was sent to the black mountains, to mine for rock. Soon enough, he would be a free man once again, once the infection hit Chernarus. Emmanuel was always extremely loyal. His Bruddas meant everything to him. He would have to die, before he stopped fighting for the Burundi Tribe. "Long Live the Commandant."


Emmanuel After Becoming 2-IC





  • Bobby Kalo
  • The Muslims
  • Anyone who fucks with him
  • Roy Hutchinson
  • Luka Stika
  • Phoenyxx Caine



  • Mr. Jack Lemons (Friend)
  • Murdock McClane (Friend)
  • Garret Wilson (Friend)
  • Richard Harrisa (Friend)
  • Grace BellaDonna (Friend)
  • Alexis Merko (Neutral)
  • Playhouse (Neutral)
  • Jessica Mills (Neutral
  • Black Roses (Foe)
  • Wolf Pack (Foe)
  • The Watch (Foe)



  • Find A Woman (In Progress)
  • Defend the Prison (In Progress)
  • Get More Prisoners (In Progress)
  • Protect his Bruddas (In Progress)


His Most Well Kept Secret That He Will Never Tell A Single Soul



















Will be adding more shortly. Just need to find the time to make an in-depth backstory.

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Best of luck in your journey for a lovely lady to have by your side! o7 

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Just now, Brayces said:

Best of luck in your journey for a lovely lady to have by your side! o7 

Ellie sounds like a suitable candidate 😄

Wait hmm?

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Have added some spoilers that include his Hit-List, his Friends/Foes, his Goals, and his super-safe kept secret 😄

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