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Vincenzo Di Lauro
Character information
  1. Alias
    Vincent Mikolajovic
  2. Date of birth
    1988-11-22 (30 years old)
  3. Place of birth
  4. Nationality


  1. Height
    178 cm
  2. Weight
    80 kg
  3. Alignment
    True Neutral
  4. Role


I'm Vincent Mikolajovic, 30 years old and i'm an explorer and a mechanic. I lived in Kiev before the virus. After a trip to chernarus to recover some car parts, was struck by the epidemic. Being a foreigner I don't know anyone in chernarus but I have a family in my country. in my life I have visited many places including Chernobyl, Prypiat, London, Amsterdam, Rome, Moscow and Bucharest. I can organize myself and orient myself perfectly. After the outbreak of the epidemic I met some people, but they were very aggressive and I decided to get away from it. Now I'm alone and I'm on the coast. My goal is to survive and get back to my family as soon as possible. I try to survive and find a group with give a hand. I have short brown hair, an oval face and green eyes.I am a friendly person and I like playing basketball, listening to music and watching movies. For some years I have been part of the Ukraine army with the rank of major corporal, I have performed numerous services, and I have some patents to swim skiing and parachute. I'm a fan of weapons, cars and survival tools. I love traveling and getting to know new people,


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