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Bodey James
Character information
  1. Mental
    Confused and lost
  2. Morale
    Innocent Kid
  3. Date of birth
    1999-03-26 (20 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Loma Linda, California
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
    Spanish, Native American, and Europian
  7. Languages
    English and Sign Language
  8. Religion
    Raised Christian but wasnt a heavy church-goer.


  1. Height
    187 cm
  2. Weight
    83 kg
  3. Build
    Skinny with some muscle from school sports.
  4. Hair
    Medium length dirty blonde
  5. Eyes
    Light Blue
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Good
  7. Features
    Always has very big pupils, is sensitive to bright lights.
  8. Role
    Scavenger and the kid who lightens the mood in dark times.


I'd like to play a character named, Bodey James. Grew up in California, and lived your typical blonde Californian life. Riding to school on a skateboard, tried too hard to be cool in school, struggled in school due to being irresponsible, but always tested very well. Family and friends always knew of his potential and were frustrated with him due to his lack of effort. He was always just out of reach of being popular, but tried his last two years of high school to move past that feeling of needing to be so called, "cool" and his need to "fit" in. Although wanting to be someone he wasn't really, he genuinely was an outdoorsy kid who loved adventures, and luckily he had a grandfather who lived up in the mountains who was a retired firemen with a huge plot of land perfect for him to go on many adventures and getting into trouble up and down the 5 acres of land. His grandfather taught him survival skills and then watched loads of Bear Grills survival show together. They also went to shooting ranges a lot, learned to clean guns, all about different types of ammo, gun safety, and on the side had a lot of throwing knife competitions behind his workshop, as grandma would have called it unsafe. So although Bodey was a typical blonde surfer kid, he knew a lot more than people thought. Bodey's last year of high school he was given an offer from his grandfather that if he tried his best and got nothing lower than a B and made sure he got all of his credits for graduation that he'd take him on a vacation of his choice. The last day to get credits in to the office for graduation came up, and Bodey went to all of his teachers and asked for anything to get his remaining credits completed. As Bodey was a likeable kid, the teachers took some time out of their day to create credit packets for him. On the last day to turn in credits, Bodey was finishing his last assignment he had, which was a coloring book from his art teacher in which he was informed he may not rush it. So he spent two hours after school to complete this book and once he was done, he was handed his graduation tickets to give out to family and friends. So that fall his grandfather and him had picked their vacation to be Italy as Bodey's favorite food was Italian and he knew the tropics weren't going to be as enjoyable for his grandparents. So his grandparents, being old cute grandparents, realized the day before that they booked tickets to Russia. They called Bodey the same day and told him he'd have to wait as they had mistakenly bought the wrong tickets. Bodey heard the news and at first was bummed out but then thought about how cool he thought Russian accents were when he played Call of Duty games growing up and called them back to say screw it! So then they booked hotels and packed for some different attire as grandpa said Russia would be a lot colder than Rome. So off they went, they went to museums, old war zones, etc. Towards the end of the trip Bodey's grandmother said she wanted to show me her parents home before they moved to America. It happened to be a place called Chernarus, there were endless hiking trails, old castles, beautiful coastal cities, and so much more. Her parents used to live in a beautiful cream colored house with a grand piano downstairs, in a town called Berezino. Where her father worked on the docs for many years growing up. Grandma wanted to also take them to a huge city called Chernogorsk. They got there late in the day so they went straight to where they'd be staying the night. They woke early to screams and sirens throughout the town. Bodey's grandfather ran down stairs to see what was going on, and about 30 minutes later his grandma went downstairs as well to see where her husband had gone. Little did Bodey know, that was the last time he'd ever see his grandparents again. Not knowing what to do he put a chair against the door and locked it until he figured out what to do or if someone came up to tell him where to go. The night passed and the sirens never stopped, he looked out the window and saw cars on fire up and down the road, heard people screaming for their loved ones, but hearing no response... Days went by, and Bodey was just living off the food inside of all of the rooms. Eventually the food ran low, and Bodey had no choice but to leave the apartments and look for means to survive. Although lost and confused, he wanted to survive... so Bodey did just that. That's how Bodey James's adventure begins.




Really Enjoyed this backstory.

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16 hours ago, Realize said:

Really Enjoyed this backstory.

Thank you so much!!

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