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Joseph Petrov
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1999-11-29 (19 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    Odesa Ukraine
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages
    English, Russian
  7. Family
    Joesph was orphaned after birth. His mother is dead. His father is unknown, but lives near Odesa Ukraine


  1. Height
    180 cm
  2. Weight
    95 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes


Joseph is the son of two Russian migrants. He was born outside Odesa Ukraine in 1999. His parents left their rural Russian village when Joseph's mother became pregnant with him. Her and Joseph's father were in search for a new life in central Europe with better opportunities for them and their expected son. However, they were not ready for Joseph's birth. They were still thousands of miles from their destination and on the road in the back of a stranger’s truck when his mother unexpectedly began having contractions. Many hours away from the nearest hospital, his parents stopped at a roadside garage as his mother prepared to deliver her son. However, not all went as planned. His mother grew weak during labor. Her heart rate lowered drastically and she slipped in and out of consciousness. Joseph's mother died in childbirth, leaving him and his father alone in a foreign country, far from the home they hoped to find. His father felt he could not care for his son on his own and heartbroken from the loss of his wife, he felt Joseph would be better in someone else’s care. He left his son outside of a small village church not far from Odesa before he set off to make a new life for himself.

Joseph moved from orphanage to orphanage during his childhood. He had been all across the Ukraine before his 10th birthday. Always on the move Joseph rarely attended school. Even now in his adulthood, he struggles to read and write. He had briefly spent time with various foster parents growing up, but he could never find a permanent home. He felt unwanted; as if he was not good enough for anyone. This soon festered into depression. He grew resentful; not only of his real parents whom he knew nothing of, but also of himself. In a way he couldn’t explain, he was ashamed of himself. This ultimately shaped Joseph's personality and developed many of the traits that persist with him today. He became extremely shy and rarely talked to other orphans. Other kids thought he was strange because of this. They often picked on him. He was weak, afraid to stand up for himself, and an easy target for bullies. No adult in his life seemed to care for his struggles. He felt utterly alone in the world and by the time he was 15, it seemed clear to him he would never find a family. It was then he decided to leave the orphanage and begin a life for himself on his own.

He decided to leave the Ukraine and head east. He had no destination in mind when he left. He only hoped one of the odd jobs he picked up along the way would become permanent and he could make a life for himself somewhere nice where he might finally be happy. However, hitchhiking and hopping trains across Ukraine while trying to earn money to kept a roof over his head was not easy. There were few jobs along Joseph's path. He was unskilled and uneducated. He could occasionally find a farm to work at for a day or two, but he never found the home he wanted. He rarely had any money at all. He went most nights hungry, sleeping beneath the stars or hidden in a farmer’s barn. When he was 16 he crossed into Russia and learned about new jobs in mines around Chernarus.

Joseph knew little of the country or the war it suffered from only a few years ago. Some in Russia attempted to steer him away from the nation as tensions between the two countries were beginning to rise, but Joseph felt his chance to find a good job there was too good to pass up. He worked on a small Russian farm from the end of 2016 for a few months while saving money to afford a train ticket to Chernarus. He hoped to eventually make it to Chernogorsk, hoping the political chaos would not effect the job market in this industrial city. By the end of April 2017 he was finally ready to make the trip and Joseph boarded a train to Chernarus. By that time it was clear tension was in the air. He entered the country May 1st just days before the first fighting broke out.

However, he was not in Chernogorsk yet by May 3rd. His train ticket left Joesph at a rural train station many miles from Chernogorsk. As he began his walk to what he hoped was still a peaceful city he witnessed the first sign of the bloodshed. He could hear gunshots and protests from miles away from the city. He feared entering it, knowing he was not a Chernarussian national. He felt it was best to lay low in an abandoned farm outside town until the fighting was over. But he did not expect it get so much worse. In fear, he hid for several weeks, living off nature as he was used to during much of his travels. However, even in the midst of this chaos he never expected what he saw next. Without initially hearing the news, on July 11th, he saw his first of many infected near the farm. He never could have imagined anything like this. He was afraid. When the infected attacked him, he struggled to fight it off. He barley escaped with his life and now realized the severity of the situation. He feels now more than ever that he cannot be alone in this world any longer. He realizes now he can no longer be the shy, weak kid that causes all his suffering during childhood. He needs to be strong and work with others if he wants to survive. Now he ventures further into Chernarus and he hopes more survivors await him. He thinks that he will be safer with others. He hopes to himself that he and other survivors there can band together to survive and form a type of bond he always wanted. He originally set for Chernarus just looking for a job, but now he might find what he always wanted; a family.


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