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Anya Ross
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1997-11-24 (22 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Manchester, New Hampshire
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    Unknown / Presumed Dead
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    167 cm
  2. Weight
    56 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Long, Dark Brown
  5. Eyes
    Deep Blue
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Good
  7. Features
    A pair of symmetrical tattoos on her inner arms depicting a black feather starting at her wrists and flowing into a flock of ravens as it goes up the arms.
  8. Equipment
    - Current Gear -

    Head: Thin Frame Glasses

    Clothing: Green T-Shirt or Raincoat, Tan Assault Vest, Black Jeans

    Shoes: Black Converse

    Backpack: Tan Hunting Backpack
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation
  11. Role
    Scavenger / Scout









Anya Ross was born on Christmas Eve in Manchester New Hampshire, 1997. Her parent's who were both in their 40's had been trying to have a child for many years without success. Anya
was an only child and lived a very comfortable life growing up. Her parents were very protective of their only daughter, and at times struggled to give her the freedom to make friends and do
anything they felt could put her safety at risk. They meant well, and Anya still loved her parents very much despite not giving her much space.

 After graduating from High School Anya was restless. Her home town just felt too small to her, she desperately wanted to see what else was out there. Anya decided to take a gap year and go
backpacking with a group of friends in Europe. Naturally her parent's weren't too thrilled about this idea, but Anya did everything she could to help them feel comfortable with it. Regular video 
calls, messages, and so on. Anya was thankful to be legally an adult, or else there would have been no way they'd let her go.

- Anya Begins Her Journey -


 It was a truly life changing experience. Anya made so many friends and had the time of her life traveling all over Europe. One person in particular who she had met was a woman named Raven, who was
much older than her, in her early thirties, but they had decided to stick together starting from about half way into Anya's year abroad. Raven and Anya became very close friends after spending
many months together. Anya felt lucky to have found someone as experienced as Raven, who would be very helpful in teaching Anya how to be safe while exploring new places, among a number of other
useful skills. These would become very useful for the remainder of her trip. Though she didn't know it yet, they would be far more useful for the perilous years ahead.

 The infection spread with great speed, and Anya was unable to escape Europe with her friends. With no way out, they were forced to stick together and try to survive this disaster. In the beginning
nobody expected it all to be permanent. The group found a safe spot a good distance away from and large towns or cities, and spent weeks listening to the radio. Day after day, just waiting to hear
that it was all over, and it was safe to come out. Eventually when the water taps went dry, and the food ran out, it was clear there was only one choice. Move on, find a new place.

- Anya's Group Setting Up Camp -


 For the next two years the small group of survivors traveled from town to town, all across Europe. Many times they were promised sanctuary, sometimes it lasted, sometimes by the time they arrived
there was nothing left but the bodies of the people who had hoped to bring back some semblance of what once was. It would eventually sink in that the world can never go back. People will have to
adapt or die. Some were able to understand this easier than others. Raven was able to come to terms with this the quickest, and naturally took the leadership role of the small group of survivors.
Anya struggled, as did her friends. Some died early on, others would hang on for longer. One thing stayed the same through it all, Anya would stick to Raven like glue. Trying to learn everything
she could from her.

 Anya wanted to make it through it all, whatever that meant. Not to see the world go back, not to go home, or see her family again. It was all about staying alive until the next day. Anya didn't 
want to be alone. It was a terrible feeling she didn't want herself or any of the people she cared about to feel, least of all Raven. Raven was her new family. Eventually, the two would be the
standing of the group that had been together to see the world they knew crumble and burn. Raven was all Anya had left, and her fears of losing her too would soon become reality.

- Raven Teaching Anya How To Shoot -


 Raven and Anya began making their way through a small country called Chernarus, and stopped outside a small town to make camp. It would be dark soon, and Raven decided she wanted to take a brief
look around the town before they turn in. Anya asked to go with her, but Raven insisted she go alone. She seemed strangely firm about this decision, but Anya didn't question it. She did as Raven
asked. Set up camp, and stayed there.

 Eventually what was supposed to be a quick look around turned into an hour, then several hours. Anya was getting very worried, and wanted to go looking for her. She always did as Raven said, and
they had made it this far. It seemed very important to Raven that she didn't leave the camp site. In the end, Anya waited... and waited, until the sun began to rise. Still no Raven. Anya couldn't
take another second of this, she ran into the town, looking through every house, room by room. Not one sign of Raven, no blood, no sign of a struggle, not even any infected.

 It has been two months since Anya has seen Raven, she is still searching for her. She wouldn't lose her only friend left in this world, her family. 
"I will find you. I'll use everything you have taught me. I wont let you down."

- Future Updates -


 coming soon...




- Current Cuts / Bruises -

Recently Anya fell while running through the woods, and scraped up her hands and knees pretty badly. She was also hit by an infected that resulted in a wound from a few days earlier being reopened, and made even worse. She needed to get stitches. All of her wounds have since been cleaned and treated.

1796045877_ScrapedHandsPNG.png.334aa20aa94120fc0dfe80d1f4f0e1d9.png     1228509175_ScrapedKneesPNG.png.73b1220a57150a703e64ea1b79a63c0c.png     868380974_ShoulderPNG.png.3b07dcb182f6add423404552590bd4d4.png

- Scars -


- Marks / Tattoos -

A few weeks after losing Raven Anya made her way to a settlement she had heard some survivors mention over the radio. After watching people come and go from the small town for awhile Anya decided it was safe. Anya asked around to see if anyone had seen Raven, with no luck. She did however find a talented tattoo artist. Anya wanted something that would help her to always remember Raven. Something that would remind her that Raven could still be out there, and if it was her who had been missing, Raven would search for her. 





Family, Close, Friend, Liked, Neutral, Disliked, Hated, Dead/Missing


Mom & Dad

"You two always wanted to protect me... Now I wish I could come home and protect you from this harsh new world we live in. I have no way of knowing if you're still out there but my heart tells me you're still alive. The thought of you both finding a safe place far away from danger is comforting to me. I think sometimes if maybe it would have been better if I didn't leave home..."

 "Even though the chances of us seeing each other again are slim to none, always remember I love you."




"What happened to you that night? You are so important to me... I know you wouldn't just leave me behind of your own free will. You're my trusted friend... you taught me how to survive... I know you care for me too, so I won't give up on you. You wouldn't give up on me if I were missing. I'll keep searching for you, when I find you, we can talk about everything. We can be a family again." 



Luca & Caleb

"I feel lucky to have ran into these two... they're such a cute couple and they've been really friendly to me so far. They seem to both be doctors that go around helping people in need. I really respect that, I don't think I could ever do it myself. They seem to have lost a friend very recently... maybe have some enemies? With all the crazy people supposedly running around this country I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I'd like to get to know these two more, they're the first people to make me smile since..."




" Old Russian man, seems nice enough. He was polite, and let me tag along with him for a little bit. He seems to like giving advice to everyone. He mentions he has two boys? One of them was in trouble or something. I hope he was able to find them. I wouldn't mind running into him again. "




"Good kid, around 15 maybe? He seems pretty happy and energetic, maybe it's easy to forget how the world has gotten after being behind big walls for so long. I hope he's able to stay safe there, but something tells me this Gabriel he's looking for will make him want to leave that safe place. Can't say I blame him... I know what it's like to have someone you care about go missing. He seemed to like the football I gave him, happy to put a smile on his face"



Dean Lockwood

"Apparently the leader of the Mafia and the most wanted man in Chernarus, or so he says. Maybe that's why he was wearing a bush? That aside he seemed nice enough. He warned me that some people were hunting a girl named Anya... probably another Anya out there. I probably shouldn't be seem talking with this guy if he has so many enemies. Don't wanna get caught in the crossfire."




"Haven't had a chance to talk to you much yet. But you gave me some free tape... thanks for that."



Other Anya & Friends

"Maybe this is the Anya that guy Dean was talking about... She and her friends seemed OK, but I have a feeling the three of them might have robbed me if I hadn't given them Vodka and cigarettes. Maybe i'm wrong, if I run into them again I guess I'll find out what kinda people they are.



Johnny Iverson

"We barely talked, guess you're running some kinda Bar / Fight Club or something? Not too interested in going there. Just seems like asking for trouble."



Bear & Marauder 

"Walked with Reznov and I to that town Gorka. I don't think this government... settlement... whatever you're working on is gonna work out in the end. Not just because I've seen this kinda thing fall apart a bunch of time before but because there seems to be a lot of locals who wouldn't be too happy with what you're trying to do. You did give me a gas mask and pointed out some places I should avoid on my map. I appreciate that."




"Guy looks around my age maybe, seems to be suicidal... I hope he's alright, that was a really big fall you took. If I see you again I'll try to speak to you."




"Apparently a Priest or something... I dunno. You don't seem like someone I can really trust. The way you pulled me aside and told me about this corporation up north or something. You said I should bring some of my blood to give them to bargain with...? I dunno, you creep me out."


 - Will Continue To Update As Anya Meets More People -








1 minute ago, APositiveElmo said:

Nice page.

thanks! 😁

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Amazing page, equally amazing character!

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1 minute ago, Watchman said:

Amazing page, equally amazing character!

Awee thanks a bunch! =^.^=

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Character Page Updated

  • Updated current Equipment
  • Morale changed, Low/Neutral to Neutral
  • Updated current cuts / bruises
  • New Relationships Added

@Dvlinhb  @Phoenix  @Watchman  @NotMrPink  @Joah  @gabemg421  @Conor  @Terra  @Ron  @Robert Faltin  @RolandTheAccuser

Added your characters to Anya's "Relationships." I couldn't find who a couple of you were on the forums, feel free to make yourself known! 😊

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