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Alex Jones
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Headstrong and tough, but becoming undone
  3. Morale
    Determined to see his family again
  4. Date of birth
    1996-11-17 (22 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Old Town, Maine
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
    Anna Jones
  10. Family
    Jack Jones, Anastasia Jones
  11. Religion
    No Preference


  1. Height
    183 cm
  2. Weight
    73 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Dark brown pompadour, medium length
  5. Eyes
    Deep blue
  6. Features
    A full beard and very rough hand from his line of work. He has a scar across his face from when a tree fell and a branch flew out and cut him
  7. Equipment
    He prefers a knife or axe when trying to stay quiet. Knows how to handle a firearm and prefers a long rifle. Wears what's comfortable and practical for the situation, and always packs the essentials.
  8. Occupation
  9. Role


Alex was born in Old Town, Maine, a large logging town. Throughout all of his life he was around the forest and the things that resided in it. The forest, for him, was a second home; somewhere he felt comfort. As a boy he wasn't afraid to stick up for himself or others, his father taught him very early on to defend himself and what's right. It wouldn't be strange at all for Alex to spend all of his free time outside in the woods, making forts and traps and pretending to fight invisible enemies. For the most part he kept to himself, apart from Anna. He may have been only a child at the time, but he always felt this strange connection to her. While others would perceive his reserved nature as strange, Anna would embrace it and go out of her way to spend time with him. One day after school, it seemed that some of the other boys who had taken a liking to Anna as they all had grown older, also noticed the amount of time she spent with Alex. The three of them followed Alex and Anna, and once Alex had noticed he began to worry telling her that they should take the long way home through the woods. The sun was going down under the horizon and the three had not given up following the two, even as they approached the towering darkness of the woods. He could see that the boys behind him were growing more uncomfortable by the second. Alex knew exactly what he was doing and the events that unfolded would make sure those boys never bothered Alex or Anna ever again. The following years would come without any real significance until Alex's 18th birthday. That was the year his father passed away. The doctors said they never saw it coming, aneurysm in the brain. At the funeral everyone was crying and sharing stories, but not Alex. He didn't know what to do, what to feel. He just couldn't believe this was real life. He just stood there emotionless, that is until he heard her voice. Anna was there grabbing onto Alex and holding him tight. Alex knew from that moment that he was madly in love with this woman, and that he had to make his father proud even if he'd never witness his accomplishments. Several more years went by; Anna and Alex got married, and he became a lumberjack for the local logging company. The couple had two children. A boy and a girl: Jack and Anastasia. One year the day came. Alex was offered a foreman position at a new logging sight on the international level, in a region called South Zagoria, and an area known as Chernarus on the border with Russia. Alex knew he had to do this, not only for himself and his family, but to make his father proud. He was guaranteed a very nice position in the company upon completion of this contract. Everything was going well and Alex was on his way to the airport. The long hours on the plane came to an end in a beautiful landscape in the north-western part of the country. As soon as he reached the site where he would be working he knew there was more to this job than had been described, because he was greeted by some soldier looking people who promptly handed him a handgun and rifle and took him to his quarters. In broken English he was informed that the loggers would also be supporting a local movement in the ever growing border conflicts with Russia, as part of the very profitable contract the organization had with the logging company. Alex had grown up around guns, so they did not make him uncomfortable, in fact, he was quite a good shot, but the whole situation being sprung on him definitely made him uneasy. Despite his objections, he had a job to do that could pave the way for a new life for him and his family back home in Maine, so he endured. Time passes by again. Alex is out on a routine patrol to secure the logging site and make sure there is no interference from Russian forces trying to infiltrate the country. The patrol leader yelled out in alarm, and Alex ran up ahead to see what all the fuss was about. What he would see would make his blood run cold. He had seen men blown up, comrades shot and killed, friends die in his arms, but none of it could have prepared him for this sight. There, in the ditch next to the trail they had walked time and time again, was one of the teens that the logging company paid minimal amounts to mark trees for cutting. Except he wasn't...right. His body was mangled and broken as if he had been mauled by a bear, but he was still whole. His eyes blinked as unnaturally as the slow, raspy breathing sound that came from his body. This child shouldn't even be alive let alone conscious. One of the men went to try and tend to the boy, but it (it is the only way I can describe the kid at this point) lunged and tried to bite his hand. One phone call later and we're at the epicenter of the action. Military helicopters, tanks, scientists, men in bio-hazard suits, were all gathered in thrown together huts and tents. All trying to figure out exactly what had happened to this boy. Alex was giving his statement for the hundredth time when it happened. It was faint at first, like the sound of cicadas in the night, but it kept growing and growing. Everyone was outside at this point trying to figure out what the sound was, like hundreds of people in pain coming from all directions. Next thing you know, it was just...happening. There were hundreds...not thousands, he didn't even know anymore. So many farmers, children, women, presumably from the surrounding isolated communities, but they were't right. They were like the boy, broken, rotting husks of people, moaning in pain. He couldn't even remember running, but the next thing he knew he was in the woods running for his life from something he didn't even understand. The sounds of screaming, and those things, and gunshots all mixed together in an orchestra of horror as Alex kept running, willing his legs to move even when his mind was telling him to stop. He didn't stop running until the sun was coming up and the surrounding air was quiet. It felt like days had gone by, it felt like a bad dream like when his father had died. So sudden. Alex didn't even realize how tired he was until he stopped and took in the severity of the situation for the first time. All he could do was find a place to hide in the undergrowth and try and sleep, for the sake of his own sanity. Alex just got home from work, the kids are playing outside and Anna has a huge smile on her face. He loves her so much. As he moves to take her into his arms the smell of rotting flesh fills his nostrils making its way into his lungs. The feeling to vomit was overwhelming and it's all he could do in that moment. Looking up at Anna, her body was a mass of rot and disease. Alex recoiled and tried to turn to run out the door when he saw it. At the door were Jack and Anastasia, his pride and joy, standing there, living corpses. The adrenaline kicked into to overdrive as the monstrosities that were once his family held him down ripping his skin and biting into his arms and neck. The blood, so much blood. The feeling like being on fire and drowning at the same time. The pain was so unbearable that the body just beings to shutdown, this was it he was going to die. Ripped to pieces by his own loving family who had been reduced to nothing more than mindless animals. The smells of the forest began to drift into his nose, the pain became too much and he was thrown into a bath of blinding white light, which immediately faded into the unfamiliar forest scene. He had been dreaming. It wasn't real, but what had happened the night before was, he knew this to be true. He could never forget the unholy sounds that came from that camp and the feeling of weightlessness and the burning in his lungs as he run for an indeterminate amount of time through the wilderness trying to escape the horror. He then noticed he hadn't been awoken by the dream, but had been poked by a stick, and the stick was still poking him. He turned around to find who was responsible for this when he saw a man right around his age, looking very dirty like he'd been living in the woods. The man introduced himself as John Fischer, and told me to follow him. This is where Alex's story really begins.


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