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Rahim Greene
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Psychotic, Evil
  3. Date of birth
    2000-12-29 (19 years old)
  4. Place of birth
  5. Nationality
    Chernarusian (?)
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages


  1. Height
    175 cm
  2. Weight
    70 kg
  3. Alignment
    Chaotic Evil


Rahim Greene is an 18 year old schizophrenic with a past of hearing voices with a more evil intention, having spent most of their adult life in the psych ward due to their condition he became enraged with the people who had "locked" him inside for so much of his life, once the outbreak happened his city was overrun, all of the psych ward staff ran never turning back for the patients, after a few weeks of being isolated in the abandoned psych ward he escaped and proceeded to roam the desolate wasteland which is Chernarus, after a few days of wandering the cities and streets he stumbled upon a survivor settlement, meeting up with a few others from the psych ward he proceeded to leave the settlement and make a small camp with the remaining members of the psych ward, but after a few months of finding little to no food the food started to run low and his mental state started to deteriorate and his inner voices returned and his intent for the survivors became more and more malicious the more the voices went on, after a few days of the voices with their evil thoughts he snapped and became psychotic and violent towards the camp one day he was restrained by the other survivors and was once again locked up in a cage as he was in the psych ward, that night... he had enough of the chains and being imprisoned, he waited until they were a sleep and escaped the chains and shackles then proceeded to murdered the ones who imprisoned him and started to feast on their flesh, after his first meal he became addicted, obsessed even, he couldn't stop, he has an ever lasting urge to feast on the flesh of the other survivors he finds in his travels he lures them into his camp and once they feel like they're in the clear of things... that's when he strikes that's when you become his next feast, then he will continue to roam until he finds the next settlement of survivors to lure unknowingly into his next trap


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