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Marius Lovgren
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1988-12-17 (30 years old)
  3. Place of birth
  4. Nationality
    Norwegian / Sweedish
  5. Languages
    English, Norwegian, Sweedish
  6. Relationship
    Heidi Lovgren (deceased)
  7. Family
    Edith (deceased)


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    89 kg
  3. Build
    Normal built
  4. Hair
    Medium Long, Brown
  5. Eyes
    Green / blue
  6. Features
    Kind, always wants to help people. He care for people more than he cares for him self.


Marius is a person who loved being out in the nature and go on mountain trips. Especially in Norway, because his parents are from Norway. His parents moved from Norway before he was born, but they had a cabin on a mountain called Hagglebu. While he was on trips at the cabin in Norway, he learned to hunt with a hunting shotgun. He also served a year in the army, so he learned a lot of basic survival skills when he was there. 

Due to the loss of his wife and son, he became traumatic. When I walks in the woods, he can still see and hear them walking by the trees with him. He sometimes tries to reach them and talk to them, but they never answers. If you hear a man in the woods calling for Nora. Marius is nearby.

He looks like what you think a man for Scandinavia would look like. Brown medium long hair. He used to be clean shaved, but after the outbreak he learned that due to the cold climate, it’s good to have a beard what ca protect your face from the cold weather. 

As as a person, Marius is a kind man, who cares more for other than him self. When he meets me people, he will do his best to teach that’s how to survive. He always sees the best in people. But he have learned that after the outbreak, no one can be trusted hundred percent. 

He ended up in chenarus while he was on a cruise ship with his family and some good friends of him. when they where out at sea, a huge storm appeard. The huge ship started to go from side to side, due to the big waves. They heard at on the spekaers, that all passenger needed to come to the rescue boats. Marius grabbed his daughter and wife, ran as fast as he could to the top deck. When he came up there, people went crazy, like thay where infected by some kind of virus. A crazy screaming man  ran thowards Marius and his family. He tried to fight off the crazy man, but he didn't give up. Suddenly the man grabbed his daughhter and wife, starting to bite them. When this happend, a huge wave hit the boat and they fell over board. While Marius leaned to see if he could se his wife and daughter, he got hit in the head, and everything went dark. 

Marius woke up in a beach, dehydrated and almost nothing in his pockets. he dragged him self to the nearest house. Next to the house there was a sign that said "Черногорск".


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