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Robin Olken
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1996-02-15 (23 years old)
  2. Place of birth
    San Luis Obispo, California, USA
  3. Nationality
  4. Ethnicity
  5. Languages


  1. Height
    178 cm
  2. Weight
    59 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Short, Red
  5. Eyes


Born in San Luis Obispo California Robin grew up with two loving parents, Evelyn and David Olken. She went to the local public school and she joined the speech and debate club as well as being on the pole vault team for the high school. Robin quickly found a love for playing the devil's advocate and debating viewpoints she doesn't necessarily believe just to keep her wits about her and to press other people's believes. As part of Robin's college program she was required to have an internship in a local government for her junior year and that year she as also accepted into a foreign exchange program with colleges spanning from London to Tokyo but she eventually chose to go Chernarus after gaining an interest in the former soviet state because of the civil war. She managed to secure an internship in city hall of Elektrozavodsk while attending classes in Chernogorsk with an interruption provided by UCI. While she was attending classes and doing her best in her internship the outbreak happened and she ended up getting stranded at one of the airports with some of the other exchange students, Thorson from Sweden, Alejandro from Spain, Isabella from the Uk, and Sam from the east coast.

The group of foreigners had become close friends over the course of the program and stuck together through all the chaos after being stuck at the airport waiting for planes to take them to their respective homes. After chaos engulfed the airports and it was clear none of them were going home anytime soon, Alejandro persuaded the group to try to move up into the local mountains saying it was their best chance of survival. Eventually the whole group agreed and snuck away from the frightened crowd of tourists and other foreign nationals that were stuck at the airport only managing to make away with a few basic blades and spare clothes. It turned out both Alejandra and Thorson were rather experienced with outdoor camping and had some survival skills and most of the group were quick learners. The rag tag group manages to survive for a while in the mountains, gathering and hunting their food, staying away from towns in fear of infection and it wasn't comfortable but it was a livable existence. All that changed when the group discovered a man unconscious and slightly covered with leafs.

The man's clothing was tattered and blood splattered and his backpack had shown signs of being repaired several times but what caught most of the groups eyes was the gun the man had slung around his neck. It looked like a AK that was stereotypical for Russians and other east European military to carry but the man himself didn't look military at all. Thorson went over to the man and shook him to see if he was alive and as soon as Thorson touched him, the man seemingly sprang to like and shot Thorson in the belly. The rest of the group was frozen in shock as they saw Thorson fall and the man who shot him started yelling in a language none recognized, it sounded like an asian language. They all raised their hands to show that they were no threat to him aside from Sam who decided to try an tackle the man. Sam didn't make it more then five steps before his head was blown off. The man kept yelling but no one could understand him and after about 30 seconds the strange man shot Isabella in the leg and continued to yell. When the man shot, the rest of the group screamed and all bolted off in different directions. Robin heard a few bullets whiz past her and the pained screams of Isabella but she kept running.

After running for longer then she could ever remember in her life, Robin found herself on the coast with almost no supplies, torn up clothes and no friends. She realized that she couldn't survive on her own in the mountains again and that she needed friends. So, for the first time in a long time, Robin set off for a town and prayed that she was making the right choice and at least one of her friends survived


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