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Oswald Vingradov
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1985-05-23 (34 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Podilsk, Chernarus
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
    White Slavic
  8. Languages
    Chernorussian(1st), English, Polish
  9. Relationship
    Married prior to Outbreak
  10. Family
    Ana Vinogradov (Wife) - Unknown, Samul Vinogradov (Son) - Unknown
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    188 cm
  2. Weight
    79 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Long and Messy
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Evil
  7. Occupation
    Former CDF Corporal (Dishonourably Discharged), General Practitioner.
  8. Affiliation
    The Quarantined (Prison Dwellers IC)
  9. Role
    Head Doctor/Researcher







Oswald Vinogradov was born a bastard on the 23rd of May in 1986 to a young couple in Podilsk, Eastern Chernarus.

He grew up poor, working from a young age to support his mother whilst his father was deployed in the Army, he often missed school and as a result, was rather uneducated. To any other Slavic family he would be seen as a disappointment, however, his parents, whom themselves were shunned in his Conservative Orthodox community, didn't seem to care.

Despite these measures, Oswald was a fairly happy child, he found no difficulty enjoying himself in the vast countrysides of Chernarus, playing with the local children and reading into various topics that interested him, most specifically history and classic cult literature.


Growing up Oswald shifted through jobs in an attempt to keep the family afloat, yet made an effort to go to school so he could graduate and get a job in a skilled labour field, however, failed to harbour any specific interest, his mind would rarely stick to anything for too long.

He grew tired of his forever shifting and stagnant employment issues and ended up placing all his focus into his individual interests, growing an appreciation for politics and global issues as age passed him.


Feeling ever more insignificant, he did his best to bolster his chances of finding sufficient employment and, hopefully thereafter, stable life for himself.

The early post-soviet world he lived in pushed him to more nationalistic tendencies and opinions, as he grew ever more distasteful of the still lingering communist state of mind that, in his mind, prevented his country from recovering its individual culture and relative traditions, growing up reading the novels of old opened his eyes to what a country could be. However, the institutions that governed the country still seemed so far away, both in mind and in principle.


Perhaps this was what inspired Oswald to join the military, either that or his growing frustration and need for simple order in his life. Regardless, the two reasons fit perfectly together.

He joined the military at the age of 20 in 2005, and, at least until other priorities arose, he never looked back. First serving as a guardsman and eventually a medic, he served with diligence and love in his heart. 


Whilst on leave in 2006 he met a girl by the name of Ana, a pretty young Slavic girl, whom quickly stole his heart. She was a grocer in a small town close to his own, kind-hearted yet hot on her heels, not afraid to make quips and jokes to make a hard life easier. Oswald would often take the drive to her town to shop, wilfully ignoring local institutions just to see her, they grew acquainted and eventually, she got the hint. One night he saw her at a bus stop, and, after offering her a lift, began speaking to her.


His life in the CDF was that of anybody else, time spent with similar individuals, using dark humour and tales of home to get through the day. Oswald enjoyed it for the most part. And made many great friends along the way. First working as a guardsman on the Novigrad base was a repetitive and often boring task however it was the only way he could feel as though he could properly serve whilst keeping his mother and new girlfriend happy. His father, who had also been in the military and rarely seen during his childhood opened up to him after this, and they bonded in a way only soldiers could. Oswald soon realised that his father has seen many things during his time serving in Afghanistan coming up to his birth and the events made it hard to fall back into civilian life.


Oswald eventually decided to become a field medic for reasons unsure to him at the time, he lacked any deep interest in such a field yet found the prospect of it rather endearing, coming from a specifically dull position, perhaps the simple idea of learning a profession seemed like a good idea. Regardless, he took to it quickly and began to appreciate it as a sort of craft, especially excelling in needlework and medicinal knowledge, such topics that require a mind of knowledge. He qualified as a field medic after a few months of training, by this point, he was awarded the Rank of Corporal and was assigned to a combat unit ahead of the 2009 Civil War.

Oswald felt stronger than ever, and in the days following the start of the war he found all his problems dissolving, life felt so straight forward and easy to understand. To him it was exhilarating.

Defend your homeland, defend your family. Destroy Evil.


It was not just him, it was a common feeling, felt by every man and woman in the country. It was a time to prove yourself, where boys became men, and a time where time felt so meaningless, you could live forever.

This feeling encompassed much of what would cause his downfall. In the heat of battle, during a tense encounter with a Chedaki militia presence north of Chernogorsk, anything could happen, it was life or death, glory or death, hope or death.


And with that came the tragedy that would break Oswald, the act of killing innocent civilians with little to no thought.

For a portion of the war before the invasion of Chernogorsk, Oswald was stationed on a northbound roadblock just outside of the city, mainly redirecting civilians and searching suspicious vehicles, he was able to treat various civilians and soldiers passing through whom had sustained injuries, but overall it was rather uneventful. That was until the fighting reached the city, Oswald was expecting an order to fall back and support, however that order never came. They were on high alert for the short time it took before they too were attacked.


Out of nowhere came a flash and ear splitting noise, Oswald remembered being flung back into a pile of sandbags, slowly looked up out of dazzled eyes to see half of his squadron seemingly dead on the ground, 2 soldiers were shooting seemingly at random into the woods surrounding the road before them. Everything was playing out in slow motion, he could hear shouting and screams of pain. He tried to get up, but, before even regaining his consciousness he gasped as a deep pain engulfed his right thigh, he tried to clamber up to his feet but quickly fell flat on his face. He heart was racing and deep down he knew this would probably be the most important moment of his life. He quickly realised what had happened and as quick as he realised he was up on his feet again, desperately trying to run for cover closer to the remaining CDF Troops, he knew he couldn't falter, both for his sake and the sake of his fellow men. He ended up falling again but managed to crawl to cover, where he was greeted with three gravely injured men. He did all he could given the circumstances, all the while trying to avoid the bullets whizzing meters above his head. Soon enough it seemed the shooting was more or less finished, with no idea what had happened, he clambered up and over the wall of sandbags to come to the aid of the shouting machine gun crew.

He treated a wound on the loaders shoulder while they reloaded the gun, and a mere seconds later they heard the screech of tires coming down the road from the forest, without thinking Oswald slammed his body against the side of the wall and aimed his gun, ready to fire, a small red car whizzed down the road, he opened fire, focusing fire on the windscreen and engine, the car promptly swerved off the road and hit a tree, before anyone could even react another 2 cars came down the road, this time they were UAZ's they stopped and what looked like 6 militiamen got out, Oswald again opened fire, this time with support from the MG.


Once the fighting was over, they waited for extra support, the wounded were eventually evacuated and the remaining soldiers, now with extra reinforcements hunkered down, awaiting another attack.

Oswald would fight vigilantly for another few months, before being dishonourably discharged and arrested for manslaughter, it had turned out that the small car he had shot at held a family of four, all of whom died that day. This all came as a massive shock to Oswald, whom had barely even considered such a possibility nor the outcome of his actions, unable to defend himself in court, he was sentenced to 18 months in prison for Justifiable Manslaughter.


During his sentence, Oswald did everything he could to mentally deal with his guilt, be it praying, pushing it to the back of his mind and trying to come to peace, however the implication prevented any improvement. He, on multiple times spoke to a Priest, whom suggested he give back what he owed, to any extent possible, and atone for his sins, however despite efforts, it failed.

Instead, Oswald began looking at it in a different light, a light that puts emphasis not so much on the action, but the feelings. In prison, people were dealing with their actions in various different ways, like him, some felt the guilt, while others felt content and some even seemed to be proud. This soon began to fascinate him, as he looked to his environment for help. He was able to understand that sometimes the only thing you can do is accept that you cannot do anything in the first place but instead begin to understand your position

Upon leaving prison, he felt content enough to move on with his life, he wed his girlfriend Ana and together they had a child, Samul. He was overjoyed to finally experience family life, something the army made him crave only more. He found employment as a village nurse, and later as a doctor due to his previous experience. Living a simple life with his new family in the foothills of northwest Chernarus, away from the chaos of his past.


[Extra information detailing his life after the events of the civil war must be unveiled IC as these are all contingent on his actions in South Zagoria]







Oswald is often quiet, although not shy, he tends to reserve speech for when deemed necessary. This is mainly a derivative of his army career.

His mannerisms will change based on how much he respects/detests someone, however, he will usually act courteously in front of strangers. 

He is often defensive of things he loves, and vocal against the things he hates.

He believes there is no truly negative emotion, and that each can be used to its own individual advantage.

He believes in firm punishment and will rarely show remorse for those who he believes deserve it, whether your moral compass deems it good or bad.

He shares no paternal relationship with patients, and instead, see's his medical work in a certain artistic nature.

Ugly things deserve to be destroyed, whereas beauty must be defended.

He believes there is no conceivable good or bad in the world, only the clash of ideology.








Oswald has messy unkempt hair that he will often tie up.

His skin is rough, pale and untreated.

He has many freckles and blemishes over his body.

Injuries -

Stab Wound to his right ankle. (Caused by Alexis Merko)

Skills -

Adept in the use of Assault Rifles, Single Shot and Bolt Action Rifles, Pistols and Shotguns. - Army Career/General Weapon Discipline

Skills in General First Aid, Minor Field Surgery, Pharma and Psychiatry. - 7 Years Experience as a GP.








Clothing -

An old canvas overcoat with various large pockets.

Pressed Pinstripe Trousers.

High-top formal boots.

A tucked in thick wool shirt.

A simple under jacket.

A rucksack with basic supplies and an expansive med-kit.

Weapons -

Anything he can use.

Personal Belongings -

Various books and literature.

A chained Cross.

A wallet with family photos.

His old CDF dog tags.

A printed copy of the Geneva code, with certain text scratched out.

A key-chain with various unlabelled keys.


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