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Oswald Vingradov
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1986-05-23 (33 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Podilsk, Chernarus
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
    White Slavic
  8. Languages
    Chernarussian(1st), English, Polish
  9. Relationship
    Married prior to Outbreak
  10. Family
    Ana Vinogradov (Wife) - Dead, Samul Vinogradov (Son) - Dead
  11. Religion
    Radical Agnostic


  1. Height
    188 cm
  2. Weight
    79 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Long and Messy
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Evil
  7. Occupation
    Former CDF Corporal (Dishonourably Discharged), General Practitioner.
  8. Affiliation
    The Quarantined/Prison Dwellers IC (Formerly)
  9. Role
    Head Doctor/Researcher





Oswald Vinogradov is a man of intense stoicism and hatred, shielded by a habit for symbolic posturing of his own personal credence. His infatuation with the pedantic's of religious belief and self worth have worked to create a horrifically tortured soul, one tainted not only by external suffering but the very instability of his core beliefs.

Born a bastard to a young Chernarussian family who found themselves tainted in their Orthodox community, the stage was surely set. Oswald knew hardship from a very young age, but the teachings of not only the church but his own interest in classical literature made it out to as something to be conquered, which he ultimately took to heart in the earnest of ways. He grew an appreciation for hard work and the importance of being selfless, which set him down a path for initial success. His relative academic success and positive favour gave him the opportunities otherwise impossible in rural Chernarus.

He sought a career in the Army as a soldier, a choice not so unusual for young men of his background. He served with admirable composure he found time to begin raising a family in-between, wedding his long time sweetheart Ana and starting a life together as pure as could be expected for a religious man. To him, the church was important second only to his family.

What broke him cannot be defined in singular terms, but the contention in his mind began to develop shortly after this point. The Civil war, a turning point not only for the country but for its people. The need to take sides and fight against your own is no easy feat, but with hatred, anything can be achieved. Oswald was strongly in favour of the nationalistic sides, he saw the Chedaki as a threat to his religion and way of life, as did many by his side. He fought where required, serving loyally. But things soon fell out of favour, the bloodshed he experienced riled him up beyond healthy limits, and perhaps by will-full ignorance he took things too far. He killed when death was not required, he caused pain where morality was ignored and while doing so grew an obsession. Seeing himself as a martyr for his own beliefs in a clear battle of good and evil.

The reality of the situation would hit him hard however, as he was dishonourably discharged and jailed for war crimes. Of course, this was deemed unjust by Oswald, still high off the self instilled moral high ground. But soon he would realise an important fact. The priests he visited condemned his actions as sin, and for the most part, he lost his much loved respect. His family distanced them from him, and he found that the very ideals he relied on had abandoned him. He remained vigilant for a time, looking to redeem his actions, but ultimately fell disgraced, unable to understand his wrongdoing.

From there the strong sense of justice for his own contention grew, where his faith in religion was lost, he filled it with nihilism, believing he knew the answers and that much of what he opposed was winning in a battle that really didn't matter, the world moved on, and forgot him.

Oswald continued on his path after being released, hiding his own problems and attempting to hide his past and regain his dignity. He grew concerned for his own mindset, worrying if whether he was ever right, but nothing ever fell into place. He found a job as a doctor, making house visits in the area he grew up in. He reconnected with his family and fell back into his old life, looking for redemption. Helping people never felt fulfilling after that, as the security of its reasoning was lost, although he did gain an appreciation for the skills required to do so.

The Infection his his neck of the country quickly and with ruthless efficiency, with no external support he was left with responsibilities he didn't want, as a doctor people flocked to him, but feeling no connection, he left them to their fate, focusing his efforts on saving his family. But even this proved to be an impossible task, as they were soon-after lost. As the events came crashing over him, he soon fell into despair and hopelessness. In a desperate attempt to make sense of everything, he held a hand out to God and his religion for the first time since his incarceration, out of fleeting need for answers, he thought maybe he was being punished for being so selfish, but the undertones for hatred proved to blind his resolve. Despite this, he never lost belief, for he was still so indecisive.

The Outbreak turned Oswald from a man with selfish issues to a man with stoic outlook, the world no longer cared for the consequences, and nothing stopped him from doing what he thought was right. He remained in touch with sanity unlike some, but instead used his insecurity to fuel his ability to survive, and bring justice to a shattered world where and when it concerned him. The details just didn't matter.

The Prison:

Oswald survived in the same manner as everyone else, keeping relations and selling his skill when advantageous, but being sure never to give anything away. He experienced hope and despair in fleeting instances, but ultimately he knew things would never truly change. He grew used to violence and its requirement in certain situations, although he never found himself compelled to it outside of need. Eventually he was acquainted to a man of a similar mindset to his own. A man who understood the need for action but without the outlook to carry it out. Oswald was opened up to the idea of making a difference, for before that point he never felt the increment to do so, but with a grand idea his motivation was surely invested. This man, Jack Lemons, had proposed something he could get behind, control of a prison where the scum of the land he held so dearly could be contained without the needless details of trial or tribulation. People of ill intent could be held to account and information could be withheld in support of a better world, all while creating a secure place to survive, where a purpose he so heavily desired could be taken. Under these circumstances Oswald grew on the idea and he fell into his position as a head doctor and researcher on the newly secured prison island of Storozh, with the ultimate purpose of screening, taking required medical action and keepig tabs in the soon to be residents of the prison.

The system was strong, the security was tight and the life was good for the most part. He found himself enjoying the hunt for filth, as well as breaking down liars and murderers they found by any means possible, keeping records on the operation and making a difference. Violence and torture were seen as necessary tools, but ultimately prisoners were taken care of, with supplies and medical aid, Oswald grew to appreciate the system and felt proud of the work he was doing. But not all was perfect, the prison saw a diverse set of residents, some stayed and others were released, and some he saw as simple vanity captures and not important to the cause. His colleagues took concern to issues that he didn't see as important, and as much as he respected and enjoyed their company, never saw eye to eye on certain subjects, nevertheless things ran smoothly.

Eventually however, things fell apart, albeit slowly. Eventually the operation slowed to a halt, and Oswald and the residents of the prison found themselves defending the island more and more against self proclaimed vigilantes that claimed to be doing a good in their actions. While the reputation of the prison was held to as much secrecy as possible, rumours were made and eventually people saw it fit to take up arms. Oswald knew people saw them as evil, and despite attempts to clear the ice as to what they did it didn't matter, they spent more time on the defence, repelling attacker after attacker, but eventually people began to die, and hope was soon lost, over a period of time people slowly left, and the remnants were forced to abandon their project. Oswald understood the reality of the situation enough to carry on, but the wishful ideals never truly left him after that.





Oswald is respectable to a degree and will remain friendly to those he doesn't know, loyal to his friends yet critical of who exactly he can trust. He lives by his mind and all that it tells him, his beliefs are paramount to the way he deals with a situation.

He knows when to hold his tongue and will adapt to the environment, he will be deceitful when it is deemed required.

He sees morality as a mere concept by which the mind justifies action, in truth he sees no good or evil, simply the clash of ideas.

He holds his own interpretation of beauty by all extent in high esteem.

He believes that emotions are, above all, tools to be used.

He will be defensive of what he loves, and often vocal against what he hates.

Learning from his past, he sees no excuse for emotional fragility, he will respect those who defend ideas they believe in, often regardless of what they are.

Although he is naturally rather stubborn, the outbreak has taught himself to compromise when necessary and make dealings when advantageous. 





Clothing -

Black Beanie/Grey Flat Cap

Leather Overcoat/White Shirt

Brown/Black Slacks

Brown Formal Shoes/Black Boots

Hunting Backpack

Weapons -

Usually seen with a DB Shotgun and/or Silenced pistol, but will otherwise use whatever he can find.





Oswald has pale rough skin, with light blemishes on his face.

He has long brown curly hair and unkempt facial hair

He has a scar from a stab wound on his lower left leg, received by Alexis Merko.

Scars from bullet wounds on his lower torso and upper right leg.



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