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Stewart Mccall
Character information
  1. Mental
  2. Morale
    Chaotic Good
  3. Date of birth
    1982-05-23 (40 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Sandwich, New Hampshire, USA
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
  8. Relationship
  9. Family
    David and Edith Mccall(parents, both deceased), Barney Mccall(brother, deceased), Rodney Mccall(brother, condition unknown)
  10. Religion
    Roman Catholic


  1. Height
    180 cm
  2. Weight
    74 kg
  3. Build
    Slim Athletic
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Good
  7. Features
    Scaring on front right of abdomen with correlating scarring on rear left from gunshot wound in Syria, small crudely hand drawn duck tattoo on right kidney
  8. Occupation


Stewart was born in a small predominantly wooded area of Sandwich, New Hampshire where he yearned for a more eventful and convenient life than the lifestyle his parents had raised him in on the land that his family had lived on since the American Revolution. He worked as hard as he could as soon as he could get a job at 13 to save up so he could go and attend UCLA, where he studied finance and business. After earning his bachelor's he latched on to the first accounting firm that would hire him. At 23 years old Stewart was already making a 6 figure salary , a luxurious apartment overlook downtown LA and any comfort or luxury he wanted. His parents had begged him to come home after college but Stewart brushed them off with any excuse he could to not comeback. In 2003 his younger brother, Barney joined the Marine Corps to go over to the Middle East, despite their father's objections. "I don't see the big fuss dad. You fought in Vietnam didn't you?" was Stewart's only reply when his father asked him to convince his brother not to go enlist. Stewart's father never spoke about his time in the Vietnam war much, all he knew is his father had served in the infantry. In winter of 2009, Stewart received a phone call from his father that Barney had been killed by a roadside IED near Kabul, Iraq. Stewart returned home to attend the funeral and console his parents and his youngest brother, Rodney. He would discover during his return to his back wood birthplace that his father had been keeping his own medical troubles a secret from the family for years. His father had been exposed to a chemical used in the Vietnam war call, "Agent Orange," it was used to quickly deforest areas of jungle to make forward operations bases but unbeknownst when it was deployed, it could cases severe medical issues to those who breathed it in. Stewart was enraged his father never told him or anyone else in the family and questioned why he never sought help from the VA hospital. His father explained how he had gone to them for help, but they said they couldn't help and how thousands of others who had been suffering from the agent either were shuffled about by the bureaucracy until it was too late or were just told like he was, that they couldn't help. In September of 2011, David Mccall, Stewart's father passed away from organ failure as a result of the after effects of the chemical exposure. Stewart had quit his job to take care of his father in his last years on Earth and to stay and care for his mother, Edith who had been diagnosed with Alzheimer's but had always before instructed to her sons to promise to never to put her in a retirement home. Stewart and Rodney both took care of their mother full time. In his time since his return home, Stewart reconnected with the forests his parents raised him and his brothers to live off of and in doing so how to rely on one's self for survival and found himself more at peace than he ever did in his time in LA or his finance job. Edith would pass in her sleep almost one year after David had, leaving Stewart and Rodney alone. Rodney wanted to go off on his own and see the world like his father and brothers had, Stewart tried to argue with Rodney as to why but could never present a valid reason without sounding like an utter hypocrite. So reluctantly, Stewart let Rodney go and venture off into the world. By 2013, Stewart was the last of the Mccall family on their homestead. In the years following Stewart found a letter from his father that was meant to get to his brother Barney while he was deployed in Iraq, but had "RETURN TO SENDER" stamped on the envelope. He read the letter, it was a plea from their father to Barney to get him to leave the military and return home, something they both anticipated their father would do, but what Stewart didn't expect, and Barney probably wouldn't have either, their father wrote about his service in Vietnam. How he was excited to serve his nation, to go see a far off land and fight a war like his grand father and father before him. Also he wrote of the horrors he'd seen the atrocities committed by both sides and the atrocities he committed himself. How it sickened him when the full weight of his actions finally hit him upon returning home and didn't want the same things to happen to Barney. Stewart became an activist against the war in the Middle East, even ended up joining with a humanitarian non-profit that helped in Syria for a while, helping build homes, shelters, dispensing supplies and clearing rubble from bombed structures. His humanitarian would be cut short in 2015 after an ISIS attack on aid convoy carrying supplies to displaced refugees from Aleppo resulted in Stewart getting shot in the stomach and forced to return home after time in a hospital. In 2016, Stewart would join an anti-war activist group run by members of the Free State Project based out of New Hampshire. In which Stewart became familiar with the core principles of Libertarianism and the ideas of preserving freedom and liberty without senseless war and expansionism. In 2020, Stewart protested against the lockdowns as nothing more than an excuse for totalitarian power grabs and that the virus was a product of the governments illegal funding of bio-weapons research, to which many called him and others, "crazy conspiracy theorists," and "spreaders of disinformation." Only for time to prove that those like him and he were right from the start, and they wished they weren't. Now the virus has engulfed the world and the collapse of societies, governments, civilization itself and almost all of humanity from the affect the virus has had on the infected. Stewart had all but lost contact with his brother Rodney, the last they spoke he had settled down and started a family in an area of Norway called, "Nyheim," before all internet and social media cut out and with no postage going overseas Stewart took it upon himself to get to his brother however he could. So he packed his rucksack with he could need in the tundra of Scandinavia hired a ship in Maine to take him across the Atlantic with what money he had left. After an outbreak aboard the ship caused the vessel to crash on the shores of Scotland, Stewart took one of the lifeboats and rowed to Norway as best he could. Upon making it to Bergen the realization that the hard part wasn't getting out of America, past the blockades, the outbreak on the hired ship that crashed or even rowing to the Norwegian shores, but lies ahead in looking for Rodney in a land he had never been nor understood or could read the language. He really wished he studied linguistics in college instead.


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