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Jimmy Hale
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1994-01-17 (25 years old)
  2. Place of birth
    Louisiana, Leesville
  3. Nationality
  4. Ethnicity
  5. Languages
  6. Family
    John Hale, Marsha Hunter
  7. Religion


  1. Height
    170 cm
  2. Weight
    60 kg
  3. Build
    Small and agile
  4. Hair
    short black
  5. Eyes
    dark brown eyes
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Good
  7. Equipment
    Just the cloth I wear
  8. Occupation


My name is Jimmy Hale. I lived with my parents in Louisiana, Leesville until I was 14 years old. My parents never had much money and life was difficult. We lived in a tiny hut with only one bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. That was all we could afford. I went to school, but I never paid any attention and had my head always in the clouds. This got me in much trouble in school, with the teachers and the children, I got bullied and therefore often got in fights. I did not have any friends, and I did not want any. After school, I would always go to the forest near our home town and build myself little huts and traps for animals. I thought that when I would come home with some meat and some pelts to sell, we would not have any problems with money any more. But the only thing my traps caught, were rats. But i did not give up on this and tried to improve myself, to help my parents. Someday I came home and my parents were happy and I did not know why. They told me about this other country "Chernarus" and there would be so many jobs and in fact they already found one job there. They also would get a little house there, not bigger or better than ours at the moment. They scrammed together all the money they had saved over the years and bought ourselves plane tickets to fly to Chernarus, to a better life. As we arrived there every thing seemed to be fine. We got our little house in Nagornoe, I learned just enough Russian to survive there and I stopped going to school and started being a hunter when I got 17 years old. We lived happily there, we never bought another house, but we could live with this house. We had enough money to buy enough food for us, and we even had enough money to buy some extra stuff such as candy and decorations for the house. I also started to make some money with my job as a hunter and i was not half bad. And so we lived on for 7 years. Until the army came and brought our entire village to Severograd and housed us in the school there, for "personal safety".

After 4 days.

We heard bombs the day before and than we heard the news that many people were brought to the hospital in Severograd. But we did not know why. We thought that maybe we were under attack from a different nation or something like that. All in all, it was day like the days before. We sat in the school and waited. As I walked around the school and looked trough the windows out on the streets like always, I saw soldiers. Strangely, they looked hurt, badly hurt. They had wounds which normal people can not survive. They were burned, had missing limps, and they were coming towards the school. I went to the entrance, down there were already people. They opened the door to let the injured soldiers in, only to be attacked by them. They started eating the people many tried to hit the soldiers, but they did not seem to react. I ran as fast as I could. I ignored all the other people, I did not warn anybody. I just ran towards my parents and urged them out. They asked question but I did not answer them. The screaming got louder and the soldiers were already up the stairs. There was not any escape route left and the soldiers were coming near. Never stopping, they took hits from the people but just ignored the hits and began biting the people. My parents were in shock. I had two options wait for the soldiers to come and kill us all or jump out of the window and hope to survive. I pushed my parents to the window and told them about my plan. They did not want to jump, but they understood it was the only option, and so we jumped...

The ground came near, and we landed hard on the ground. I was fine only a little wound on my arm. I looked around to see my father he also landed fine but my mother did not have our luck. Her leg was broken, we could see her snapped bone and the blood. I wanted to help her but behind her there were already more of these soldiers. I ran towards her, but she knew, she knew she could not be saved any more. It was too late for her. She pushed us away, she said that even if we get her up we would be too slow to get away. And so we ran. It hurts, seeing your mother on the ground and knowing that you can not do anything for her any more. It hurts knowing that she died so that we could survive. And so we ran. We ran to the forest, on the way there we came across many infected soldiers, but we could hide in the houses and got out of Severograd. We arrived at the forest and tried to sleep. But sleep did not come to us. And we waited for the sun to come. As the sun came, we went on. We decided never go to a city and never take a road. We would go through forests and fields. But we forgot about one important fact. There are wolves in these forest. I remembered the hard way. Some night we heard howling, and it was near. It could estimate that i would at least be 4 wolves. And they smelled us. We did not carry any weapons or any means to defend ourselves. Than my father came up with an idea. We should split up and try to get the wolves on the false path or get them split up as well. It was not a good plan but the best we could come up with in such a short time. And so we split up. Or, so I thought as I ran i turned around just to see my father still standing at the camp site. Waving around a torch. I wanted to turn around to help but the wolves were faster. There were 6 of them and the torch did not stop them much. I saw my father getting eaten piece by piece, but yet again I ran. I ran away, I ran to survive, I ran to the shore. Even though I did not know where it was. But I ran any way hoping to find a boat or any means to escape. As I arrived at the shore, I hoped to find a boat and I did it. A little boat with two oars. I pushed it into the water and row away.

As i was out there in the open sea. I looked back at Chernarus, the place where I lost everything, the place from which I am running away.... The place were many other survivors try to survive. Many other who had the same fate as me. But no one who is helping. No one who is there when they need one to help. No one to defend them. I lost everything but I could save other people from losing everything. I turned around and went back to the shore. I got out of the boat. Now I will not run away any more.


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