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Ben Goonsberg
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  1. Date of birth
    1999-02-19 (20 years old)



Before the outbreak i was working in the royal marines doing a recon operation in chernarus, we believed that they were developing a chemical weapon but it turned out to be a lot worse, my partner died in the first few days of the outbreak.

This left me heartbroken, i was alone and scared, i soon realised that i had to get my head up, comms were down and no sign of my evac. I had to get out myself so i started walking through chernarus in search of an answer.

Whilst roaming through chernarus i came across a friend who i had worked with on another operation, george. Me and george now roam chernarus as a duo, its safer this way, we both trust each other with our lives.

We dont aim to steal and mug those around us but help them get through this horrible time safely. Our military experience however does not mean we will give in to bandits if we dont have to. We know how to handle ourselves when shit hits the fan, thats what has kept us going for so long.

We will keep walking the roads of chernarus searching for the answer to this and see where it leads, all we know is we will be walking for a while, we dont know whats ahead of us and try to forget about whats behind.


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