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Alexander Volkov
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Mentaly stong alittle sad due to missing wife.
  3. Date of birth
    1987-04-13 (32 years old)
  4. Place of birth
  5. Nationality
    American/ Russian
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    American/ Russian
  8. Relationship
    wife (MIA)
  9. Family
  10. Religion


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    68 kg
  3. Build
    Strong/ Athletic
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Good
  7. Features
    has a scar above his left eyebrow, he is tall 6Ft, about 150 pounds due to muscle, very athletic and strong, very smart thinker due to always paying attention in school. (RIP 6/19/2019 lasted two years in the apocalypse now he is reunited with his dead wife...)


Chapter One.

Hello, My name is Alexander D. Volkov (Nickname, Mutt) I am 32 years old born April 13, 1987, I was left in the streets of Светлоярск a big town up the coast, I sadly do not know what happened to my real parents as I was left when I was only 2 years old. The officer who found me half dead from hypothermia decided to take me home as it was an american family who left me they had flown out of town from Krasnostav Airstrip on military passports. I grew up in Мста a small town up outside of Электрозаводск only around two or three kilometers inland. It was a small town to be exact it was a town with a population of around 150 people, my family consisted of my mother, father and two younger brothers and my beloved younger sister who's name was Jessica Volkov who I adore deeply... As my father was not around much I had to look after my family and also keep my younger siblings safe as my mother had cancer. As I mentioned Earlier I was adopted into this family, but it would be my responsibility to still drive my younger brothers and sisters to school and back. After I graduated from High School in all honors classes also top of my class I had decided to leave home and move to the big city as I would follow in my father's footsteps and become a Police officer as I wanted to help people. When I finally left I couldn't help but always miss my younger siblings especially my sister as she was the most accepting of me ever since she was a baby. When I took a small road trip up the coast as I moved to a small one story apartment in Chernogorsk and joined the CPD (Chernogorsk Police Department)
and became an undercover detective and also one of the acting members of the CPD Swat team and Narcotics department as I climbed up the ranks much faster than the other recruits of my class. After around 5 years living in Chernogorsk I moved up to Grishino to get away from the city life and crime as I joined the CPD when I was 19 and now was 24. When I moved up to Grishino I joined the Grishino Sheriff's department as I still loved working in law enforcement the crime was much lower there and it was nice to be up inland in the mountains as i always loved to go hunting and hiking on my free time. Living up in Гришино was very peaceful everyone was very friendly and the girls were young and beautiful, I bought a nice small house right outside of town. After a month of living in Гришино I ran into a beautiful girl in the woods an american girl out on a hike taking Photography of the wildlife and the ruins left behind from the Great Chernogorsk Civil War that swept through all of Russia in the late 60's all the way till the early 90's, as I saw her the next week in town I had to say hi. She has the voice of an angel skin softer than silk she was 20 as her birthday is on December 5, 1996 and I was 24 at the time, she had a light tan skin as she loved the outdoors beautiful blue eyes and long naturally curly hair, after we had dated for a year I proposed to her later that month she would be known as Ophelia Volkov (Nickname, O). A few months after our marriage in April it was now October to be specific Halloween so me and Ophelia went for a walk into town to go trigger treating and as we would see young kids running it would give me and her the thought to have children of our own as we would have almost be married for a whole year now. We tried for weeks... Then a month, soon after the month we had made visits to the doctor where they had told us that Ophelia would never be able to have a kid as her father had beaten her when she was young around 14 damaging her permanently as she was now 21...When December 5th was rolling around the town was decorated in pretty lights and snow all over as Grishino was high enough altitude, but back to my story on December 5th i took the day off of work and went to the town's local breeder buying Ophelia a 1 week old Doberman puppy as me and her both loved the breed when she arrived home from work that day she was surprised to a freshly cut Pine tree decorated with beautiful lights that added a nice twinkly view through the glass window which had a layer of thin ice across it as she opened the door I quickly snatched her into my arms giving her a genital kiss on the lips when she heard a small "ruff" from a box wiggling under the tree as I couldn't help but smirking, as she looked at me with her beautiful ice blue eyes I told her she may open up one box of her choice for her birthday as I already had the other presents wrapped early anyways as I have been home all day. A few days after her birthday she was now 22 and I 26 we have been happily married for two years and 4 months now our newly added family member our 9 month old doberman who we had named Wendigo had been all living happily it was around late March and my mother had ended up in the hospital because of her cancer as it was getting much worse my sister had called me telling me I would have to fly down to Электрозаводск as that was where our mother was in the hospital. I arrived In Elektrozavodsk only around 30 mins after the call as I had my friend who worked in the Elektrozavodsk police as a helicopter pilot fly and get me letting me avoid the hours of driving. When I arrived in Elektrozavodsk I went straight to the hospital seeing my sister for the first time in two years as she came to my wedding she had a sad look on her face as she was outside the room and told me mother only had a few days to live as she didn't only have cancer she also had some strange virus the news and doctors were calling (VX-DDT2) when I went into the hospital room to talk to my mother she had passed away only moments before I had entered... I had walked up kissing her forehead gently and grabbing her wedding ring off of the desk as I knew she had wanted me to keep it for whoever my sister, after leaving the room I had walked out to my sister watching the news so I had stopped looking at the fear in her eyes as they told us there has been a deadly Outbreak of (VX-DDT2) in Chernogorsk causing the whole town to be put on military Quarantine. Me and Jessica had walked out to the parking lot where I had kissed her cheek telling her and my father to have a safe ride home as the roads were sometimes slippery from ice. I had headed back to Grishino back in the helicopter where my friend had told me they were shooting people down in the streets of Chernogorsk as people were rising up after having (VX-DDT2) and they were going rabid, shortly after landing back in town I told him to be safe back in the main towns I had gotten in my car and headed back home to where I found my wife cuddled up on the couch crying as she was watching the news and had heard about my mother I slowly sat down cuddling up with her telling her we would be okay as we lived so far in the middle of nowhere. After a few weeks of the Outbreak of (VX-DDT2) me and some of the other sheriffs had started to find signs of strange activity in town as we found cases of sick people so we had ordered people to stay home and only contacts the sheriff's station if there was weird occurrences or any sight of bodies. It has been about 3 months now and the station had gotten a distress call from my cabin as they have said there was a break in my heart stopped as I knew my wife was home and i had no clue what has happened all thought I was only thinking for a split second it felt like ages as I did not know what I would do if something were to happen to Ophelia after the split second to process what had happened i quickly flew out the doors of the Sheriff's station as me and two other squad cars flew down the roads to my house outside of town by the time we had gotten there the front door was wide open as there was a man laying in it with a hole in his chest as I had tough Ophelia how to use my father's old police shot gun we had kept in the house for defense after quickly pulling into the yard I had gotten out of my car leaving everything on as i quickly pulled out my service handgun which was a glock 19 I had owned and always carried ever since I got it leaving the Police academy. I had stopped at the front door quickly took a knee down checking the masked man's pulse nothing he was dead I quickly raised my gun stepping into the house where I can see the shotgun lying on the floor half pumped as Ophelia probably couldn't do it fast enough before someone had gotten to her as there was broken stuff in the house as it seems there was a struggle I yell out Ophelia's name loudly still searching the house as I stepped into the living room I saw Wendigo our Doberman with a knife in it as she was still breathing I had quickly stopped getting on my knee softly petting her trying to comfort her as I could see she was in pain I had looked at where the knife was as I knew it would kill her I wiped a tear away from my eye as I knew what i had to do I softly rubbed her head the way she liked to try and relax her as she was breathing fast, knowing about the virus I knew dogs were not immune to any strain I had checked her gum line to see it was changing with the infection as I knew dogs would go crazy and attack anyone if infected I softly lifted my handgun to the dog's head and bang... I had wiped another tear away from my eye as i quickly stood back up starting to check the rest of the house for my wife I quickly searched as there was no sign of her, i had ran back outside to find my sheriffs looking around as across the street they had found drag marks in the mud I had dropped to my knees in depression as I knew she was gone... I had stood back up walking into the house ordering the sheriffs to go back to the Station take the supply's and be with their family's. I quickly when back inside unlocking my safe and grabbing the two extra glock magazines I had locked up and also the 9 mm suppressor as I was in the safe I had noticed my mother's and wife's wedding rings both on a necklace I had in the safe I grabbed it putting it on one last other thing that I had grabbed was a photograph I had taken oh Ophelia on our first date also a wedding photo as well, then I when into my closet quickly loading up my hiking bag full of gear and also grabbing the Kevlar vest I was issued when I worked for the Swat team I loaded up some other supplies and locked everything up the house, safe, and car. I went out back caring Wendigo in my arms setting him down behind the big oak tree we had I then dug her a grave placing her to rest... After I had said my goodbyes I then set off into the wild attempting to track the strangers as I could make out a path of three adult men and the smaller foot prints of my wife...
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