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Tony Zavala
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1995-03-10 (24 years old)
  2. Place of birth
    California, USA
  3. Nationality
  4. Ethnicity
  5. Languages
    English, Lithuanian


  1. Height
    196 cm
  2. Weight
    85 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Dark brown
  5. Eyes


Tony Zavala was born in 10/MAR/95, Los Angeles, CA, USA. During his early years Tony's life was just a normal one that you can see in Hollywood movies; he went to school, hung out with friends, spent his freetime doing sports and helping out his family. Nothing significant happened to him at all. Tony also used to box in his teenage years, which he was pretty good at. His coach even suggested him to turn professional but he didn't take the chance, Tony wanted something more stable. Of course, this made him regret the decision even after years passed. "Why didn't I take the chance?" Tony thought to himself everyday before sleep.

When time came for Tony to finally choose a career path, to get a higer education, he remembered the day he didn't take the leap. This lead him to a decision that changed his life. Tony did well in school and thought why not go somewhere abroad. He got a scholarship, support from his parents and the decision he made turned out great for him. Tony got a bachelor's degree in Aerospace engineering in Japan and continued his studies in Austria where he got Master's degree in the same field of studies. During his years outside of America, Tony had the most memorable days of his life. He met a lot of new friends, experienced things that are remembered for life and it was finally time for him to go back home. Of course first, he spent a few weeks partying in Thailand, somewhere away from the city with a bunch of friends. Few weeks that meant a lot not only to him but, as it seemed, to the whole world.

When Tony got the airport and was about to head home he saw what's going on in Chernarus on the news. NATO and US army has already been dispatched there. "Nothing to worry about, we're far away from there" someone whispered in the crowd watching the news. This calmed Tony a little. The flight was delayed due to the events going on in Chernarus. 12 hours passed. Tony slept the whole time while waiting for the plane. After the long wait he finally got on his plane. Everyone inside the plane was pretty silent, many people wore mouth masks. Not like they would help but Tony had one as well. Everything seemed fine so Tony put on his headphones and fell asleep once more.

Turbulence woke Tony up, the plane was going down, people around were scared and screaming. Last thing Tony remembers is the plane splashing into the water (later he figured out it was the Green Sea). When the rescue team came they didn't take every survivor on the boat, only a few that didn't have a single scratch on them. Everything went from casual to crazy for Tony so the fact that dozens of people were left behind to die was unbelievable. They spent probably a few weeks on the boat under high security, until supplies ran out, a few people were shot during that time due to the infection.

The boat stopped at Novigrad. Civilians were left on their own as the soldiers (rescue team) had their own things to do. First year he spent was trying to figure out how to go back home, until he realised that was not really possible. And so he spent his days in Chernarus until now, surviving, searching for food, water and groups of people that kept changing over the years, and finally, hoping for the outbreak to stop one day and go back home to his family.


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