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William Mayer
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    More or less trying to be human
  3. Morale
    Does whatever it needs to be done.
  4. Date of birth
    1991-03-13 (28 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Lithuania, Vilnius
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    Lithuanian and English
  9. Family
    John Mayer ,Monika Mayer
  10. Religion


  1. Height
    181 cm
  2. Weight
    83 kg
  3. Build
    Muscular with a small beer belly
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Good
  7. Features
    - Scars on the left elbow and left knee.
    - Stab scar on the waist.
    - Birthmark on back of the neck forming
  8. Equipment
    - LAR
    - VSD
    - Battleaxe

    -A good joint
    -Enough bullets to run down an entire village
    -Black hunter jacket
    -White hunter backpack
    -Black combat pants
    -Black ballistic vest
    -A camouflage baseball cap
  9. Occupation
    Shop owner, gun dealer


The Story Of William Mayer

Born in 1991/06 in Lithuania, a small country located next to the Baltic Sea and lived in its capital Vilnius till 2004. That year is when my mother died and after that father decided to go back to America, Chicago as he is from there.

Later in my life, I finished High School and traveled to the Netherlands for a bachelor of business management and had the greatest 3,5 years of my life. Why greatest you may ask? Simple as that, I was partying for weeks, starting from Wednesday till Sunday. Was living the dream life not much I can say. On the second year, I started to work in a supermarket as a manager, because I and my friends did a simple University project for them AND THEY DID LIKE IT.

I kept working in that supermarket and having the time of my life until I graduated and went back to America. There I started to create my own company, a simple grocery store as I knew how it works and what should I do. Later the business has boomed and I had 7 markets around Chicago, but for me, that wasn't enough. One day an old friend came to me, and we had a funny casual chat about everyday things, world crisis, and some other random things, but one of the topics that caught my interest was gun smuggling as the friend himself works at SWAT and had recently caught gun dealer that had 20 million dollars worth of guns and explosive devices, he continued talking about what happened to him, etc. but I didn't care anymore. I heard only guns and $20 million. After the friend left I had the same idea for weeks just couldn't figure how. Then I realized how I can smuggle them from Russia and other places of the world — Oil Tankers. And so it began after finding a guy who owned one of the oil company I and helped me to smuggle them.

The money came faster than I expected in 1 year I made over 200 million dollars like nothing. Selling guns to everyone I can Mafia, Gangsters or even to collectors. Had weapon warehouse in Africa, Russia, Lithuania, and Australia. But then I got an interesting deal from one of the main Russia dealers — his entire warehouse of guns, even tanks for a special price and just for me as he said. So the same day I found a plane going to Russia and went there to talk about it.

Now you probably know where is it going, because you are reading this so enough of my casual day life and let's get to the point.

The plane I was flying had only a few people like 7-10, not much. So the chance of ill people was extremely low, but well, well, well. I started hearing the shouts from the cockpit as I was sitting in business class part, so it was pretty close to it, and they were pretty clear. As pilot or co-pilot started to have some kind of seizures or something. Later after the stewardess went to the cockpit and started screaming I thought it was plane hijack. But when the plane drastically started to change altitude and air breathers shoot from the top I realized this perhaps may be my last seconds before death as the entire plane started to roar from the intense G-force and windows started to crack. Then the last thing I remember was a man running past me and screaming something before I smashed my head into the wooden table.

After I regained consciousness I was in an emergency boat on land. Head was like the worst drinking night in my life, spinning, dizzy and had one of the worst head pain I felt in life(honestly never had a headache in my life, even after drinking). First thing I saw was a man passed out in front of me. He looked like one before the crash running past me, and he was covered in blood from the head wound. After I gathered energy to wake up and check his condition I was shocked he looked 100% dead but before I was reaching to check pulse he tried to bite into my wrist. I jumped from shock and looked again into him. His eyes were dead white, he looked like after 4 heart attacks at the same time and took a line of cocaine. Then again he charged at me trying to grab me, but luckily I managed to dodge that. I tried to search for anything around the bout to defend myself when I saw a simple stick. I lunged on it to take it as fast as possible and when I turned to attack I saw that thing, not even human jumping on me. I instantly stabbed him into the neck, but he didn't even flinch, he was just trying to bite me anywhere in the body, and so I started just smashing the stick everywhere into his face until I stabbed him in the eye and instantly kicked him from me.

I was laying on the ground for 5 minutes after my belly started to scream in hunger. I don't know how long I was passed out and had nothing to eat. But in luck, there was a single MRE still in the back of the boat as help supplies. After eating them and smoking a cigarette I stood up and went for the road I saw a few hundred meters away. And so my journey has begun.

The place I got washed on was only forests and hills, nothing more, nothing less. For a long time, I was just wandering empty-handed through the forest and fields, no roads, no signs, no nothing. Just Pure wilderness of mother nature. The only way of surviving was mushrooms (Some of them even gave me hallucinations and most of the trips was talking with my friends and family, perhaps it was the thing that made me stay more or less sane) bugs, and if I'm lucky enough, wolf meat or freshly killed animal from wolfs.

But after that long time, I saw a gravel road that was leading some were, some were up east. After a while of walking that road, I was a two-legged creature that looked like a human walking same road same directions, the only weird thing about it was missing arm, straight ripped from the body, the meat was still tingling and moving from weak wind passing through the narrow road. I was shaking from adrenaline running through the blood from that unknown thing, beast, alien or whatever it was. I started to argue with myself who can it be, it even made my blood boil in pure rage and fear, what if I was one of the last people on earth, what if everyone had something happened to them, but only I was the luck blessed bastard that wasn't affected by it and survived the apocalypse.

After a while, I gained control of myself and pointed spear towards the ex-human creature ready for anything that might happen. I shouted "Hey" in a voice full of anger. He turned his head towards and started to scream at the top of his lungs and spitting bloodlike material from the mouth up in the air. He started to run towards me at all four, but it didn't help him, as I launched my spear through his head opening a clear way to his brain or what was left of it. The adrenaline rush instantly stopped and I felt could swet running down my body.

At the end of the road, I saw civilization, ruled by the same walkers as i expected with open door houses and broken windows. It didn't even surprise me, not a bit, but it made the only human on earth option more real than ever. But then i saw a light at an end of a tunnel, as a most recognized weapon in the world started to shoot. It was a symphony to my ears, as each shout echoed through the wilderness. I started to run towards these shoots as I thought it was some kind of defense force. After a good 10 minutes sprint, I saw a human being unloading mag after mag into zombie hoard. He looked like a cowboy or ranger at first glance, but a human for sure. I charged to help him after his mag ended and unseen walker appeared from behind of him. I charged into walker like one of the spartan man slamming into him with a spear that ribbed his head from body instantly and after I stood up from the zombie, got knocked out by something.


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