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Thomas Hayes
Character information
  1. Alias
    Strawberry, Alexander, Herman, Waldo
  2. Date of birth
    1998-10-23 (22 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    Oslo, Norway
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages
    Norwegian / English
  7. Relationship
    Jessica Hayes
  8. Family
    Vincent Hayes
  9. Religion


  1. Height
    196 cm
  2. Weight
    73 kg
  3. Build
    Skinny fit
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Evil
  7. Features
    At this moment his face is beaten up
    A large cut on his back left leg
    Burned forehead after scarring given by some dickhead with a dick helmet
    A&A scarred into his chest where the heart lays, around is a heart symbol given by; Jessica Hayes

    He is quick with his hands, enjoys stealing instead of getting it on his own.
    Enjoys using knives. Not especially good with them, but enjoys it nonetheless.
    Hayes’ normally marks a person he has tortured by scarring an “H” into his victims, and if the victim were so lucky to live and be met again after his torture session, he will get another letter until and that’s how it goes until the victim knows his full name, which he/she then will die.

  8. Equipment
    A clean tracksuit. If the clothes are clean, your hands are clean.
    Strawberry changes appearance all the time, whenever he wants to fit into a certain crowd he changes clothes. Strawberry normally hides his identity to people that aren't in his comfort zone. If you get to know Strawberry's name it's either because he likes you, or it's because he wants you to remember him. But he will always wear his Violet face mask.
    Strawberry's clothing when around friends:
    Torso: Blue check shirt
    Pants: Black cargo pants
    Mask: Violet face mask
    Mask: Violet bandana
    Vest: Black vest
    Shoes: Smart shoes
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation
    The Symptom
  11. Role


The life of Thomas Hayes -

Thomas Hayes - Thomas was not the most social child in his childhood, he wasn’t the one to go around and make friends in the school playground, but nobody would think any of it. Most people just thought he was a strange child with problems just like any other child. Nobody would give Thomas any attention and he wasn’t the attention seeker either, so Thomas spent most of his days alone in his childhood. Neither was he the one to crack a joke or to smile at all, but he smiled; it’s just that nobody could see him smile, nobody could because he normally just smiled when he was alone. You see, Thomas had one day a week where his brother Vincent bought him a type of magazine, a magazine called “Crime Magazine” this magazine normally wrote about the nastiest crimes.


The type of crimes that nobody would ever believe a human person could do to another human-being. This Thomas found his interest in, he smiled and thought that all of this was so interesting. He wouldn’t stop reading it, before he finished it all. So he spent days upon days moaning to his brother to buy him another magazine. But Vincent could only afford one magazine a week, Vincent started to wonder why his little brother Thomas was so interested and fascinated of these magazines, so he started reading them himself.


At first he thought it was just disgusting what these papers wrote, he thought for himself how could any human-being do this to another? But after some time, reading and going through hundreds of pages of history about vicious murders, he started to realise how interesting it was. So Vincent started to buy more magazines and movies about these vicious murderers. So, Thomas and his brother Vincent spent hours everyday for years just researching and becoming more and more interested. You see, there was problems within the Hayes family.


You had the typical run away dad, and then you had the typical mother that worked two jobs; One of the jobs Thomas didn’t know about before it was to late. The other job Thomas knew about which was bartender at the local bar. The first job mentioned was prostitution. While Thomas was to young to know or even give it a thought of care, Vincent knew all about it; That’s why at the age of 18, Vincent dropped out of college to start working so his mother which Thomas and Vincent cared deeply about could stop working with that line of work, and nevertheless so Thomas would never have to know that he was the son of a whore.


One day, it all ended very poorly. When Thomas had become 16 years old, his mother died; the reason was overdose, nor Vincent or Thomas could believe that she casually died of an overdose when she never in her life would take drugs, she would never risk her family that she also so deeply loved at heart for the kick of some drug. Vincent told Thomas, what she had been doing all these years to put food on the table and to survive, for both her sons to live a good life. They then started to investigate, and soon realising how she really died. She was given an overdose, she was drugged. In other words she was murdered. The two brothers then spired a plan to how to revenge their fallen mother, remembering all those hours upon hours spent on reading and watching these professionally planned out murders. They then picked out their favourite murderer; they found one, agreed on which one they were going to reenact to murder the man that killed their mother.


The murderer they chose was; Harlequin a clown that would only be visible for the people around the man they were going to murder, but he or she would not see them before they were going to kill that individual. After they had killed him, they didn’t know what to do with their broken life, to keep studying or not; So they decided they would do the world a favour and get rid of all the bad people in the world. After quite some time they would start to realise they didn’t just get rid of all the bad people, but anyone they wanted. They kept on reenacting Harlequin the clown over and over again. The bodycount just started piling up, but they didn’t care, this is what they wanted to do, this became more than just books they read and the movies they saw. They were finally living their dream, doing what they enjoyed. The Hayes brothers became the killer clown Harlequin, the children of the victims had only to report the crookedest smirk and a high-pitched laugh and a “damp, fresh and a smell like summer rain"


- Thomas' life in Chernarus

Thomas wanders Chernarus looking for people to befriend, he didn’t have anyone anymore. After his time in South Zagoria Trading Company he didn’t have anyone, the people from the Trading Company didn’t really know Thomas, they didn’t like him; maybe that’s why they threw him out? Or did they throw him out because of his lifestyle.


Thomas wasn’t wanted anymore, his own friends within the Trading Company took him and scarred him, on his left back foot, they scarred a big “C” the C was for cannibal. When Thomas looks back he didn’t regret joining them or becoming a resident in Lexington, cause he got one very positive thing out of it. He got to know a person that understands him, and that he likes being around; Ragnar. To this day Ragnar and Thomas are still friends.


But Ragnar wasn’t able to come with Thomas, since he had his own responsibilities within the group and his own friends to take care of. So, Thomas continued to wander Chernarus, looking for people that had a likewise lifestyle as himself. He stumbles over a town called Kabanino, where he met three different people who at the start was a bit aggressive towards Thomas, but Thomas was used to it. He tried his best to make friends with them, and then two of them took a liking into Thomas. One of them was someone that went by the name of C-J; A bit of a weird one, to be honest. There was something horrible wrong with his voice, but Thomas thought it just was a bit funny how he sounded and used to have a laugh with himself about it. The other one was someone called Spades. Thomas took an extra liking into Spades, he was funny, and he liked the same type of meat that Thomas liked. The third one, well.. His name was Brad, Thomas didn’t really like Brad to start off with and the feeling was mutual but C-J advised Brad to take Thomas in. Thomas wasn’t to sure in what he was getting into, but he liked himself there.


The days went by, and Thomas stayed in Kabanino or as they called it, Jamestown even though every-time someone came in that these three new friends didn’t like, they put on these masks. These clown masks. They had given Thomas a house to stay in, so they just told him to sit tight and wait for them to come back. Every time they came back, Thomas wondered what they had done to the people, or what that had happened. They wouldn’t tell him, yet.


After a bit of getting to know them, they introduced Thomas to more of their friends; all wearing the same type of masks. Clown masks. They told Thomas that this was their family, and that they liked Thomas and wanted him to be a part of the family. This is the day Thomas joined the clowns. He took a liking into everyone in the family, even Brad. Who would have thought?

One day, they were out walking around some place called Novy Sobor and Thomas stumbles across a jacket, a red tracksuit jacket that he continues to put on. His favorite colour was red. When he walked out towards the rest of the group, C-J giggles and yells out; “You look like a Strawberry condom” everyone laughed and ever since, the name stuck. Even though Thomas got them to call him Strawberry instead of Strawberry Condom.


This was a new start for Strawberry,

his life had taken a turn

for the better?




he back ❤️

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he back ❤️

never left you bbys

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