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John Spartan
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1988-10-21 (30 years old)


  1. Alignment
    Neutral Good


John Spartan grew up in Canadian country town. He has very good morals as well he came from a loving family. He respects everyone unless given a reason not to. Growing up he had an uncle that was an officer, he always watched and admired his uncle enforcing the law,
He would listen to all of the amazing story's that would be told to him as a growing boy knowing that one day he would follow his footsteps.
His uncle was shipped off to Chernarus shortly after all of the country's started to fall to the infection. All anyone was told was that this was "Ground-Zero" for the infection and possibly a cure could be found to save the world. Communication between the two stopped abruptly. This did not sit well with John, but he was to young to survive against the walkers. Once John had gained the skills necessary to survive in the "wild" where he could look after himself and possibly do even better.... find his uncle, he was able to track down an old steam/sail boat in a harbor and sailed to Chernarus in search for his uncle that he loved so dearly.




"Once John had grew to the age where he could look after himself and possibly do even better.... find his uncle..."

I just wanted to make sure you were aware that the infection has only been 688 days (1.8 years) long as of right now in the lore. Your character bio says that your character is 30 years old, and the way the above quote is worded, kind of makes it sound like your character was meant to be a child when his uncle was "shipped off to Chernarus". With the way that the infection works, and the current age of your character, your character would have been around 28-29ish when the infection hit... which... doesn't exactly fit the whole "once John had grew to the age where he could look after himself" thing. I'd amend that to fit with the lore, unless I've misread something.



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yea I really appreciate you pointing that out, your 100% right in it not making since. I adjusted it so it fits more inline with the current lore, I must have overlooked the infection time. again thank you 🙂

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