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rick johnson
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1997-01-31 (22 years old)



His name is Rick johnson raised in a small town in bulgaria in a broken home where his mom and dad always fought and was never loved. Every night he went to bed praying for a better life. After years of praying he realized that the only way for a better life is to work for it so he went into the fishing business and made a name for himself years down the line as the best fisherman in his town. He made so much money he helped everyone he could and wanted kids to have a better life than he did. After being rejected by the love of his life him and his friend got drunk and decided to go out and just hang out on the sea. 5 hours into the boat trip a freak storm appeared and lightning hit the boat luckily rick jumped off and into a life boat and was calling for his friend oliver but oliver was stuck and couldn't escape and as rick was about to go get him the boat exploded knocking him out. 8 days later he wakes up starving on the shore of chernarus wondering where he is and how hes alive. He gets up and is immediately attacked by a zombie and theres a shot killing the zombie scared out of his mind he just stands there in shock. A man walks up to him explaining whats happened here so now Rick all alone now after a week of being on chernarus wakes up on the beach after being robbed by other survivors has one goal to survive and help who he can by providing food and shelter to the needy.


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