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john kvasny
Character information
  1. Alias
    the punisher
  2. Mental
    minds works pretty good
  3. Morale
    between sad and happy
  4. Date of birth
    1997-06-23 (22 years old)
  5. Place of birth
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    175 cm
  2. Weight
    54 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    dirty blonde
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    True Neutral
  7. Features
    military hardned,risky,honest,truthful,survivalist,caring,likes cowboy hats and military gear,very expressive,and very brutal and mean sometimes
  8. Equipment
    usually find what I can wear like military gear or civilian cloths and it also depends on the situation like for the season if its hot out ill wear something cool and more open to my skin and if it cold or chilly out ill wear something more thick and something that's covers my skin more and I always wear some sort of hat for my head to stay dry and to keep it warm in the winter I would wear a beanie or rader cap the bag I usually carry is usually anything between a little bag to a big bag if I find a better bag I will usually pick it up and for shoes im always wearing boots if I can find some but if I cant ill usually wear regular shoes ill always wear pants wither it is hot or cold and if I do find some sort of vest while im on the run ill usually pick it up because I can store more items in it or it can give me protection against people who are willing to attack me same with a helmet I will usually wear it if I want but sometimes wearing body armour and a helmet can slow me down and make me not run as fast so there is a down side I always wear gloves too because it proctects my hands from getting wet and keeps the blood off my hands from zombies or people and it helps my hands from getting burns or splinters from sliding down ladders I usually always try to blend in too with the enviorment or something that is not as noticeable when I chossing my clothing in the apocalypse and the gun I usually carry can always vary if I find a gun I look at its condition and decide wether its good for combat and if its loaded and if I also have ammo and a magazine from it but most of the time ill pick up and gun but I will always carry 3 guns a primary a secondary primary which would be like a sniper and a sidearm usually a pistol and I usually carry enough supplies on me to last a few days too get me threw if I need too extra food and water a 2 extra batterie for my walkie talkie and flashlight or headtorch and I always carry a glowstick for those emergencys same with a flare and some other ssurvival supplies such as a knife matchs water bottle and I always carry on my back other than my guns are a baseball bat I usually always like to smash the deads heads in its fun make a good weapon
  9. Occupation
    was a sgt in the army


before the outbreak I was in the army I was part of a N.A.T.O Force (American)when I heard about some sort of virus going around I was still at my NWAF the army base that I was staioned at me and my unit where told to be called in if things got out of control and boy did they go south real fast after people started doing staring riots because no one knew what was going on and the police where shotting people and not everyone knew that they where already dead so people got real crazy then after the riots started happning the lights started to go out across the whole worold and then that's when the army was called in and me and my men where deployed to help set up check point across the state and check people coming by and eventually we set up little makeshift military compunds just like we ran them for awhile and then things started getting crazy it was to much for us to handle after 3-4 weeks we where ordered that we where being pulled out of the safe zones and refugees camps and that we where not evacuating anymore people so the government ordred us all military personel to leave and I mean we where the only one to leave not the civilians or survivors once we where pulled out all 3 cities would be fire bombed (napalm) by jets this was CODENAME OPERATION COBALT whitch was is the name given to the plan devised by the Military in order to contain the spread of the infection Operation Cobalt also contains a contingency plan should the military lose control of the situation once the government lost control and communications went down and once I took what I could and I ran with my friend from the army who was in my unit that was a mechanic and we we grabbed our rifles and some of our gear and we took one of the army jeeps and got away we sall a lot of civillians die and we also sall some of our own friends and people for or unit and other units die to the infected when me and my friend hear the screams we where shocked and knew that this was pretty much the end of the world me and him knew we could not go back to the cities because of the fire bombing when this whole infection started no one knew how it started or how it was caused but someone has to know I guess but im starting to loss hope that there is no cure and the only silution to this mess is just to ride it out and survive I did have a wife before this but she died to the infection she was biten and I had to put her down I didn't wanna see here as one of those things and my mom and dad I have no idea what happned to them but they are proabally dead too they may have died to the infection or to the fire bombing I never knew but I always miss them and the same with my wife all i got now is my best friend who was in the army with me and that gives me hope to stay alive and keep moving but mostly when the world went to shit and changed i had to change with it and i had to play the rules of survival and its to survive at all costs i lived in a house by klem over by berizino and i was a pretty well know guy but those days are gone now I was always a fan of baseball too and loved to play sports with my friends I also had a good relationship with my parents and was always volentering to put in lots of work for people around my neighborhood how I got to chernuarus was from a boat I was traveling from my home country of america and I was deployed to nwaf as my base of operations for when I was in the army and I also came to chernaurs because of a military transfer I heard about the diesesae to on the news and every sinse this I have lost my way of living I got to chernaurus mainly from a helicopter that I was sent in from the army they delivered me and my men to help out and when everything was going south now with the war and the virus going around i was sent to chernuarus to help evacuate people and take them to refugees centers and provide guard duty on the checkpoint we set up all across chernaures after that i was going to get out of the country but when i sall all my men die except one we ran and tried to get away but we got left behind and we where left to survive and wait for help but help never came back neither did back up we where statined at chernuares for the outbreak but i didn't no i was gonna get left behind i thought we would help these people and then get out of here and go back home but its been years sinse i been back home in America i was statined at nwaf for about 4-5 weeks helping out new recruits with traning and teaching them how to shoot there rifles and how to clean there weapons and how to be a soilder mainly before the out break but when the outbreak started and the war me and my men where stationed out to help aid and take people to refugee camps and get everyone to safety but it all went south so fast my arrival in chernuares was pretty exciting very beautiful mountains and very good terrain for traning i was looking to see some combat i did see some combat in the war but some of it was death and then the virus hit and everything changed and went to shit i wish i never came to chernures sometimes because i wish i didn't have to live in this shit country that went to hell due to some sort of virus i had a wife and i lost here to the infection she was visitng the country with my parents as well and they unfortunently came at the wrong time to visit because my wife was bitten by the infected and died and i had to put here down and my father and mother where evacuated to the city and died due to the fire bombing of the city when the military failed i miss them everyday and i wish they would have never came to this broken and destroyed country the time the war and virus hit


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