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Mason Fitzgerald
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    2000-02-18 (19 years old)



Mason Fitzgerald some call Mason Fitz 19 year old from San Francisco recently graduated high school. His friends along side him wanted to take a group vacation out of the country before college to get a chance to see the world a bit. His friend Paul mentioned Europe which we thought would have been a good idea. Looked at places to travel for instance Spain, Germany, Italy, France, but then we saw a add deal for a plane to Russia immediately thought no. Then did a bit of research and thought it would be cool plus saving a whole lot of many and we don't have much of that. We decided to pick Russia WOW! we thought we are going to Russia. We arrive and just seem to be living the Russian life we take a tram to What they call Kemensk and well something happened. Weird things were there dead infected we had no idea what they were. Another night past and when I woke up my friends were gone no where to be found I didn't really think much of it. I guess something bad happened all I could do is prey. Around a few more months pass and I meet people, but can't seem to find my friends. I got offered a job as a hired gun and I took it. I mean if I am stuck here I might as well be productive? I'm not a bad person more so someone who is trying to survive, but am not scared to do something if someone fucks with me.


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