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Kiril Sirkov
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Stable, determined
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1985-07-07 (34 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Kirovograd, Chernarus
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    Chernarussian, English, Arabic (Takistani Dialect)
  9. Relationship
    Anya Sirkov (Wife) - Alive (?)
  10. Family
    Kazimir Sirkov (Son) - Alive (?)
  11. Religion
    Eastern Orthodox


  1. Height
    185 cm
  2. Weight
    82 kg
  3. Build
    Lean, but fit
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Evil
  7. Equipment

    Set 1
    ➤ Wide variety of civilian clothing

    Set 2
    ➤ Black balaclava
    ➤ Patrol jacket
    ➤ Black high-capacity police "Полиция" vest
    ➤ Black cargo pants
    ➤ Military belt with pistol holster
    ➤ Black military boots

    ➤ Combat knife
    ➤ CR-75 Pistol
    ➤ AK series rifle with black furniture

    ➤ Pliers
    ➤ Canteen
    ➤ Gas Mask
    ➤ Binoculars
    ➤ Toothbrush
    ➤ A map of the local region
    ➤ Radio on an encoded frequency that requires input of a special code for use
    ➤ Packaged trauma kit that includes medical scissors, medical gauze, and tourniquet.
  8. Occupation
    COBR Operative
  9. Affiliation
    Interior Ministry State Security Directorate
  10. Role
    Intelligence Officer



Born in Kirovograd, Kiril was the son of a Soviet police officer. Due to his police & military service, his father was selected in 1979 to become one of first officers in the elite police unit known as OMON. In ten years he would see riots throughout the Chernarus after the fall of the Soviet Union. Instead of returning to his home country of Russia, his father decided to stay in Chernarus and helped form OMON's predecessor, OREL. During his childhood, Kiril was sent to a military boarding school to instill discipline. During his time in school he excelled in his academic studies. After vocational school his father had hoped that he would attend the national military academy of Chernarus, but instead he enlisted straight away in the Chernarussian Defense Forces as a military intelligence officer.

During the 2009 civil war, the Chedaki struck quickly, but thankfully Kiril had been stationed in Miroslavl. His unit was mobilized for the counter-assault and saw combat as they took back territory that the Chedaki had occupied. Asssigned with a unit tasked with rooting out strongholds in the mountain regions of South Zagoria, Kiril had first hand experience with the war crimes committed by the communist rebels. After clearing a Chedaki held town and taking several captives, they found a mass grave of ethnic Chernarussians. Kiril's commanding officer ordered for the prisoners to be interrogated, tortured and executed. The officer's commands were completed, though official reports by Sirkov never mentioned any prisoners, torture, or execution. After witnessing the threat of communism and the war crimes on his countrymen Kiril became a hard-line Chernarussian nationalist.

In 2012 Kiril left the C.D.F. and found a position within the M.V.C. as a part of the elite OREL forces. While serving in OREL he helped gather intelligence and planned high risk raids on organized criminal elements, though it wasn't until 2016 when he joined the state security apparatus known as COBR that his superiors took notice of his skills as an intelligence operative. In 2016, the Chedaki remnants had all been thought to be wiped out. Shortly after taking a position within state security, information had surfaced that a Chedaki officer had begun smuggling weapons for criminal syndicates. Kiril's efforts helped track and locate the whereabouts of said officer, eventually the Chedaki war criminal was captured and sentenced to death for his actions in 2009. For his success, Kiril was awarded with a promotion to podporučík (second lieutenant).

 After the infection spread throughout the Eastern oblast, Kiril was attached to a military unit then sent to Chernogorsk in an attempt to enforce law and order, though Kiril's mission was more classified. Ordered to gather intelligence on criminal elements, VDV forces and investigate the site of the initial outbreak, Kiril found little success. His military unit suffered heavily causalities and eventually a COBR combat operations team went AWOL and denounced the president of Chernarus, in effect committing treason against the country. Kiril was forced to withdraw with what little was left of the C.D.F. unit. The long march home to Miroslavl was one of shame.

Eventually though, Kiril would be once again selected to return to South Zagoria. After a terrorist attack was committed on the capital that resulted in hundreds of deaths, a group known as Kamenici petitioned government forces for aide so they could return to South Zagoria and find the culprits of the attack. Aide was granted to the paramilitaries in the form of weapons, ammunition, and a military advisor. Kiril however was selected to return to South Zagoria in an unofficial capacity to work under the radar to disrupt any other terrorist activities through counter-intelligence. He was also ordered to infiltrate raider groups and blend in with other locals.

Since the terrorist attack he has remained undiscovered to be an agent of the State. He relays intelligence to the capital whenever possible and eliminates targets whenever deemed necessary. Recently he has been responsible for removing a prominent member of a now defunct mercenary organization within South Zagoria. After successfully eliminating the target he has chosen to retire to a safe-house to avoid being discovered..



╳ Relay information to the capital. [Ongoing]

╳ Disrupt any terrorist activities when possible. [Ongoing]

╳ Destabilize the House by eliminating one of it's influencers [Completed]

╳ Continue to remain unknown to the public as a state security operative. [Ongoing]



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