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Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1993-07-07 (25 years old)
  3. Place of birth
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages


  1. Height
    509 cm
  2. Weight
    180 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Features
    Rough and a little crazy. May try to be the peace keeper but you better watch out. You never know what will happen these days.


They call me LittleYumYum. Never knew my real name I've been called that for so long. If you get to know me well enough maybe I'll tell you the story behind it. I'm a Texas Cowboy dropped here in the middle of god darn hell.

Before the outbreak everyone believed i was crazy. I told them the end was coming and no one believed me. I stocked up my rations, geared my storage's, made my bunkers which costed my life's savings. Trained my dog (He's the corgi), to be the meanest, most ferocious, guard dog around. Yet i was too afraid to defend myself. I was unable to protect my family. I was too afraid to kill another person. So i lost it all. They believed i was crazy but maybe i'm the only sane one left.

I made it to the extraction point and was dropped off at this insane land to which i have never heard of. I have flashbacks of losing my family and my dog. I need to do everything and everything to survive. I just don't know how.

Now i walk around to try to find new friends. Friends i can trust. Friends that can make me confident enough to take what i want. That is what i strive to be but i know i'm weak, scared, and don't know how to use weapons. I just want my old life back.


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