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Salahaddin Bukhari
Character information
  1. Mental
  2. Morale
  3. Date of birth
    1967-05-22 (52 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Medina Saudi Arabia
  5. Nationality
    Saudi Arabian
  6. Languages
    Arabian and English
  7. Relationship
  8. Religion


  1. Height
    176 cm
  2. Weight
    75 kg
  3. Hair
  4. Eyes
  5. Alignment
    Lawful Evil
  6. Features
    Long beard
  7. Occupation
    Radical Jihadist


Salahaddin Bukhari was born in Medina in 1967.  He had a good upbringing and because of this he had a lot of time to practice his religion Islam. Through the years he became a lot more extreme regarding his religion he saw it as his soul duty to spread the word of Allah through his speeches and in some cases through violence. In his young years he was told about the struggle his people were in because of the conflict in Afghanistan regarding the Soviets. Because of this he became even more radicalized. Because of this, he would later go on to assist the mujahedin in their holy war. 

Some years later he became close friends with a man called Ahmed Omar al Sham and together, because of the circumstances in Chernarus they would go on to spread the word of Allah through any means necessary.  


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