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Sergei Orlov
Character information
  1. Alias
    Ruski-Meister, Sir Gay
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1999-12-08 (19 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Krasnoe, Chernarus
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    Russian, English
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    Ivan Orlov, Diana Orlov
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    185 cm
  2. Weight
    82 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Soft, Brown, Smooth
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features


    * Chedaki
    * His Comrades
    * Guns
    * Fucking/Smoking/Drinking
    * Fighting
    * True Patriotism
    * Free Shit


    * Americans
    * CDF/UN
    * Shit Talkers
    * Big Words
    * Splinters

    -Unique Features/Emotional Behaviors-

    * Very Aggressive
    * Shaky Hands
    * Skilled Combatant
    * Novice Medical Skills
    * Can Play Guitar
    * Can Read A Person's Lies


    * Looking At Ground
    * Cursing
    * Drinking/Fucking/Smoking
    * Fighting
    * Looking at Papa's Watch


    "Великие жертвы необходимы. Убийство это просто хобби." (Great Sacrifices Are Necessary. Murder Is Just A Hobby.)

    "Тех, кто умирает перед лицом зла, нужно помнить на всю жизнь." (Those Who Die In the Face Of Evil Are to Be Remembered For A Lifetime.)

    "Американская свинья." (American Pig.)

  8. Equipment


    * Guerilla Jacket
    * Ripped Jeans
    * Gloves
    * Aviators
    * Fancy Spectacles


    * Machete/Hatchet
    * AKM
    * His Bare Fucking Hands


    * Papa's Pocket Watch
    * Roupies

  9. Occupation
    'Combat Medic'
  10. Affiliation
  11. Role




"They shot him dead." Those were the only words Sergei received from a tall man, with a Kalashnikov in his hands. See, Sergei's father was a Chedaki Guerilla fighter. He died when Sergei was 5. His father was Russian, and his mother, Diana, was Chernarussian. This never seemed to cause any problems and Sergei was never fond of being part of two Nations.

The CDF and UN cornered some of the Chedaki forces and with a few casualties, Sergei's father, Ivan, lost his life.

After this, Sergei wasn't the same. His papa was trying to teach the lad how to grow up strong, fierce, and possibly one day take his place as a Chedaki fighter. This wasn't Sergei's dream, but he felt it was his destiny. The last thing Sergei had of his papa's was and old pocket watch. It had bullet grazes, and a little dent on it from where it saved his father's life. 

One day, some Chedaki forces made their way up North of Chernarus. Apparently, they were trying to perform a roadblock to some transport trucks by the U.N. trying to deliver guns to forces in Russia. They succeeded, but didn't anticipate the sheer force of the convoy and were "chased" off. Late at night, the town of Krasnoe was awoken by gunshots and screams. There was relentless knocking on Sergei's door, and he ended up housing multiple Chedaki soldiers. Their family fed them, clothed them, and gave them protection for a time. Sergei introduced himself as Ivan's son, a Chedaki veteran. They thanked the lad for his hospitality. Before they left one day, all of them in sync shouted the phrase "Slava Chedaki." Sergei said it back.

Sergei was growing up a fierce warrior, knowing he wanted to join the military as soon as possible. Well, atleast a form of military. He adapted the Communist ways and would aid the Chedaki in any way he could.

When the Chedaki forces were pushed to the black mountains, he and his mother packed up two cars and drove supplies up there.

Things were quiet for a bit... Very quiet. No sign of the Chedaki, no sign of roadblocks or war-zones, just peace. Sergei liked it. He continued to go to school and did PT everyday. One afternoon, there was a radio broadcast. The Chedaki warned civilians over the radio and left it at that.




When the radio broadcast struck, it struck hard. Civilians were panicking, troops were being sent to valuable locations and strongholds. They were....preparing. There one disadvantage over everything else, was that the Chedaki had been preparing for years. It was like a "Ressurection Of The Dead."  The Chedaki invaded hard. They went from village to village, slaughtering those who opposed them. The U.N. had the artillery and firepower, but the Chedaki had shear will and charisma. Soon enough the fighting was in Krasnoe, Sergei's home town. He didn't want to take sides so he simply kept his head down and stayed in his house.

The Chedaki eventually took control of the city and made it like a headquarters. They lined the civilians up in the street, Sergei and his mother included. They made them all say, "Slava Chedaki." Over and over. When one poor man refused and spat on the ground to the idea of communism, he was shot in the head. Sergei learned very quick the way the Chedaki did things.

After a month of terror, the Chedaki decided they had done enough damage and retreated back to the Black Mountains once again. Only this time, they took Sergei. They left his mother at home, and gave her some roupies for her loss.

The drive was tedious. Sergei was practically waiting to be shot in the back of the head, or executed. He stuck with it, and it all made sense once they reached their destination.

It was this, compound. No children. A few women, and a lot of men armed with assault rifles. The women cooked, cleaned, hunted occasionally, but one thing Sergei admired, was that they were never used. The women, were never raped. Sergei noticed this within days of being at the compound, and he would go on to making it one of his morales.

The Chedaki cherished the women. And the kids. Sergei noticed this, and realized that the Chedaki weren't savages that pillaged and murdered for no reason. They were fighting for a cause. A purpose.

Sergei, remembering his father, would go on to adapt these same causes. The Chedaki would have tried to force him sure, and maybe if he didn't accept the cause he would've been executed. But Sergei adapted the change on his own, and his energy for fighting matched his new Comrades', because he would be fighting for what he, and his father believed in.




The Chedaki had Sergei train relentlessly with Handguns, Rifles, melee, and hand to hand combat. He trained to hunt as well. The Chedaki was not just teaching Sergei to kill. They were teaching him to survive. Sergei spent months with his new family.

When the Chedaki heard the Country was in a state of turmoil, they started gearing up for another assault. Apparently there were Medical Stations and Military Units being set up on the roads, making them easy targets. They had a prime oppertunity to make a big impact on Chernarus. One afternoon when they were loading some trucks with artillery, some sick people came "knocking" on the doors. They were shot multiple times for being supposed spies, but they did not go down. They continued to scream and ram against the front gates.

Soon enough the gun shots brought hundreds of these infected, and it was just a snowball effect. They were forced to evacuate, and had to fight a siege on two fronts. They were constantly watching their asses, while shooting U.N. and CDF scum in the process. Things got out of hand, and one large firefight separated Sergei and his comrades. On his own, he had no chance of spreading Communism and the Chedaki's claims. But if and when he meets his comrades, they will continue their reign of terror, and take what is theirs'.






  • Hates Harming innocent women/children
  • Stay Loyal
  • Reinstitute Communism
  • Fight Until Death
  • Fight For Chedaki's Claims











  • Guns
  • Fighting
  • Strategic Positioning
  • Hiding
  • Guerilla Warfare
  • Lying
  • Stamina
  • Athletically Talented
  • Fearless
  • Wise







  • A Woman's Love
  • Children
  • PTSD
  • Fear Of Losing Those He Loves
  • Hasty Decisions






















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