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Laska Vrubel
Character information
  1. Alias
    Nastja, Nas, Laska, Alaska, Husky, Natja, Blanka
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1994-11-19 (24 years old)
  5. Place of birth
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    Czech/Chernarussian, English, Russian
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    Father: Domek Vrubel (deceased) Mother: Johanka Vrubel (deceased)
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    169 cm
  2. Weight
    68 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    long, straight, dyed silver-blonde, natural dark brown/black
  5. Eyes
    Heterochromia - blue/brown eye
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    - some tattoos
    - nose piercing
    - a few small scars from fights she got in
    - gun shot wound on her left upper arm
    - grazed gun shot wound on her stomach
    - two gun shot wounds on her left leg
    - knife scars on her stomach
  8. Equipment
    - rusty pipe
    - documents and files connected to her past
    - ripped jeans, camo bandana, camo cap
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation
  11. Role





"My life has been a tough one. There were many things that changed me - sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.
But I don't regret them. I don't regret a single thing I ever did, because then I couldn't stop regretting.

There is another reason, too.
Everything I did, everything that happened to me … it made me to the person I am.
I wouldn't want that to change.

I grew up without my family, without knowing my real name, without love.
And there were a lot of times when I wished I could have just that.
Just when I thought I found it though I realized that … maybe that is not the life I was made for.
It's not me.

So I guess … I'm still searching for what it is I want.
Or for a purpose maybe.
… or for both?"



- Novigrad -



Laska does barely remember her childhood. She remembers certain smells and faces. A few things from the orphanage. But whenever she is asked about her past, it is usually just the life on the street she is talking about. Maybe, her life would have been better if she would've just decided to stay at the orphanage until she was old enough … but even back then Laska was a rebel, a free sprirt, so she ran away when she was only 13 years old, in search of a place were she truly belonged.

It never worked out for her though. Once on the street she took on the name Anastasia and tried to hide one of her eyes whenever possible, so people would not recognise her. She did everything she had to do to survive. It started out with stealing things. Pickpocketing. Petty stuff. But once she met the right - or more like wrong people - she quickly got involved in more crimes. She killed someone for the first time when she was merely 15 years old.

Her alliances changed over the time. She got used to everyone just working for their own benefits and so she did the same. Trusting no one, except for her four legged companion. A big dog named Blanka. Because dogs you could trust - they were loyal. More loyal than every human Anastasia met so far.

She eventually got involved with the wrong people. Again. It … happened more than once but usually she was good in talking herself out of it. Not this time around though. Anastasia remembers … the blood splattering against her clothes, staining them, the pained yelp and her angry scream when she lost her best and only friend. She had set her mind on revenge … it was around this time she when she made her first, longer lasting alliance …

She ran into Ilya when she was maybe 18. It was probably not his real name - not that Anastasia cared. She didn't even remember her real name at that point. The Russian and his gang had made a name for themselves in Novigrad and he offered her a place. And a way to take revenge. Of course she didn't deny that offer. He was as well the one shortening her name into "Nastja".

For a few years she spend her time doing the Russians dirty work and gathering information. She barely knew anything about the man himself but he ended up as some kind of father figure for her … maybe because he offered her exactly what she wanted: power. Not being on the receiving end of beatings and torture was something that Nastja revelled in. She didn't care about the poor souls ending up in her mercy. She just cared about that wonderful feeling of power …

Things had been going well for her for a while in that regard, they quickly turned sour though when Ilya found himself in some kind of trouble and bailed back to Russia without any explanation - leaving Nastja exposed to whoever would be after her. She did manage to hide away with a friend - or so she thought … when exact same friend sold her out and it wasn't someone else's blood on Nastjas hands, but her very own as she passed out in a dark ally way …

She isn't sure how she ended up in the hospital, but someone must have safed her. She decided to lay low after that, changing her hair colour and going back to selling drugs. She took on another name for a while … Blanka.

When the outbreak happened, there weren't many things that changed for Blanka. She just kept doing what she was used to - surviving at any cost, but she also had her mind set on something else: payback.

She eventually got her revenge, killing the traitorous snake she once called her friend - but it got her into trouble with other gangs in Novigrad, so that one year after the initial outbreak, Blanka finally left the city for good.




- Arrival in South-Zagoria -



On her way out of the city she met up with some other chernarussians who planned on travelling to Miroslavl. She banded up with them for a while and for the first time maybe felt that she belonged. No one was looking down on her like before the outbreak, when she was living on the street. The infection made everyone to equals and though everyone else seemed to condemn what happened, for Nastja it was an advantage. And she would use that.

Not wanting to have the others get mixed up in her business, she parted ways with them in Miroslavl and continued her way to a place were she thought no one would search for her: South-Zagoria.

Once she entered the region, she was on her own for quite some time again - until she met Emily. She found the girl that would dub her 'Husky' more dead than alive as she basically walked in on a massacre. Maybe it was the influence of the people she had traveled with before, maybe it was fate, Husky didn't really knew herself, but she decided to safe the girl. And just like Emily gave her a new name, she also did the same for Emily, calling her Hummingbird.

The two helped each other out for quite some time, never really travelling together but knowing that - if one of them needed the other - they would would be there in in a heartbeat.

Things took a turn for the worst again though when Huskys past catched up with her - in the form of three men from Novigrad. She cut all ties with Hummingbird to keep her safe and decided to face her doom on her own …

She survived. It scarred her in many ways. But she was still alive and made herself a promise.

Never in her life would she let anyone use her like that again. Ever.




- Generation Zero -



A few month or weeks passed when Husky ran into the people of Generation Zero. Having lost her contact to Emily, she went by the name Nastja again most of the time.

When Nastja first met the guys from Gen Z, she wasn't sure if she should follow them or not.
She stumbled upon them when they were fighting some infected and decided to help out, but staying just out of sight. Curiousity got the best of her though, and she decided to check out who exactly thought it would be a good idea making that much noise. She is still not sure if she decided to tag along because of Wongs speech about equality and the importance of infected, or the way they delt with that loudmouthed guy. Maybe a bit of both. Anyway, she thought she would a have a great time, loads of fun, and that everything would just be a temporary arrangement - like she was used to.

She was not exactly prepared to instead, find a family and friends with the group. At one point she would've hoped it lasted. But as it is, nothing really lasts forever …

The people from GenZ gave her yet another nickname, shortening the name Nastja into Nas.

During her time with Generation Zero Nas fell in love with James, who she later married. He was also the one bringing up the topic of finding out about her past. Together they were able to get their hands on some documents, revealing her real name: Laska Vrubel, as well as a few information on her parents. Even though she remembered her real name now, as long as she was with GenZ, she would be called Nas.

A few weeks must have passed after she joined the group, when she ran into someone in Chernogorsk, asking around for someone called Emily. Nastja wasn't sure if it was the same Emily she knew but eventually took her chances and got reunited with her old friend. She was happy to see that Emily as well, seemed to have found someone who cared about her - another chernarussian named Jona.

Life with Generation Zero had been good. It seemed to give her a place she belonged to, people who cared about her as much as she did care about them. Looking back, Nas is not sure about that anymore …

It must have started near Tisy. When they got into an argument over their alliance with 24th. From there on, things just seemed to get worse. They lost Jack, Jordan started to go crazy, everyone fought and got into arguments over petty and stupid things. She had hoped things could get solved for a very long time … but it seemed to just get worse.

Nas decided to continue her hunt for information on her father. It eventually brought her to Polana where some chernarussians had settled down. She should've never let the others close to that settlement.

She wasn't happy with either sides. She wasn't happy about the way Maxim treated her family and she was even less happy about the way they reacted. About Luca making her choose like this. About her wanting war because of words, when she had just told her to "deal with it" when she told Luca about the way 24th had acted towards her. It pissed her off. But more than that … it disappointed her …

She started to keep her distance from them then. Especially from Luca and Caleb, only meeting up with Viggo and Poppy, introducing Viggo to Jona and Emily too. She also did visit Polana more frequently. Because even though she didn't agree with Maxims views, she didn't believe him to be a bad man and even started to befriend him.

Things got even worse with GenZ when she heard of Luca and Caleb selling out the settlement to the Chedaki as well as torturing someone for them. It was then when she finally seemed to turn her back on the two of them. They wanted her to pick a side? Then so she would.




- Falling apart and patched back together -



Despite her anger she couldn't bring herself to actually do anything that would put Caleb and Luca, or even the others, in harms way. She was way to loyal. There were way to many good memories. So despite her better knowledge she still tried to protect them in some way. Still tried to be there for them.

Nas wasn't there when it happened … Viggo loosing his eye. Luca almost dying. She felt terrible about it but yet there wasn't anything she was able to do and Jona, Emily and Maxim decided to hold her back from running off and getting herself killed. Nas knew they were right … but it didn't make things any less painful.

Neither did the argument with James. Him handing her the ring back was devastating for her and even though she told him she forgave him … she never really did. Never really could. She felt betrayed once again and it pushed her further away from the people she used to call a family.

She found a safe haven in Polana. And in Maxim. It seemed like … even though they knew they had a very different view on things - they weren't that different at all. So staying with him and in Polana was a welcome distraction from all the other shit that was going on. Even though that was still heavily weighing on her mind.

Nas eventually gave up on solving things with Luca and Caleb and instead continued to help out around Polana. She and Maxim went to Chernogorsk to receive something from there and ran into James. The meeting went exactly as Nas feared it would: terrible.

The aftermath was … very much her ending things with James. Because even though she loved him, they obviously had very different views on life and on their future. Because in Nastjas eyes "Some things can't be undone and some words can't be unsaid" and Luca and Caleb, as well as James all did exactly that and crossed a line.

It's not like Nas would be on her own though. She found closure with Jona and Emily, as well as Maxim who calls her by her true name and by now is a good friend to her ... Or more? Laska isn't sure. And frankly, she doesn't feel like thinking about that to much. The only thing that matters to her is, that there are not responsibilities and no obligations. And nothing to tie her down or change her into something she is not. After all - it's her freedom she values the most.





- adaptable – outspoken – careful – practical - persuasive – spontaneaus –  impatient - caring - loyal - egoistic -


The past few weeks - her time with Generation Zero and James, have changed her in many ways … and yet she ended up with a similar mindset as to when she first ran into them. She wants to enjoy her freedom and have fun above all else, travel from place to place and in general isn't really a person to be tied down. She is loyal to the people she cares about, but will turn her back on them if she is disappointed way to often.

She doesn't like to do things if they end up being an obligation of some sorts or she feels pressured into doing them.





Mechanics/repairs                   🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

Meleeweapons                         💚💚💚🖤🖤

Endurance                                 💚💚💚🖤🖤

Guns                                           💚💚💚🖤🖤

Rifles                                          💚💚🖤🖤🖤

Strength                                     💚💚🖤🖤🖤

Gardening                                  💚🖤🖤🖤🖤

Hunting                                      💚🖤🖤🖤🖤

Fishing                                       🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

Scavenge                                   💚💚💚💚🖤

Survival (making fire, etc.)     💚💚💚🖤🖤

Sewing                                        💚💚💚💚🖤

Medical                                       💚🖤🖤🖤🖤






- Likes -

cigarettes 🚬

tattoos 💥

sunsets and sunrises 🌇

candy 🍬

thunder storms and rain 🌩️

dogs 🐶

music 🎶


- Dislikes -

heights 🏔️

being cold ❄️

police and military 👮‍♂️

licorice 🖤

stupid people 🙄

traitors 🙅‍♀️

rules 💀

obligations 📋


- Values -






- Special - 



"Within the past few weeks I have grown closer to him. Despite our differences and our very different views on things ... he has always been there for me. More than anyone else has lately. We both just wanted to have some fun but it ... turned out to be more I guess. I know he cares about me just as much as I care about him now. I feel safe when I am with him. I don't want to lose him."


- Good friends -

Emily - the Hummingbird


"Emily and I helped each other through a lot of shit and I know I can count on her whenever I need her. We are there for each other but still give each other enough space. It's a lot like the old times now. I'm glad to be with her and Jona now. It'll be a nice change of pace. Something familiar."

Jona - the grey fox


"I call him my 'favourite fellow chernarussian' or 'advisor'. He trusted me with a task and I know I can count on him. Even though I don't know everything about him and his secrets … there is a few things. They will be safe with me though. I'd take them to my grave."




- Friends -



"I haven't heard of her for a while now. But she is a good soul and a peace maker. I really hope she and Grey are alright. She deserves some happiness. I'd wish to meet up with her again at some point. Just to talk maybe. And if she would ever need my help I hope she knows that I would be there for her."



" I'm still grateful for his actions back at Polana. He seems to have a lot of problems of his own and yet was still there for me.  Just like I'd offer my help to Poppy - I'd offer it to him as well. I recently ran into him again and I'm glad he is fine. It was nice to catch up on things with him again!"



"I first got in contact with Viktor when I asked about information on my father over the radio. While I was sceptical at first - considering he is a cop - now that I got to know him better I think he is actually a quite decent person. I got to talk with him a lot again when we met at the traders place in Kamenka. He does need some practise on his jokes though ... maybe he should ask Jona for some help to improve."



"He's a giant! He's probably even taller than Viggo! I'm not intimidated by that though. He's fun to hang around and in general good to talk to. I think he is also the first out of Maxims bratři that I got to talk to a bit more. (Also, I still beat him at the shooting range, even if he thinks otherwise!)"



"I just met him twice but he seems like a decent person and good to talk to. Both time I ran into him in Zelenogorsk. The first time I was with Maxim and I kinda felt bad for him because Maxim was yelling at him. The second time I met him on my own and actually got to talk to him a bit more. I don't mind him. There is even a few things we agree on. And he makes an effort of leraning my language. I wonder when I'll run into him again?"


- Ex-husband [deceased] -



"After everything that happened, I would have hoped he had learned. I really did. I still don't think that he was a bad man, but he made all the wrong dicisions ... and in the end that did cost him his life. Sometimes I wonder how I could ever fall in love with him. Maybe it was me desperatly searching for just that: family. love. It made me rush into things without thinking.

I've spend a lot of time thinking about what happened. If I made the right decision when I ended things. I came to the conclusion that it had to be me. I couldn't have lived with it if it had been anyone else ending it. Taking care of the danger he posed - not just to me but Emily and Jona as well. 

I've learned from it at least ... and I'll keep cherishing the good moments we had. But no one ever needs to know that ..." 



- Piercings -




- Tattoos -


left arm


right arm


left leg


right leg











- Fresh -


- Healing -


- Scar -

- gun shot wound on her left upper arm
- grazed gun shot wound on her stomach
- two gun shot wounds on her left leg
- knife scars on her stomach
- wolf bite on her left leg

- multiple shrapnel wounds in her back
- gun shot wound on the back of her right upper leg





Find a family [achieved]


Even though she now knows that GenZ was not a new family, she found what she now considers family within Maxim, as well as Emily and Jona. She knows that they will always be there for her, no matter what. And she will always be there for them.

Protect her family [ongoing]


She will forever try and protect those dear to her. Especially Emily, as they have known each other for a long time and by now, she is like a sister to her.

Learn how to use a gun properly in firefights [ongoing]


Maxim is trying to teach her how to handle her weapons properly. She still has some difficulties ... but she is learning.

Stay true to her promise [infinte]

Survive at all costs  [infinite]

Find out more about her deceased parents and her past [infinite]

Find someone to help her restore the tattoo on her back [by day 720]

Sway Maxims opinion on foreigners (at least some of them) [infinite]






- Broken Crown -

- Unforgiven -

- Church -

- Natural -

- Gods and Monsters -








I like how the page turned out 😄

Well done!

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10 minutes ago, Revie said:

I like how the page turned out 😄

Well done!

Thank you ❤️ A night of work well spent 😄

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Jeeesus, this is a hefty character page. Nice work!

A good read and everything.

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13 minutes ago, Firemoiselle said:

Jeeesus, this is a hefty character page. Nice work!

A good read and everything.

Thank you 🙂

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Love, love, love the update to this page and this character! She's so well done! ❤️

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1 minute ago, MRS Bradtica said:

Love, love, love the update to this page and this character! She's so well done! ❤️

Thank you ❤️ 

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