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Brendan McDugal
Character information
  1. Alias
    The Journalist
  2. Date of birth
    2017-08-04 (2 years old)



Brendan was born in New Jersey . His father was a State Trooper and his mother was a nurse. He attended College for Journalism and worked many projects locally. He got famous for a scandal regarding a Superintendent of his home town. Years later he became known as a adrenaline junkie reporting extreme sports events and later decided to become a war journalist and soon began doing work for VICE. After word got out about the growing tensions during the first week of the outbreak in Chernarus Brendan decided that he would take the chance at the story of a lifetime after hearing rumors on the actions of the military and civilians in the country. Upon arrival he immediately saw the chaos of this country and soon found himself stuck without anyway of getting out. Now he has decided to stay in the country in hopes of getting the big scoop of the biggest story of the century. Little does he know that the infection has now spread throughout the world.

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His birthday is my birthday.. but in 2017 =P

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