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Ahmed Omar al Sham
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Radical Salafist
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1967-06-24 (52 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Medina , Saudi Arabia
  6. Nationality
    Saudi Arabian
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    Arabic, English
  9. Family
    Sarah Omar Al Sham
  10. Religion
    Sunni Islam


  1. Height
    195 cm
  2. Weight
    82 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Evil
  7. Features
    Long Beard
  8. Occupation
  9. Affiliation
    Jaysh Allah
  10. Role


Thousands of years of war and killing have fueled the world we live in today. The reason for a lot of it, religion. Religion has always been a reason for war. The crusades, to the Nigerian Civil War, all the way to the US settling in America to separate itself from British ruling. My idea is better than yours, and in the Middle East it is no different. The world to come was to unfold in a bloody religious war. Bombings, killing of innocents from all sides, with both sides believing they are in the right. Both with the promise of heaven in the afterlife.


In 1967 a boy was born into a world of chaos, his name is Ahmed Omar al Sham. Ahmed was born in Medina, a large city in the heart of Saudi Arabia on February 23,1967. His father Omar was a caravan owner and a businessman from Medina. His father traded silk and other commodities. With communism on the rise, the world was on high alert and focused on how to stop its spread.

Ahmed was taught a very strict and traditional version of Islam at a very young age. In Saudi Arabia at the time many people were extremely traditional compared to many other areas where westernization and modernization were becoming more and more prevalent. His father Omar refused to let his son fall victim to the poison of the West. His father always ingrained the fact that there is no God but God, Allah is the only God. By age 7 he was starting to pick up some of the things that his father and his “friends” were carrying out. Their attitude towards the west grew on Ahmed and he began to hate from such a young age. “The infidels” were corrupting the minds of the Islamic people and the minds of the children. After a few years of struggling to make ends meet Omar took his son Ahmed and brought him to Kabul, in Afghanistan, to start an oil drilling company.

At age 13 Ahmed was already being taught how to fight and defend his country and his religion from the crusaders. Life in Afghanistan was similar to life in Saudi Arabia. His father told him the stories of the period of ignorance before Muhammad and before Islam, the crusaders that invaded the holy Islamic lands and massacred their people, the great Ottoman empire and the Caliphate that was built. How the Zionist Jews took the holy land of Israel and Jerusalem. All of these great things and they all had been ruined by the infidels. This is where he met his longtime right hand man Salahaddin.

Russian forces invaded Afghanistan in December of 1979. Ahmed was 13 years old and he and his father saw no other option but to stand up and fight against the crusaders. They made their way to Afghanistan they refused to let the crusaders win again. The Mujahideen attempted to hold off the Russian forces, the Mujahideen called upon all Muslims to defend their holy lands against the invaders. Ahmed and Omar ran to the call to defend Islam against the Russians. Omar and his son fought in the Kunar province for most of the war. Omar took one bullet to the upper chest during a firefight in a mountain range, with the sudden injury to his father Ahmed was infuriated.  

The West was in fear of the takeover of Afghanistan and figured if Afghanistan would fall to the Russians then it would domino and so would the rest of the Middle Eastern countries. The United States began to fund the Mujahideen to fight the Russians. The payments started at millions per year and the price slowly but steadily started to climb. But simply because the West was funding the Mujahideen did not mean that the radicals would forgive them for everything that had happened. After 12 years Russian forces withdrew and the Mujahideen broke up into a few different groups. Some of these were the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda, and the Taliban. These radical groups used the funding from the US to start up and they began to plot against the West.

Ahmed decided it was best for him to join one of these groups that had similar intentions and ideologies along with religious views. A man who returned back to Saudi Arabia a hero and a model Jihadist, Osama Bin Laden formed his own formal group called Al-Qaeda, with it's one goal: “To lift the name of god and to make his religion victorious.” To Ahmed this was an easy decision. During the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein the Saudi government gave the ok to have US troops stationed in Saudi Arabia. This enraged Osama and the Al-Qaeda. They denounced the Saudi government and the US for allowing and having the Infidels walk on the two holiest lands in all of Islam, Mecca and Medina. The birthplace of the prophet Muhammad in Mecca and Medina being the ideal foundation for a traditional Islamic society. Ahmed was furious, him along with other members from his branch, along with his father, all went to Saudi Arabia to kill the infidels and crusaders.

Ahmed was just in his 20’s when he and his father had planned an explosive bombing on a US Humvee at a roadside petrol station. When the bomb failed to detonate his father ran out from behind the wall and fired his AK into the soldiers. His father managed to kill one of the soldiers but was gunned down in the process. Ahmed charged the Humvee full of rage and emptied his PKM into the doors and windows killing the remaining 4 soldiers. He sat by his father and he muttered his last breath: “Death to the crusaders.. Never let them squat or invade our lands… Greatness awaits you in Firdaws Ahmed… Return Islam… Allahu Akbar.” His father died moments later. From that moment on Ahmed would do whatever he could to inflict as much pain and chaos on the world and the Christians.

Osama and his co-founder Ayman Al Zawahiri declared a fatwa against the US and all of its allies. They declared it was a must to kill all westerners and liberate Jerusalem from the Zionist Jews. Following the 1993 world trade center bombing and then a few years later the eventual fall of the World Trade center in New York City, the US declared war on Iraq and Afghanistan. The hunt for Osama and all involved in these deadly attacks was on and the war on terrorism commenced. Ahmed conducted a few coordinated bombings and terrorist attacks throughout the world, some included Hungary, Germany, and Chernarus.

In 2011 Osama Bin Laden was killed in a raid by the United States Seal Team 6 in Pakistan. Following his death the Al-Qaeda and terrorist organisations across the world were in panic mode. Al Zawahri stayed with Al-Qaeda and Ahmed decided it was time for him to take matters into his own hands.

Ahmed moved to Takmyr in Takistan with Salahaddin and began the basis of his group. With one goal in mind, the Purification of Islam and returning to the Ideal society Muhammad created in Medina. In every country, to unite the Islamic people and convert the sinners. The main purpose was the Caliphate. Just like many other Islamic Caliphates the goal was to stretch from Pakistan to Morocco. This was going to happen by any means necessary. Ahmed called the organization Jaysh Allah, or Gods Army.

But what brought the group to Chernarus and convinced them to stay besides simple zealotry and ambition? Ahmed and Salahaddin had met with a group of Chernarussian ultra nationalist insurgents after the second Chechen War. Both Ahmed and the Chernarussians were hiding in Georgia, the Chernarussians to escape the Chedaki and Ahmed to get back on his feet after losing his father in the brutal war. The group of Chernarussians shared a strong hatred of Russia with Ahmed and his brothers in arms, some of whom being Chechen and having perished in the war along with Ahmed’s father, saw a possibility of cooperation with these Chernarussians despite them being Christian due to their common enemy. The two groups then began to discuss an uneasy truce as they might not have liked each other but they saw the benefit of pooling resources to deal with the much larger enemy of Russia. Some time passed as the groups met in secret and negotiated with each other, starting with simple sharing of resources and discussing a possible future together for the two groups.

Eventually, after sharing supplies, and intense negotiation the groups found that they could make an uneasy alliance work, and decided to work together for the better of Chernarus and all other countries opposed by Russia. The Chernarussians recommended they start by setting an example through the Russian population of Chernarus and maybe any Russians living in Chechnya. The plan was to disguise men from Aljaysh Allah and have them slip into Chernarus with supplies to arm and train more Chernarussian nationalists and conduct operations within Chernarus itself so long as the Muslims agreed to respect the culture of Chernarus and not force their religion upon the country. Though they secretly had plans to eventually go back on this, Aljaysh Allah agreed and the alliance was formalized. Together these two groups would launch various attacks against Russian citizens living within Chernarus, as the two groups shared a feeling of Russian oppression crushing their peoples pushing them towards war. Plans were even made for an attack on a Russian border checkpoint, but these were set aside for the groups agreed it was best to start small.

Before any of these plans could become anything more than just plans, the zombie virus hit and devastated the country of Chernarus, trapping Aljaysh Allah within and changing things altogether. Eventually they found themselves betrayed by the Chernarussians, as they decided to attempt to use the apocalypse to “cleanse” their country and expel all undesirables. After a long battle with their former allies, the Aljaysh Allah had come out victorious through the grace of Allah. Though many of the original plans they had made with the Chernarussians seeming to have fallen apart, on the advice of Ahmed, Salahaddin and several others, the group agreed they would fall back on their original goal as they had wanted to annex Chernarus through jihad and takbir anyway. They were here to stay in Chernarus. Now that they were inside the country and it seemed like they may be staying for a while they thought it was time to set up camp and see just how this virus would change the world. So the Aljaysh Allah waited, gathered resources and planned. Now it is time to begin the grand campaign to spread the word of the blessed Prophet all across Chernarus.     

After the first person was diagnosed with the infection, Chernarus and the world was in a panic. Why would something like this happen? How did it happen? So many questions to be answered but Ahmed had the right one; Allah's wrath. The flood of Westernization and diverting from the faith made Allah angry. The only way for him to find the true Islamic people was to kill off all the non believers and apostates. Ahmed knew his fate, he knew what needed to be done. He set out to tell the people of this land that the world needs the faith again. It needs to go back to its traditional ways, away from Idolatry and technology. Ahmed knew that if the people of this land would not convert and support Allah, that the world would soon be killed off. It was his duty to make Islam dominant again, or die trying.



Jihadist Salafism



-AKM Marksmanship

-Guerilla Tactics

-Mission Work

-Torture Tactics



-Organized Acts Of Terror




-Gorka Military Fatigues

-Gorka Military Fatigues Pants

-Tactical Gloves

-Combat Boots




I approve of this. This is inshallah

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Allāhu akbar

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