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Jake Black
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1997-09-10 (21 years old)
  2. Place of birth
  3. Nationality
  4. Ethnicity
  5. Languages


  1. Height
    155 cm
  2. Weight
    113 kg
  3. Build
    Bulky top with wide shoulder's
  4. Hair
    dirty blonde
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral


When I was a small child I was always curious about where I had family in the world. My father always told me that I had a lot of distant relatives that lived all around the world. My father and mother liked to travel quite a bit and never brought me with them there excuse were I am too young to travel. Well over the years and the more I learned about my other family members I keep asking my mother and father to take me on one of there trips to see them. Eventually, my father feels under peer pressure when my mother told him it would be a good idea. So it this time I was 21 and it would be my first trip with my parents out of the country. I have never been anywhere else so I was super excited to hear that we were going to visit my family in Chernarus. I never heard of this country before but it didn't matter to me I was just excited to get out of the house and go see the world. When we got to the airport I was surprised at how many background checks and security I had to go through just to get on a plane. The flight took about 14 hours to get there. When I stepped out of the plane and onto the terminal I was surprised it looked very different then what I was expecting. To be honest I didn't know what to expect I've never been anywhere before this. We go down to luggage to grab our bags and find my dad's brother. My father spot's a man and walks towards him with a smile on his face. I assumed it was my dad's brother because they instantly hugged and acted like they have not seen each other in years. My father brings back this big burly looking man he looks at me and pat's me on the head and tells me *so this is my little nephew I have heard so much about*. My mother greets my father's brother and we start to leave the airport in this old crown vic car. The car looked like it used to be a taxicab it just had all the yellow paint removed from it. The drive wasn't too bad it took us 30 mins to get to his house. His house was this old small house on the outskirts of a town that I couldn't pronounce. All the signs in this country are in a different language so of course, I didn't know where we were. The outside of his house looked like it wasn't kept up that much but looked like he did put a little effort towards his yard. We walk into his house and immediately get greeted by his wife. She smelled like stew for some reason and wore really funny clothes. She looked like she belonged in the 1700s but apparently, that's what she cooks in. The house had a nice scent to it it was a welcoming scent where you could feel comfortable being there. A couple of hours pass by we settle in our bags in one of the storage sheds they had in the back. The first day was mostly all of us talking about how my dad and uncle grew up together and how they ended up on opposite sides of the world. It was probably around 9 pm before my mother finally told us that she was going to go to bed it was getting late for her. I agreed with my mother we were not use this new timezone yet and I was very tired. My father nodded at us and told us to have a good night. The next day was the 7th of July and I was feeling very good about the day. We all woke up in the crack of dawn in the morning had some breakfast and tuned into some local news. My Uncle clicked it to channel 34 which was weird for a news channel but in this country, it was probably normal for them. I didn't understand anything they were saying on the tv so my uncle did a rough translation for us. The news started out normal with the weather. But something changed my uncle's face when the lady on the news channel started talking and showed a video of a helicopter flying into a mysterious base. My uncle explained that the military has shut down all incoming and outgoing traffic around the black mountain area. After that, my father turns off the tv and tells us * let's go outside and have some fun forget the news*My uncle brushes off the news and we all agree to forget about it.3 Days pass and its the 10th of July apparently something happened and the military gathered all the people up from the towns of Kamensk and Nagorno. Everyone was really worried about this because this has never happened before and we didn't know what was going on. My uncle was suggesting that we go back home that he doesn't want us to be stuck here if something happens in the country. But by then it was already too late for us to go back home. It is the 17th of July a week has passed and it seems as the whole country has gone into chaos we boarded up the house and went to the grocery store a couple of days earlier to raid them for supplies before other people did. The whole atmosphere was completely different from that point on I can remember how I felt so safe being there at that house and had no worries.Know it feels like fear in the air everyone is on edge and is wondering what happens to us next.We heard from the news from the last week that there is a virus that is spreading rapidly apparently making people go rabid and hurting others.You wanna know the weird thing apparently there were some reports of the infected biting others.The time it takes for some to completely turn is 6 hours you can tell if someone starts to turn they start to have a bad cough and have a fever and start acting strange.It was on the 20th of July.In the middle of the night, everyone was sleeping and we all woke up because we heard a noise.We were all really quite and scared I felt like my heart was going to beat out of my chest.My father took a peek out of the window to see what was going on all of a sudden the window was broken by this mad man that was screaming *HELP ME HELP THERE GOING TO GET ME, GOD, PLEASE HELP ME* My father steps away from the window yelling at the man*YOU NEED TO LEAVE YOU WILL LEAD THE INFECTED HERE* it was too late for that we heard the noises slowly getting louder outside ad they all sounded like moans.I started to get scared the man at the window ran off and my mother was crying and holding me in her arms.All of a sudden the windows started to get broken we all get up and start running to the other side of the house to a room that had one window that was placed higher than all the other windows.My uncle locks the door and holds it with my father so they don't breach it from the other side.My mother looks at me and tells me*your going to climb through that window and run.You're going to run and not look back* I start to cry and ask my mother*You guys are gonna be right behind me right* she nods her head and we head for the window.We hear the aggressive pounding on the door and my uncle and father and his wife are holding the door but it won't last for long.I get up through the window and turn around to grab my mothers hand to pull her through.The second I do that the door collapses in and all I know next was my mother pushed me away from the window and told me*RUN MY SON RUN DONT TURN BACK* I got back up and started to run to the nearest treeline i could see without stopping I was crying so bad that I could barely see but it was enough for me to get into the forest.I climb up one of the trees and hide there for the night.It's early the next day and I'm still in the tree and don't hear anything anymore it's silent and it scares me.I decide to go back to the house to see if they made it out I slowly walk back to the house exhausted because I stayed up all night.I get back to the house and it was trashed there was blood everywhere in and outside the house, I wasn't sure if it was my families blood or the infected blood.I walk near the bedroom hoping I don't see my family just laying on the floor dead.I get close to the door and start to sweat really bad I peek into the room and see no one in there but there was blood all over the floor.I was glad to see they weren't there but now I'm worried about where they are.I grab a couple of supplies that was at the house and head off to find my family. I'm not sure what I'm going to find out in the world but I sure am determined to find my family and a way back home from this hell.

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Haven't had the time to read it, but happy to see a lot of effort being put into this story, good on you homie!

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