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Jakob Vasilev
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1996-07-22 (26 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    Moscow, Russia
  4. Nationality
  5. Religion


  1. Hair
  2. Eyes
  3. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral


Jakob was a proud fanatic of the Chedaki. He never paid much attention to what was going on in the world, so long as he was making the regime proud. He traveled, before the war broke out in Chernarus, to the land of Nyheim to spread the word of the cause and serve as an informant as to where the country aligns itself in politics. After a long while which felt like years, he set out one night to a nearby payphone to tell his comrades back home of his discoveries, and that he could no longer stay because of how much he knew. Before he could get word out back to his country that he was coming home, the line went dead. 

The following morning, he woke up to someone pounding on his door in the apartment he stayed. He looked out his window and noticed some black smoke, outside in the distance. Faint screams, gunfire, and sirens could be heard as he started to clear his head of the drowsy awakening. The pounding at his door got louder and louder. He looked at his door could hear a voice - "Knock it down!". In just a half a second, the door was knocked down off of its hinges. Jakob turned the corner back into his bedroom and opened his table drawer for his Makarov pistol. Men in camo and black clothing came storming into his apartment. He loaded his pistol and slammed his door shut to which the intruders started to shoot through. Jakob ducked to the ground as bullets flew through the door and the thin walls. As the firing stopped and he could hear weapons being reloaded, he fired many rounds in the wall toward the intruders and then started firing at all his windows in his room. Before taking more action, he crawled under his bed. The intruders began to fire through the room again, and just as the shooting stopped, one of them kicked down his door. He scanned the room and didn't see Jakob but did see that the windows were all openly broken. 

Man #1 "He jumped!"

Man #2 "From the 3rd fuckin floor? No fucking way..."

Man#3 "Hate to say it but the fucker hit me in the leg. Bleeding real bad here."

Man#4 "Okay. You two take what you can from here and grab Donny. Once you do head back to the car. I'll go see if I can find our new friend in the streets."

Without another word, the 4th man left the room. The third one that was hit in the leg, used a towel in the room to bandage his leg. The remaining two spent 15 minutes going through Jakob's things. They mainly took electronic devices and his computer hard-drive. They grabbed their wounded comrade and left. Jakob waited a while for them to leave and heard car doors opening and closing. He got out from under his bed and looked out the window to see a black car driving off. From behind he heard a weapon's selective-switch rotate. He turned around and both their weapons went off - striking each other.

Currently keeping to himself, Jakob chose to lead a life of bloodshed, hate, and deceit. After finding out it was his own countrymen that sent out a hit order on him, he changed his name to Kricket and left the Chedaki teachings behind. Now he mainly deals with his pain of treason in blood, drugs, and alcohol.


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