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The Challenge
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Mita Hawkes
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Observant and calm at most
  3. Morale
    Helpful, but only him.
  4. Date of birth
    1995-08-25 (27 years old)
  5. Place of birth
  6. Languages
    Norwegian, English
  7. Relationship
    Scott Hawkes
  8. Religion


  1. Height
    165 cm
  2. Weight
    60 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Long dark brown hair in a sloppy ponytail
  5. Eyes
    Hazel eyes
  6. Equipment
    Rope and rags.
  7. Occupation
  8. Affiliation


She has trained with her dad as long as she can remember, she is the only child left of 4. Her dad doesn't go easy on her, but even so it's all worth it for her being able to spend his last days with him showing and proving that he has taught her everything well.. But one night it changed, she woke up to a bunch of noise and ran out to see what it could be; a wolf.. A wolf was attacking her dad. She jumped after the gun, but it was too late.. They were gone..

Days went past, and still no sign of her dad coming back.. She tries to focus on herself, but it's too hard when he can be out there, hurting.. What if he's still alive?
She looks for traces, any traces after the wolf will count.. FOCUS! She found traces leading towards an old construction site, and follows it with her pistol ready.. Every step up the stairs is one step closer to the truth; is he alive, or is he gone? She takes a deep breath, before she walks up the last set of stairs.. And there he is, ice cold and not breathing.. She starts looking around for the wolf right away, but nothing.. So she runs back to her camp to grab her rope together with some sticks she can find on the way. She knows exactly what to do; her dad has taught her this, and she will prove she's worthy of his acceptance, even if he's gone..

She hurries to set up a trap, it's getting dark so she has to get back to the camp while she can still see.. Maybe she'll have luck in the morning? She has nothing but hope at this point, she has to take revenge. Day after day, still no luck with the trap.. She starts to think of other ways to attract the wolves, maybe some meat. She has to go hunting for a deer, or maybe a bunny, just anything that can make the wolves smell the scent and come back so her dad won't be dead without the wolfs paying for it..

2 dead deer later and she brings them to the construction site, hoping that cooking them on a fire will make the scent go a far way.. She sets up the fire and throw a bit of one deer on it so she still has some meat for herself, and she sets up behind a wall to see if there is any wolves coming.. After about 5-6 hours of continuously throwing more wood on the fire and nearly using up all the meat, she decides to throw the last bit on and head back to the camp for the night, hoping a wolf would go into her trap in the morning..

Morning arrives, and she has barely opened her eyes by the time she's fully dressed and on the way to the site.. She has hope this time, but as soon as she enters she can't believe what she sees.. A man?!

She yells, but gets no response. She throws a rock near him, yet nothing.. Is he dead? There is no way her trap caught a man and not a wolf.. She's careful getting closer, but as she's nearly at his side, she can see it; he's breathing. He's alive.. But how? He's sitting in a blood bath, he must have lost so much blood.. She gets up as fast as she can and gets to her water canteen, hoping that it wouldn't be too late. As she's lifting his head up, he opens his eyes and starts panicking, she throws some water in his face and yells to calm down.

She tells him to hold tight as she’s grabbing some a rag and some rope from one of her traps, she gently puts the rag in his mouth and starts knitting the rope around his leg that was impaled by three lengths of rebar above his knee.. The man passes out, but she’s not too worried as she has stopped the bleeding, only now she has to figure out how she free him? She looks around for any options, but ends up biting her teeth together and telling him to hold tight to her so she could carry him out of there before it can get any worse.. Afterwards she got a hold of a wheelbarrow and used all her strength to carry him onto it and brought him back to camp.. She sighed as she got there, she felt so guilty to have done this.. There is no way she could tell him, so to bear with the guilt she decided to take care of him and treat his wounds.. But that was what changed everything..

She fell in love taking care of him, changing his bandages and starting to really trust him with her life story and everything she knew after her dad.. Only one thing was left unsaid and still is; it was her trap.

Days went into weeks, weeks into months and they still fell more in love for every day.. One day he suddenly kneels in front of her, asking her to marry him and without any hesitation she says yes.

Even if she didn’t get the revenge she'd wanted after her dad, she still got something out of it.. She met the love of her life, but the revenge was still in her thoughts.. Would he understand if she explained? Before their deal to set off towards Nyheim she had to check one last time, so she went to the construction site in the middle of the night only carrying her knife and a flashlight she'd found.. She was met by a great pleasure, and was able to go back to her camp with a smile laying down next to her new World.


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