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Gabriel Leijonhufvud
Character information
  1. Alias
    La Suède
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
    Stay loyal to the contract
  4. Date of birth
    1966-05-16 (53 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Sweden, Skåne, Malmö.
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    Swedish, French, English, Arabic, Russian, Afrikaans, Chernarussian.
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    All deceased.
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    193 cm
  2. Weight
    86 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    bald or short hair.
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    - Has an old FAL from his service in the Rhodesian Foreign Legion.

    - A tattoo of the french foreign legions logo across his back from his service.

    - A pretty thick beard that has been left untreated for several months.

    - His accent has been changed due to living and serving in France, And Balkan countries.
  8. Equipment
    - FN FAL

    - a machete given to him by a commander in Rhodesia.

    - Old contracting documents.
  9. Occupation
    Mercenary, (Former member of the 7 Independent Company)
  10. Affiliation
    Soldiers Of Fortune
  11. Role
    Guerrilla fighter



Gabriel was born in 1966 on may the 16th, he grew up in a small village outside Malmö where he studied in school and helped out on the farm at home. Gabriel always admired his father for his service in the FFL (french foreign legion) and thought highly of him, his mother had passed away when Gabriel was only the age of ten, all he had was his father and little sister.

Several years passed and Gabriel did well in his studies and was on a good path in life until his father died in a car crash one night, unfortunately his sister was also in the car at the time and passed away aswell. The truck driver had forgot to signal and crashed into Gabriels father at a high speed. Gabriel never forgave him and decided to do what only felt right to him. He went to france and enlisted in the French Foreign Legion. Not soon after he was deployed in Rhodesia during the The Rhodesian Bush War—also called the Second Chimurenga and the Zimbabwe War of Liberation—was a civil conflict from July 1964 to December 1979 in the unrecognised country of Rhodesia (later Zimbabwe-Rhodesia). The conflict pitted three forces against one another: the Rhodesian government, led by Ian Smith (later the Zimbabwe-Rhodesian government of Bishop Abel Muzorewa); the Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army, the military wing of Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe African National Union; and the Zimbabwe People's Revolutionary Army of Joshua Nkomo's Zimbabwe African People's Union. 


Not long after being deployed he noticed that his pay was ridiculous compared to what the mercenaries in the 7 Independent Company were getting, so he left the FFL and enlisted with the Mercenary company called: 7 Independent Company where he quickly learnt that the world wasn't what he thought, he had always believed in honor and integrity but he saw that there was none of that in war, only sides being fueled by men of power, even the French were corrupt so he became a soldier of fortune and started his carrer within the 7 independent company, finishing fighting in the Rhodesian bush war and later deplolying with the company in Irak, Israel, South Africa, Vietnam and many other countries and conflicts.


During the Year of 2008 Gabriel had established a well known mercenary company from volunteers in the Rhodesian Bush War, known as the Soldiers Of Fortune, the individuals took part in military conflicts for personal profit, as outsiders to the conflicts, they fought for money and other forms of payment rather than for political interests. Serving only themselves they would prove to be a force to be reckoned with in guerrilla skirmishes. In 2009 the company was introduced to the province of South Zagoria and made a deal with the ChDKZ, commanded by its ruthless leader Gregori "Akula" Lopotev, it was also led by the notorious criminal Mikola Bardak, who served as Lopotev's aide-de-camp/second-in-command. The organisation itself largely consisted of regional task forces or cells, which in turn are each lead by a warlord who answer directly to Lopotev himself.

They were promised payments and political contacts for their valor and service, they participated in several raids and skimrished with CDF, quickly the country was overrun with ChDKZ and slowly it was looking like victory for the communist side. Gabriel was contacted by a CDF Commander called Milosh Svoboda in Zelenogorsk who also promised him the same payment but with a higher price, so he took it and his men to the south where they fought for the Democratic side instead, eventually with the help of American forces from Utes island they were able during the events of harvest red to push the Communist regime back towards the black mountains where they once came from. The Soldiers Of Fortune stayed in the province after the civil war and participated in the clean-up operations throughout the countryside to root out the last defiant cells of the ChDKZ together with the guerrilla known as NAPA. 

Post 2010 Gabriel and his mercenaries joined up with several other companies and created a sort of network which would profit everyone invloved, it was named the; Globalis Agency. There contracts would flow between companies of fortune, D7 mercenaries was the biggest contender to this since they themselves decided to make their own agency. 


During the summer of 2012 the company was yet again enlisted by the CDF commander this time to guard the mountain passes between Chernarus and Takistan during Operation Arrowhead, there they would be successful in keeping the peace not meeting much resistance for alot of pay. A couple of years passed and during the events of 2017 the company was yet again contracted to take care of a rouge platoon known as the 67th "Lopotev" Sotyna, a bunch of civil war remnants of a ChDKZ platoon that was planning on retaking the country, the company traced them to a pass in the black mountains where a gunfight ensued ending in a Fortune company victory with the help of D7 mercenaries.


The company was ambushed a couple of days later while searching for the remaining platoons, they were obliterated by the Chedaki forces due to their lack of knowledge of the mountains. The companies lost alot of assets and were forced to retreat deeper into the mountains, losing themselves in the deep forests due to radio equipment and GPS siezing to work for some reason. 

Soon the cold came and it would be the coldest winter they ever would experience, having to fight of Chedaki insurgents with a limited number of supplies and men. 


One night when sitting by the campfire telling stories of their past and such, one of the Fortune soldiers dead men came out the shadows and attacked and bit one of the men, tearing him to pieces infront of them. They rushed to their rifles only to find more of their deceased comrades walking towards them, growling.

Ever since the Fortune company has been suriving the harsh weather of the Black Mountains and their numbers dwindling every month. Now they have gotten back to the province of South Zagoria ready to strike deals and stay alive no matter the cost, morals and ethics are no more and these men would do whatever they have too, to survive this harsh wasteland called Chernarus.


Rhodesians truly never die, this looks like it could be Character of The Year not gonna lie 

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This dude dead ass made himself, smh.

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