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Bjorn Eriksen
Character information
  1. Alias
    The Berserker, Bear
  2. Date of birth
    1995-07-31 (23 years old)
  3. Place of birth
  4. Nationality
  5. Languages
    English, Norwegian [Learning]
  6. Relationship
  7. Religion
    Old Norse


  1. Height
    184 cm
  2. Weight
    76 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Dark Blonde
  5. Eyes
  6. Affiliation
    The Einherjar
  7. Role




Growing up without a father figure was difficult. I remember living in Scotland with my mother, while my Norwegian father was working in his country. I have a Norwegian name and a Scottish accent. How was I supposed to explain that to all the other kids? Well, I didn’t. Every time one of them made any rude remark towards me, I would get angry and fight. I couldn’t help it, it was in my blood. My father was the same. I rarely saw him, only ever did when me and my mother would take a trip to Norway every summer. He never really did anything with me. All he did was work and spend his time trying to please the gods. It made me feel like I was a disappointment to him, felt as though he never believed in me. I ignored it all and channelled my anger into something useful and more practical. I started to work out, trying to make myself into something my father would be proud of… And somehow it worked. Years of me doing this I became bigger and stronger, just like my father, but my mother wasn’t so happy with me spending all my time doing that.


Years passed and school finished. I worked in the gym for a few years, scraping up as much cash as possible before I moved over to be with my father, and that day eventually came. My mother came with us and we lived together as a family, something that I never thought would be possible. By this point I still never had a clue about the gods or anything. I just knew that my father worshipped them. He never told me anything about them, and left it down to me to discover more about them. I tried, but I never had enough time because one day we received an invite to a festival from a family called the Aaker’s. My father loved all of this stuff and jumped at the opportunity. He brought the entire family along, but he left me to wander around and do my own thing, leaving me lost and confused.


I tried talking to a few people, but my Norwegian wasn’t the greatest. I tried to maintain a conversation, but I had no idea what I was doing. Until I laid eyes on a red haired woman. Her name was Freya. She seemed alone and frightened, not talking to soul. So I approached her, and thought to myself “What’s the worst thing that could happen that hasn’t already?”. I spoke with her in Norwegian to begin with, but that never worked out well and I soon found out she spoke English. We talked about where she was from and how she managed to get an invite to the festival, but it turns out, her family were the founders of it. We spoke about the gods too, but I never really knew too much about them and she seemed to not care about that anyway. Freya and I spoke the entire night, drinking, laughing and even got close with one another… But as always, I do something stupid and that never happened.


Even after the time Freya and I spent together, we still kept in touch and became really good friends. She began to help me with some Norwegian and taught me about the gods. Told me things about herself and that she was something called a völva, she went into details and told me all about her visions and other things that they do… But one day when we were just hanging out and relaxing, she had a vision. Freya spoke of some country saying that something bad was going to happen, and of course, I never believed her at first… But she felt so strongly and fearful about it, I had to go and see for myself. My father and her speak so highly of the gods, so I needed something to help me believe. I booked us both a flight to Chernarus and we lived in the forest for a couple days. I was testing myself to see if I could last out there. We waited days for something to happen, and I was beginning to lose hope. Until the 8th day came. We were both sat upon a cliff-side looking down a city. We watched from afar as the chaos broke loose. There was nothing we could do. We stood watching for a couple of minutes, not saying a word. Freya turned to the forest and just walked. I walked with her, my face towards the ground and no emotion. All the thoughts going through my mind, but I couldn’t even speak. We just kept on walking...











- Honest

- Curious 

- Caring 

- Protective

- Loyal 




- Nature 

- Exploring

- Fruit 

- The colours brown and green

- Feeling included

- Fighting




- Cities

- Cigarettes

- Disrespect 

- Liars

- Dishonesty




- Mammen Axe

- Seax Knife

- Armring




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