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Thorsten Kronberg
Character information
  1. Alias
    Tom by some "The Priest" by others.
  2. Date of birth
    1971-02-04 (48 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    Vollsjö, Sweden.
  4. Nationality
  5. Languages
    Swedish, English.
  6. Religion
    Christian, protestant.


  1. Height
    186 cm
  2. Weight
    83 kg
  3. Hair
    Brown which is starting to turn gray and a gray beard.
  4. Eyes


First photo shows Thorsten whilst serving the front lines in Syria. 

Second photo shows Thorstens paratrooper unit (Livregementets husarer - K 3) wearing dress uniforms and the maroon beret.

Third photo shows Thorsten with his brother Åke, and their cosines. Thorsten wearing a crusher cap and his brother Åke standing in front of him wearing a tie.

Thorsten Leif Kronberg, 19710204-1117

Born and raised in a small village in southern Sweden,had a great childhood with his younger brother Åke. Did his mandatory military service 1989 at "Kristianstads Garnison" which was at that time part of the "Norra skånska regementet", Thorsten served in the artillery but after a short while was moved to a paratrooper unit (Livregementets husarer - K 3), here he served quite many years and with that earned his maroon beret, which he wore with great pride. His training would prove to come to use much later in his life... After his service he got an education as a firefighter and has the years went by he had what swedes would call "ett vanligt Svensson liv" - a normal life like any other citizen. He got a wife and with her a daughter, but Thorsten and his wife divorced not many years after their daughter Malin was born. 

Thorsten was raised in a Christian home and he has never doubted his beliefs but never has he tried to force his beliefs or opinions on others. But when the crisis in the middle east became greater he could not stand and watch.. As he saw what terror groups like "al nursa" or "ISIS" did to Christians he had to go. After a few months of research he manged to get contact with the Kurdish "Pershmega" forces whom he served with for almost 1,5 years. Here Thorsten fought bravely, wearing his maroon beret instead if a helmet, Thorsten even wore a 'Shemagh'  with the pattern and colors of the Swedish flag - this is how patriotic Thorsten was and still is. After being on the front he started solving logistics and resource issues, which is how he and why he ended up in Chernarus...

During the conflict Thorsten tied many connections, he was very aware that the weapon and supply status for the Pershmega was at a critical state, governments and alike would not aid the Pershmega with any real arsenal what so ever, the Pershmega was therefor he had to depend on the black market. Chernarus being a former Soviet state, laying in the east and famous for its corrupt system made it a perfect place to get the very needed resources, being weapons to the front. The connections he tied during his time at the front led him to a person named Björn, by pure chance he happened to be Swedish as Thorsten, well, half-Swedish.

Thorsten expressed his concerns regarding resources and hinted that he needed help, with this their friendship grew strong and solid rather quickly.  This is why Thorsten was even allowed to go with Björn and others to Chernarus, these boys had contacts and the only reason they had these contacts is because they never shared that kind of information with outsiders, that being said it took a great deal for Björn to convince the others to let Thorsten come along. Having spent almost 2 years in Syria he though he had seen everything, he truly believed that he had witnessed the worst harrows

Satan could achieve. As they got over the border into Chernarus it didn't take long for the company to realize that something was very odd and disturbing... As they saw the true harrows of Chernarus it was already too late to actually go back.. they were stuck, these men had seen terrible things, harden by their experiences none of them thought they would ever feel worse fear than what they did serving the front lines. But what they saw... made everyone fear once again.


It didn't take long until Björn was nowhere to be found, Thorsten had looked time after time for Björn around the Stary area, but failed to find him. Thorsten started to wonder if Björn even cared about the whole thing. New faces started to pop up in Stary - Thorsten didn't feel that he could trust anyone at this site, so he started his journey going south where he met a friendly soul named Markus, ironically Markus was a Swede too. 

To be continued...




slava Skåne

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