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Dimitri Petrovda
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1970-06-10 (49 years old)
  3. Place of birth
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages
    english and russian


  1. Alignment
    Chaotic Evil


The tale of Dimitri Petrovda. As a child i lived in Sochi a city just north-east of Chernarus, when i was a kid i never really thought of myself as a city kid so when i was 30 and finally had enough money to move i booked a flight to Krasnostav airfield and went straight away leaving my old life behind starting anew. When i reached the airfield i entered the town Krasnostav to spend the night before travelling the next morning to Kamensk where i had rented a small cabin in the woods just south of the town, i didn't know much about the area but knew that i couldn't go back to my old life now so my next step was to look for some work nearby. I found myself talking to some locals to see if there was some jobs around the Kamensk area and got appointed to a mine near by where i would get cash in hand, to me this sounded like the first step in my adventure to these new lands, two weeks pass and now i have been working at the mine for a week and a half now, the talk around the mines were of a civil war that seemed to be closing up on us, little did we all know this was where chernarus would change for the worst. After three months of working a nine to five job in the mines rumours started to spread like wildfire of what was going on in the big military complexes around the land of chernarus and it didn't sound good at all. Then people started disappearing the town started to become quieter and quieter, the next morning i had a knock on the door at close to 5 in the morning and a man dressed all in camouflage addresses me 'Ivan Petrov?' i answer 'yes' and all that is said is 'i need you to come with us we need able bodied soldiers, you will be told why at breifing; you don't have a choice' said the tall CDF soldier. We then took a long ride in a covered ural to NWAF where CDF were based, before getting there we could here sirens and smoke raged on the horizon whatever was going on, it wasn't good. The next morning i woke up to AKM gunfire and helis circling the airfield the 10 of us in the barracks where we were appointed geared up not knowing the horrors we were going to face, as we went outside fires were raging and what looked like hordes of people at the fences and gates of the compound and then it happened, the walls started falling and the hordes started getting closer and closer to us. we headed northern side of the airfield hoping we could escape these 'things' we kept running and running not looking behind us and still not fully understanding what was going on, we ran and ran what felt like miles me and another soldier made it to the northern fence and mad a hole in the fence with a combat knife, i went first not looking behind me only fearing what was, i made it through the fence and as i glanced back the other soldier was pulled back and savaged by these things ripping him apart shred by shred, i looked forward again and kept running and running and running until my legs gave out, now i knew my only goal was to survive...


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