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Tony DiMaggio
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1984-10-21 (34 years old)



I plan to play as a hunter/wanderer/trader who had a good life before the outbreak but suffered and lost much during and after it. I originally hailed from a small island south of Chernarus which I secluded myself to after the death of my twin brother. Upon hearing of the outbreak by carrier pigeon from my uncle I traveled to Chernaurs by boat as my ex-wife and daughter now lived there for a better life. A bit of a wanderer of sorts but used to own an antique shop before the outbreak so my business was finding and scavenging for old things and selling or trading them. I grew up shooting and hunting so that's how I have stayed alive since the outbreak but I also urn to help others and connect as my true nature is drawn to relationships. My family was killed in the Apocalypse and the first several months were spent morning that lose and keeping to myself. It has taken a while to be open to trust others again and although i'm resentful i'm also lonely and interested in meeting others to hunt with/survive with and support. I'm cautious because of my past experiences in the apocalypse but kind at heart and willing to support a team or group that will have me. I've been living the secluded lifestyle but am ready to "come down from the mountain" and try to forge a new life with new friends. Instead of returning back to my island I decided to stay in Chernarus and salvage what relationships I have left.


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