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Dima Rezniekov
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Mildly distraught
  3. Morale
    Basic Human Morales
  4. Date of birth
    1997-02-12 (22 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Ukraine Kiev
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English, Polish, Ukrainian
  9. Relationship
    Elena Koshka
  10. Family
    Yakob Rezniekov
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    92 kg
  3. Build
    Tall, mildly-muscular
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Features
  7. Equipment
  8. Occupation
    Chernarus - N/A
  9. Affiliation
  10. Role


My name is Dima Rezniekov. I was Капрал or how you say " Corporal " in The Armed Forces of Ukraine before everything went to shit. Before the infection my platoon and I where stationed at the Kiev military district. Worst we ever faced back then where rioters and street criminals, nothing like the horrors we face today. During the first days of the outbreak reaching to Kiev, The whole city was torn apart, riots exploding in the streets, looters taking whatever they could get their hands on. People started murdering each other for supplies. My Platoon was ordered to hold the military district and protect it from rioters and looters. The hordes of rioters grew more aggressive with each passing moment, nearly breaking through our flimsily constructed barricades. A shot rang through the crowds as a soldier killed one of the rioters in self defense. the crowds angry yelling quickly turned to silence... then horrified screams as the recently dead civilian got back up and started attacking other rioters in the crowd! this once dead man looked as if he had gained the strength of 10 men as he tore through the crowd trying to bite and scratch at other people. the soldier who initially killed the man shot him again approximately 7 times in the chest. the man did not stop as he turned around and in a fit of rage charged the soldier, leaping onto him and ripping his throat open. the rioters that where killed also turned to look as the same creature the man before them turned into. springing back to life as if they where shocked my lightning. they too began to attack the remaining rioters and soldiers. as people tried to flee, more and more bodies hit the ground, then started to come back from the dead. "Open Fire!" my commanding officer shouted as my comrades and i began to shoot aimlessly into the crowds of rioters and undead alike. the dead started attacking us as in force aswell as the fleeing rioters and quickly started to grow in numbers, overwhelming our barricades. I notice some of my comrades heading for the back gate, leaving the platoon. After the fifth person from my squad to retreat I quickly followed there lead, leaving the rest of the platoon behind. I try to keep up as they start running through the military campus. ive nearly reached them when i see Volodymyr starting the engine of a Ural. "What are you doing?!" i shouted out "We are getting the fuck out of here Dima, if you value your life you will come too" Volodymyr responded. Gunfire and screams echoing from the other side of the campus i look at the men in the back of the ural, silent, cold faces. no one wanted to retreat and leave the rest of the platoon but what choice was there. Death? i was not about to be turned into one of those "Things" I nodded at Volodymyr and climbed aboard the back. "Hang onto something" He called out as he smashed through the back gates to the compound. "Where are we going?" i asked " To Russia, maybe it'll be safer there" he responded. For the next whole day not one word was spoken. Driving for what felt like forever, we pulled off the highway to refuel at a gas station. As we pull up to the newly abandoned gas station we where greeted with the sight of flipped cars and bodies littering the area, fire and the smell of gas filled the air. All 6 of us disembarked from the ural as Oleksiy began to refuel, Vasiliy decided to go take a leak. In the distance the sound of multiple vehicle engines roared and grew louder until 3 black suv's came into view gunning it down the empty road. as they came closer they must have noticed us and changed course. the suv's then pulled up on all sides of our ural surrounding us and what must have been a dozen men step out of the vehicles with weapons drawn pointing at us. before we could draw our weapons one of the men shouted "Drop you're weapons, give us the truck and nobody gets hurt!" Vasiliy returning from his bathroom break heard all of this from behind the gas station. As we were about to comply with the men, Vasiliy shouted "Get Down!" as he tossed a grenade under the hull of one of the suv's and began to open fire. The Suv Exploded hurling metal fragments in every direction. giving us the perfect needed few seconds of distraction to retreat to cover. A firefight broke out between the bandits and what was then left of our squad. Volodymyr, Oleksiy, and myself managed to make it into the gas station as Vasiliy, Daniel, Amerisa took position against the ural. machine gun bursts from the direction of the suv's started to penetrate the bricks of the building, i could also see Amerisa and Vasiliy firing back attempting to suppress the men. Another bullet zipped overhead. zzzOOOooo… Like a fingernail dragging across stretched nylon. I looked to Volodymyr. “Sniper,” he said, singing the “i” in his Ukrainian accent. I peak out a crack in the wooden boards barricading the windows i dont see Vasiliy or Amerisa they must have slipped away, I look to see Daniel pinned down agaisnt the ural. zzzOOOooo… Another shot. Daniel's lifeless body falls to the concrete. "You Bastards!" Volodymyr shouts out as he stands up and unleashes a hail of bullets in the suv's direction. zzzOOOooo… Another shot. Volodymyr screams in agony as the bullet hits him in the shoulder and he falls to the ground. "Fack" he yells out. At that moment the gunfire stopped. "You've really done it now! your friends are dead and theirs no way out! come out now and we'll make it quick and painless" the bandit screamed at us. "Fuck you" Volodymyr shouted back "Fuck me?! no my friends, FUCK YOU!" the bandit replied emptying a whole magazine into the gas stations broken windows. Oleksiy grabbing me by the arm "We gotta get the hell out of here! there must be another way out." "Check in the backroom ill cover you" i reply. Volodymyr spitting blood at this point yanks the map from his vest and hands it to me "you'll need this to get to Russia." "Well what about you?" i contorted
"ill slow them down, you need to go.. now..." Volodymyr said back in a faint tone. Oleksiy burst back through the backroom "Ive got it we can escape through the back window!" I turn one more time to Volodymyr "Thank you comrade, your sacrifice will forever be honored and never forgotten." We salute each other and Oleksiy and I make a break for the backroom. Hoisting him up to the window, he pulls me up and we escaped the back of the gas station. As we started to run we heard two guns trade fire... then silence. We both slowed to a halt Oleksiy nearly breaking down to tears "Thank you Volodymyr you wont be forgotten." We started to pick up or pace again when just then. zzzOOOooo… I look over at Oleksiy to see his eyes light up and his body jerk forward. he dropped to his knees and looked up at me, tears filling his eyes, trying to spit out a word but all that came up was blood. zzzOOOooo… He hits the dirt, his skull blown open. I started sprinting as fast an far as i could into the neighboring treeline, serpentining the whole way. My comrades dead or missing, i kept tracking onward. learning to scavenge whatever i needed to survive, i eventually lost the map and with no way of knowing which way was Russia, I walked endlessly towards what i thought was the Russian boarder. Until one day along my travel i cane across the sign welcoming me to Chernarus.


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