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Mason Versock
Character information
  1. Alias
    Old Man, The Father
  2. Mental
    Minor Dementia of past; otherwise stable.
  3. Morale
    Extremely Optimistic
  4. Date of birth
    1950-11-14 (68 years old)
  5. Place of birth
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
    Italian American/ Caucasian
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
    Grace Versock -deceased-
  10. Family
    Brandon Versock (Son) Other Sons
  11. Religion
    Protestant Christian


  1. Height
    187 cm
  2. Weight
    95 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Silver clean cut
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Neutral
  7. Features
    Silver Fox
  8. Equipment
    Wifes pink teddybear
    Mafia issued attire
  9. Occupation
    Ex: Solider, financial analyst, "Pastor", Rancher, & Mafioso
  10. Affiliation
    The Mafia
  11. Role
    The Accountant


Mason Versock, was a soldier, pastor, father, and rancher born in California on November 15th, 1950. Mason moved around a bit when he was younger until his family settled in a small home in Ohio. Growing up Mason was the middle child of three; Baseball, football, and any other outdoor sport the boys could play with the neighborhood kids took up most of the evenings while school was attended during the day. After living in a basic suburb home Mason's father decided he wanted to live in a more secluded location with the family. A plot of land several dozen miles from the nearest town center was purchased. It was a few acres of land, enough to grow some crop and a small chicken coop occupied the small patches of gravel and dust that settled in the back of the house. A large barn that was full of junk sat, unexplored for years, full of mystery and ripe for discovery, a hot spot for the boys who spent their many nights snooping around playing countless games. Attending school was important to Mason, as well as attending Church with his mother and father, although a college education would never be, the preparation and funds were prepared to send Mason on his way. While Masons world was going great, the Cold War raged on, and the rest of the world was waiting and wondering. March 1965, American soldiers landed in Vietnam, only four years later the draft would be called.

As the brothers gathered around with a few of their friends to listen to the lottery, Mason clutched his number.. The radio began to spew out dates, "#1,September 14th, #2 April 24th, #3 December 30th" Mason's heart dropped, he turned and looked at older brother, a ghostly white conquered the brothers face, unable to speak or move, eyes wide open. Mason tossed his ticket and began to shake his brother in an attempt to get his attention, but he just sat there ice cold, frozen like a statue.

Two months had passed since the lottery had occurred, Mason was preparing to be shipped out with his brother, Mason had enlisted the day of the lottery. The two brothers were in different units fighting in different parts of Vietnam, so this would be the last time they would see each other, for awhile... Hopefully.

Deployment was quick, a few weeks of training and Mason was on his way. The military gave little information about where they were going and what they were doing, they were just thrown in. Weeks went by at the outpost Mason was stationed at, where very little activity occurred, it was purely a communications outpost. Mason only ever had to deal with one major conflict where an enemy soldier had wandered away from his patrol and wound up walking straight into the outpost where he fired at a soldier but was brought down fairly quickly by Mason who had been on guard duty in a nearby tower. Besides that incident, Mason never dealt with anything else as his guard times were typically in the day time and only a few night attacks occurred, but were routed or defeated before Mason made it to the fight.

The war had been going on for some time, when Mason was finally sent back for a few weeks to visit family. When he arrived home his parents had a small party prepared for him and some family and friends where there to welcome him back, but something didn't feel right. After the party Mason asked his parents how his brother was doing, as his 'vacation' time had been a month prior. But they just looked at him, not a word was said.

After being shipped out one more time, another uneventful deployment, the United States pulled out and Mason returned home, or what was left of 'home'. Masons father had become a boozer & his mother had left him, Masons younger brother had moved out but never disclosed his location. It was just Mason against the world, with nobody.

Feeling lost and alone, Mason made his way to New York for schooling at Columbia University, something he knew he would be good at. focusing on degrees in finance, accounting, and economics. Upon graduating, Mason was approached by some very 'professional' men, who had followed his talent in receiving excellent marks in his financial courses. A month later Mason was working at the most beautiful bank in New York, a tall skyscraper at the center of the city. After a few months of working as a financial consultant Mason was approached by some men who 'represented' higher ups at the bank. They banished some weapons and asked him if he could 'assist' them with some financials, Mason complied. It wasn't long before Mason realized that he would be used as a pawn in managing the financials of criminal activity that was taking place. A Mr. Lockwood by the looks of it?

Cooking books, and laundering money became a hobby of Mason, who rose the ranks of the 'company' that he associated with, but little information was ever given, Mason was always in the dark. He did his job though, and got paid handsomely. Curiosity grew in Mason's heart though, who was he working for, why did he get such little information? Mason decided to take it to the top, with his promotions at the bank, and the less strict his 'guards' became, it was a lot easier for Mason to make his way around the building. One day he decided to just go straight to the top, the Bank Manager at the time was an older man, not capable of doing such illicit things, this also concerned Mason as the top floor was not listed as his office, but rather then one below it? Could just have been construction or a slip up that left the top floor unlabeled. Nobody even knew what was up there though?

Mason hit the button. Slowly he transcended the floors, a light elevator tune played faintly. The elevator stopped, and the door opened. A secretary was at a desk smiling at Mason. "How can I help you on this fine day?" she asked, Mason began asking lots of questions that left the secretary confused. A man that was standing in the corner of the room reading a newspaper stood up and stopped Mason mid meltdown, grabbing him by the shirt and dragging him into a hallway. several armed men lined it, one he even recognized as a guy that guarded him occasionally at his work space. A large double door was opened by two men. Inside was a stylish office, and a man at a table "welcome Mason" he said "We were waiting for you to finally get curious and stumble up here." the man acted as if he knew Mason as a close friend chatting him up, telling him everything. "You've done some fantastic work, we've been very pleased. And now that you are hear you can learn everything about us" Mason was detailed in that he has been working for a Mafia for the past few months, and that they trusted him because of his willingness to carry out the orders that were given to him at the start without question. Eventually they let Mason leave, he went home and drank. Alcohol had rarely ever touched his lips, but at this moment Mason knew he was in something deep.

The next morning there was a sleek black car outside with two armed men waiting for Mason, they told him to get in. He arrived at the bank, but was taken to a special elevator and taken all the way to the top once more. From there Mr.Lockwood, or at least who Mason thought was Mr.Lockwood, showed Mason to a new office, where a very old man sat ignoring the two. Reading over a journal marked up with thousands of transactions. Mr. Lockwood explained that the financials man of the family was getting old and they needed someone excellent because of their endless growth. Mr. Lockwood said that Mason would be the one .

For the next year or so Mason shadowed the old accountant and learned everything there was about the trade. Cooking books was no longer something that Mason just had a knack for, he was now an expert, and was finally ready to take the position as the Crime Family's "CFO"

years passed, as Mason worked tirelessly keeping all illicit activities under the radar, while boosting legit businesses to quickly launder money through. Mason was eventually inducted into the family and would continue to be a huge asset. Though it also made Mason a huge target. Smaller gangs and hitmen began targeting the family and those close, there had been dozens of attempted murders on Masons life, and eventually Mr. Lockwood came up with a decision. He figured Mason needed to leave, start a fake life somewhere south, and do the books from a distance, out of sight and out of mind.

Mason eventually moved down south, to Texas, where he became a Prison Chaplin at a nearby institution and bought a small ranch, where he maintained some livestock. Mason went on to marry his lovely wife Grace Versock, and they had 3 kids, Brandon, and two other boys, forgotten from Masons memory. He was never close to them as he was with his youngest, Brandon. His secret life would be kept from his family, and the prison chaplin job that Mason had was simply a cover, as he would instead head to a small house that held all of the documents and information needed for the mafia, and right under the governments nose, packages and information would be sent back and forth for years on end.

Eventually Mason found contact with his younger brother who had been living in New York with a fairly large family, leaving Mason with several nieces and nephews. Masons mother had remarried and had a child with masons new stepfather, while Masons father ended up never doing much with the rest of his life.

With the kids having grown up and moved out Mason and his wife decided to join several social organizations, and one particular group, sponsored by NATO whose missions were to aid foreign countries devastated by disaster, plague, and civil war. in 2010 Mason's wife got very sick and died, he fell into a severe depression, though he had spent most of his life following the word of God through the Bible, this one time he had hate for the lord. Though through that pain and anger Mason grew closer to his faith, despite his hatred on the outside.

When Mason heard of the outbreak at Chernarus, he began to panic, attempting to contact his sons, who had all been in the area at the time. After hearing nothing from his children he took what little money he had left and hired a private pilot to take him to Europe, then from there, another to get to Bulgaria, where he 'borrowed' a small fishing boat to make his way through the Black Sea where he landed on the coast of Chernarus to search for his family. Upon landing on the shoreline, Mason was quick to encounter infected and realized that he had to toughen up a bit more. While there is no sympathy for the infected, Mason follows his faith and takes heavy precaution before injuring another person becomes the only ultimatum. On a quest for his family, Mason carried on. Or at least that was the story, Mason had received one last thing in the mail that said he was needed in Chernarus to assist the mafia, or what was left of them after the outbreak.

Eventually Mason ran into his nephew over the radio and made his way to the location, where a few days later he actually found his son Brandon Versock, though that was not his real intent of the trip. Brandon had actually been approached by the Mafia and was already a member, unbeknownst to him that his father was already high in the ranks.


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