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Toni Kova
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1989-01-07 (30 years old)
  2. Place of birth
  3. Nationality
  4. Languages
    Croatien. English


  1. Height
    180 cm
  2. Weight
    80 kg
  3. Alignment
    Neutral Good


My name is Toni Kova. I am 30 years old and i live at Croatian coast at city Split. I have wife and 2 soons.I am a running a small construction company.  My hudge passion is hunting. Every year i take break from my hard work and go for hunting far from my home. Usualy i do it with my friend Ante. He is my best friend since we was a kids.  After so much time i spend at my job i finaly decide to stop and take half year break just for hunting far from home. I was looking on the internet and i find out that perfect place can be Chernarus. We spend few days trying to find good contact but it was very hard. Nobady wanted to take hunters from other country just like that. But after few days we finaly get lucky and find a guy name Ivan. We told him that we would like to come there for a longer time. He was fine with it and told us that we can use his house.  Few days after we decide to buy tick and fly to Chernarus. At April 3th. 2017. we land at Chernarus airpoart. We was waitng for few hours but nobady was coming to pick us. Next day we find out Ivan was lieing to us. we decide to stay few days and go back to home. Same day we end up drincking at some local pub and we met guy name Vanja. We told him about our problems with hunting and Ivan. He told us about his small house deep in wood and that we can use it and hunt there as much as we want cause nobady coming there. Few days after we rent off road car and move to small house deep in wood so we can start  our hunting holiday. It was great place for hunting. so many will animalsruning around. Every 15 days Vanja was coming to visit us and to bring us some small things from the shop so we dont have to go to city. After some time we become realy good friends with him. Last time he visit us at his house was around June 15th. After that we never meet him again. Days was passing and we had realy great time. Only problem was cause Vanja wasnt coming to visit us. Nobady was answering on his phone. On the July 15th we decide to go back to city to find out whats wrong with Vanja and to get some small thing from the shop. On the way there we stop to get some fuel. Fuel station was empty. We didnt know what is going on. Few sec after we was atacket by 2 crazy (infacted) person. We manage to escape with our car. We was complitly in sock. Didnt know whats going on. Everithing was empty. We decide to go back to wood house to pick our documents, things and guns. Few hours after my friend start to show some sings of coughing and sneezing but we didnt mind it so much. Next morning he was actingso weird and then he atackt me. I didnt know what to do and i shot him from my rifle. That was the moment i realize that it can be some crazy virus. i pick my things and went out of the forest to find some help or to find some way out of to country. I was trying to get to airpoart. On the way there young girl stop me in the midle of the road. I noticed same sings as at my friend. Light coughing and sneezing but i stop and pick her. She was the only person i saw there. She told me what is going on and that some virus is spreading around. She didnt know how to reach safe zone. I noticed that her health is geting worse. Then she told me she is probably infected to. I push her out and drive away alone. Thats how my story starts...


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