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Samuel Harvest
Character information
  1. Alias
    Sam, Samuel, S
  2. Mental
    Lost, Bold, Cocky, Confident, Mystery
  3. Morale
    Mystery like His Whole Life
  4. Date of birth
    2001-01-17 (22 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    New York City, NY United States
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English and ASL
  9. Relationship
    Road Runners
  10. Family
    Road Runners
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    195 cm
  2. Weight
    84 kg
  3. Build
    Lean and tone and Skinny
  4. Hair
    Dark brown short hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Evil
  7. Features
    Samuel is a conventionally attractive, tall, muscular guy with dark brown hair and blue eyes. He has a big mole on his chest to the left side.
  8. Occupation
  9. Affiliation
    Road Runners
  10. Role




Back Story


Samuel is a popular student and the star quarterback. Samuel was considered to be the strongest of Team. he had the best skills and mindset during his youth. Samuel was born to Kelly and John Harvest, the latter of whom became wealthy and well-known. At age 11, Samuel came across an extremely graphic collection of recordings depicting his father engaging in various hook ups with young men and trans women. By age 12, he entered a rigid diet and workout schedule. While becoming his father's dream of being a star quarterback and a success compared to his mother and brother, he developed serious anger issues and warped perception of sex. During his high school football career, Samuel held the state record for most passing yards in his junior and senior years and broke the school's records for most Touchdowns, most Passing yards during a game, Completions, and Touchdowns during a Game. At some point, Samuel entered a relationship with On-jo, who he would often buy gifts for with his wealth. At his freshman formal, On-jo caught Samuel's eyes when he noticed she was basically hairless. However, Samuel would often take his anger out on On-jo, at one point severely bruising her neck. Despite being aware, on some level, they are toxic for each other, it's a frequent plot point for both of them to break up and get back together, and use others to make each other jealous in the process. Despite them breaking up again before the outbreak Samuel still loves On-jo and still would do anything for her.

During their first High School Football Game, Samuel Broke Records, while the rest of the team struggled Samuel was having the time of his life but they lost. Mendez informed the team that they had lost, simply because, in his words, "Your team loses, you lose. You don't win until your team wins." Because their team lost, they were not allowed to celebrate Samuels Achievement. Now That him and On-jo broke up he no longer is torn down and forced to live the life he thinks he was suppose to. Samuel is an intensely complicated boy. At surface level, he's extremely intelligent and controlling and judgmental of others. As his strongest asset is his physical strength, in moments of deep rage, he is shown to be violent, cruel and destructive. it is implied that on some level, he is not strictly heterosexual and then struggles deeply with that and the affairs of his father and the overall pressure to maintain an image of leadership and masculine perfection. 



Road Runners


During his freshman year of High School he struggled mentally wit what he wanted to do. He had many choices but at times it felt it wasn’t his choice. After one night of fighting with his family about football and On-jo, he stormed out and “ran away” he returned only 3 days later but what he did doing those 3 days changed his life forever. When the Road Runners found him all alone  they accepted him for him. With a whole new family of people who feel the same as him. Like an outcast. Despite his popularity he still feels like an outcast due to his Child hood. He’s been with them for over 4 years. He went on the mission to Nyhiem to expand his business and get away from his family. He loved them but he couldn’t deal wit the pressure. Fin gave him hope and gave his life purpose by giving him this opportunity. After being in Norway for over 7 months they traveled to Nyheim and started setting up a Postal Service there. I rose the ranks but not has good has Fin he earned and gained the respect of everyone and no one opposed him taking leadership if anything everyone wanted him has a the Boss. Samuel Loves doing these missions to escape his mind but he really loves Black Market Deals in which he can do more.





I've been here for awhile now. Lost a lot of Family and friends and it just keeps getting worse. Been robbed and held at gun point to many times. I wont ever leave Family tho. We were in Nyhiem at the Tower but it wasn't a great spot for all of us. This new Town is amazing. I love it. Sad we already ran into issues but we will solve them. One way or another this will be our town. Mouse is great she has given me a reason to really live again and want to enjoy everyday. I still kill tho and still have my moments of anger she hasn't seen it yet hopefully she never does. It would scare her. Zero Knows and so does Fin. When I'm Angry its hard to stop me. Close to impossible. Fin also knows that if they show up again I am capping them. I want answers as to why they wanna ruin our family. Mouse and my Family come before anyone. I don't see myself going "Dark" but i also do. Tired of being the Nice Guy. Its time i show my true colors i guess. Its Time to show the Real Samuel. Not only that but after that girl i killed it hasn't sat right. I killed many people but this was different the way i acted the way i treated her. It wasn't me. At least it wasn't who everyone sees. I'm trying hard to be the person everyone thinks i am and wants me to be. At least i have Zero and Fin they know and they still accept me. This will sit on me i don't know what to do with myself. All I know is Mouse saved me from myself if not for her i don't know what i would be doing or where i would be. My mind takes over and i do bad things. I'm Sorry. Killing Ti was on me. I had to kill him. 




Samuel Would have a large Bear claw across his chest that has healed

Two Right Thigh Gun shot wounds both have scarred

One Left Calf Gun Shot Wound Healed

Upper Right Arm Stab Wound - Healed

Forearm Gun Shot wound - Scarred

Broken Nose - Healed

Upper Right Arm Gun Shot Wound- Healed






Mouse [DEAD]

She is nice and innocent. I feel so bad she got shot and i wish i killed the man who did you dont hurt my friends. I am still confused on why she hates Nat? Idk nope my business tbh. She still is a very nice person and i think she would help me if needed 

I have wanted to tell you for so long it feels great to know you feel the same. I havent been this happy in a long time. You are so sweet and kind and nice and pure. I will do everything i can to protect you and keep you safe. You truly mean alot to me.

You left but came back. Im happy. I'm still mad at myself for making you leave but i understand but thats the past now i wanna look forward with you. I Love You

I believe you i try to but its been getting harder and harder to. I tell you not to do something and you do the opposite. I love you but My family comes first. I think after you try to help this last time you need to go to your dads.

I'll Never Forgive myself.


Fin [Dead][


I joined shortly after Fin but i was young he quickly took advantage of his place in the Runners and rose the ranks. Fin and Samuel are good friends and Fin even Helped Samuel get adjusted to his new life. If not for Fin Samuel would still be playing Football and still living a double life. Fin has been back and forth wit me constant "Miscommunication". I am tired of putting myself out there for you just to get fucked in the end by you.  His ego has gotten big but he still tries to be the best leader for us. However he is still my brother and best friend and i will never ever hurt family. You did come see me everytime i was in trouble that says alot about you and i wont froget.

If there is one thing i can say about Fin, its that ik no matter what he wouldnt leave any of his family nor would he ever intentionally hurt us. Brother, dont stray away from family. Thanks for getting me meds and l know you are trying hard and we all see it we dont give you much credit tho. I am sorry. I hope i can do better by you.

My respect and loyalty in you is unspeakable. You are a great leader and great boss i see how much you try for us. I'm happy you are feeling better since we heard from NY. Just know we are all always here for you

Everything between us stays between us. Me and you always had an understanding between eachother. I'm very glad and honored to call you my boss. Whatever it is you need im here. Whatever plan you have i stand by it. I stand by you Fin always will.

You gave it to me straight like a brother would. I know you are trying to trust mouse and i know you feel a lot of weight on you. Im sorry i cant be of much help but i will protect this family first

I am Truly Sorry i didnt do anything. You were right there in my arms. I couldnt leave you. I want you to know i sat by your grave everyday for 2 weeks i couldnt forgive myself. My brother. My Family. Nothing seems right anymore. I miss you Fin. Fuck.



Zero was quick to judge Sam but it is understandable. During Sam's Early years Zero would often see him take his anger out on On-Jo. Its something Zero wont forget about Sam. Sam wishes Zero didnt see that but it happen and Sam is gonna try to make up for it. Control his Anger. Zero UNDERSTANDS, He gets it im am so happy to see us on the same page for once. Its nice to have gotten closer to Zero. He does need to control himself and i worry about him.

Glad you are okay! and that you found someone sorta. Youve been spending alot of time wit her and you seem really happy so im happy for you brother.

We had a talk and lets say we are all on the same page of things. I'm glad. My brothers come first before anyone. I stand by you and Fin anytime.

I'm sorry. I know you apologized but what if you are right. Maybe i shouldnt have killed him but if im being honest i wouldve killed him later without any of you there. I'm sorry.

You need to get a hold of yourself and stop hiding things from people and stop acting like Fin its only gonna get you killed. You got Rae to worry about and that should be your main focus and drive. If not her then Me because you are all i have left.



Tiny came to Samuel when Sam first Joined and said to him "Tiny Protect his Family and you are part of my Family." After that moment Samuel knew Tiny was a well trusted friend. He has had my back alot but he also doesnt want to choice a side ever. i still trust him with my life and i still would do anything for him.




Kat is one of the Veterans of this Group. Samuel quickly became friends with kat and would ask questions about Sexuality because Samuel is lost their. Samuel only ever asked about trans people never mentioning his own emotions. Kat knew about Sams questionable Sexuality but would never talk about it due to his Anger. really hasnt been the person she was. Who could blame her tho none of us are. Been spending to much time with Ivy and is starting to think like her

Ever Since I got sick we have gotten close. You were there at karls grave wit me and ill never forget it. You are truly my sister and truly my best friend. I need to stick by you more and keep you safe. Thank you for being the best sister and helping me express my feelings. The past is the past. You will always be my sister no matter what.

Lately you just have been alot to handle and im sorry you left like that and i didnt do anything. I just think you needa to find more people like you. Maybe lead your own thing.



Crow was always nice to Sam even giving him a peice of his Sandwhich when Sam didnt bring any food. Crow is more a bigger brother to Sam and would go to him for advice. We have been spending some time together and he loves anything French related.

You are amazing and such a big help in advice but more so you are so funny and it cant handle it. Thanks for always having my back ❤️




Jake being mute meant Samuel could talk and talk all day to him and never have to really listen back. Jake would accompany Sam on missions in New York and even Saved his life when Sam almost failed at parkour one time, Jake grabbed him before he fell 300 ft. havent seen you lately i hope you are well.




Samuel and Dimes relationship is a bit different then the rest. Samuel enjoys his company and loves to go out with Dimes. He respects dimes and trust him with his life. Even tho they barely talk and barely know anything about each other they still work together due to this "Understanding" They both have of each other. Dimes and i think alot alike sometimes. he may be smarter but when it comes to protection and getting to business we think alike. I trust him calling the shots and trust him with my life, despite his constant joking wit me but i think that means we are friends so i guess ill allow it.

I heard about the falling and i hope we can have you back. You are still family and you prove you still are. thank you for still caring for us and thank you for the great times. Plz come back and be safe.


Karl (DEAD)


Saved my life over 100 times now since we have meet. He is a great guy and trust worthy he knows hes way around and doesnt get hurt lucky.

One of the only people i can really trust in my own Family. I feel like everyone else looks and talks to me different but you. We have so much fun together from car ramping to hunting bears. Karl has become a great friend and brother to me
I CANT FUCKING BELIEVE IT I WASNT THERE TO SAVE YOU. You saved me over and over and when you needed someone to save you i couldnt be there. I am sorry Karl. I wish you were here.



Our new Enforcer i am happy Nat is with us we think alike. I trust her and would follow her. She also has a cool Degale and sometimes she acts like a mom and checks up on me. Its nice to see someone who cares.

I miss you been a bit since ive seen you and i hope you are well.

I feel for you and i know i dont understand what you are going through. Just know im here for you no matter what. You still are nice to me and treat me like im one of your own. Im happy you are apart of this family. Dont leave.

I dont know what to say. I cant lie i resent you for having Fin killed. I understand but he is still my brother. I trust you but i havent been this unsure about life in a long time. I miss Fin



Starting to like you despite what happen between our groups. I can forgive for now but i wont forget. I do enjoy your friendship and companionship tho so there's that.

I will be there for you if needed i wont forget how you were there for us. Thank you anything you need i will help. Love having you around.



Green outfit Gang. Green Gang. Very trust worthy also is medical so ik if i need anything i can go to her. She did use me but its all apart of business so nothing personal. She showed me some trust the other day and i will return the trust.

You have been a very big help in the medical field. If not for you many people wouldve died and they have their lives to thank you for it. I hope to see you more in town.



Despite him shotting me in the helmet and knocking me out and ruining my fav Helmet, He is Green gang and trust worthy he was defending his own and a damn good shot. I want him on side.

You truly have shown me that you are a real friend. I trust you with my life like you are family. You are so funny and i love being around you. Spooky gang.


Before i would say you are a good friend now i would still say the same. WE just haven't seen each other a lot but you did help up in dead city that i can admire.

Saw you for a short time but glad you are doing good.


I try to understand you its hard but i can say giving you a present every time i see you and then see you get happy is nice.

I Feel bad for this kid. I don't believe in what you do but i don't wanna see you dead.

You have been so nice to me and gave me so much i cant thank you enough trust me i will write up the contract for years supply of Zagorky 

I will protect you just like Fin was trying to do



You tbh scare the fuck out of me again would not ever try anything on you.

You have been such a great friend and protector. From Zombies to bears you have had my back and saved me. I trust you more then you think. Keep Dimes Safe.




Meeting you was great you are really sweet and seem like a great addition to the family. You make Zero happy that's enough as far as I'm concerned. 

I am sorry. so sorry Rae. I wont let this happen again. I'm going to murder the people who did this to you. Im sorry. 

Stay by me and stop going off by yourself. No more can you be hurt plz.




You are a badass and funny af. Wont talk about that one time tho maybe its more then one time i don't know.




You have showen time and time again that you can be trusted with not only my life but with my family's. Your a great shot and a even better thinker. You think like people used to its good we need someone wit a level head.

I have thought about you alot. what you did. I will never forget it. Fin is dead because of you.



Lately i have been feeling like the outcast of the outcast. Its weird to explain most people don't think like i do nor do as i do. I try to be the best family member. Some don't see how much i try. Fin has. I got to control my anger. Some people cant handle it.

I am sorry i haven't been there much not only emotionally but physically i have been away. I needed time to clear myself and despite that i wasn't there to protect any of you. I am sorry.

We have come together more has a family when other strayed. Its okay but we gotta focus on the ones here. Fin has my trust. we can do so many things.



I actually love this town aside from the Wild Life but we can deal with them. Clean up has been going great, Fin had a smart idea with the tractor. This is our town and we will stand up for it and show everyone that comes by that this is Runner Territory. 

Dead City
I like being here but i also like being home. alot happens here i love it. action is what i live for. what i used to do. Well anyways i hope things start to come up and i will help anyway i can.

It came time i abandon this region. I am sorry you all will see me around but not as much i hope you understand but Family comes first.








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A+ character page my man. Excited to have you along with the group!

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Obsessed with this character, his inner struggle, and not knowing what will happen next. As someone who knows the end of every book or movie when it begins and hates being bored, thanks for giving me mind candy. 

❤️ mouse

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Thanks for the hoodie...I think?

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