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Duo Maxwell
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1990-05-06 (29 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    Harpers Ferry, WV
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages
    English, parts of other languages
  7. Religion


  1. Height
    175 cm
  2. Weight
    82 kg
  3. Build
    rugged, fit
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Features
    Scratch across cheek from mountain lion.
  7. Equipment
    Hunting rifle, revolver, small tent, canteen, matches, hunting knife, hunting clothes, boonie hat, assault boots.
  8. Occupation


Duo Maxwell came from a small town in the mountains near Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. He was a hunter who often made long hunting trips in foreign countries. These trip were often on his own, he found the hunt more thrilling if he were by himself, and disliked the rules set by guides. He eventually got his flying licence and bought his own 2 man aircraft. Duo would often rent ATVs from local businesses and head out. he would build small shacks as a base camp then would hike for days tracking and finding the perfect trophy. Due to the ruralness off most of his hunts the atvs were of little quality and would often require him to do repairs while away from civilization.

On july 6th 2017 Duo arrived at the Krasnostav airfield on what was to be a 2 week hunting trip in the black mountains. As with most of his trip this one was unofficial and unknown to authorities. He took a taxi from Krasnostav to belaya polana where he rented his atv. he then headed north into the mountains.

A week later Duo was on the trail of a large elk when he started seeing sings of a struggle and a blood trail. after following the trail he found a dead Boar that had been ripped apart and eaten. The only tracks he could find were that of the boar and multiple sets of shoeprints. He made the assumption that there was another group of hunters in the area and a wolf stole their kill. The next day Duo managed to kill the elk he was tracking and started heading back to base camp. along the way he came across a tent, he got off his atv and upon investigating it, found that it had been torn apart and was covered in blood. there were tears in the tent that seemed to be made by claws of some sort. He thought it might have been a bear and decided to head to the nearest hunting camp to tell them to warn any campers. He found the nearest camp empty and got no reply on their radio. He then started hearing noises, he looked out side and saw 3 people surrounding his atv. He approached and tried to get their attention, one turned towards him and he could see blood all over its face and down its chest, it then started running to him, it grabbed ahold of him but he managed to fight it off and knock it to the ground. he could now see that the three men were tearing into the elk and eating its insides. the other two then turned towards him, their eyes were glossed over and gave Duo an uneasy feeling. One the let out an eerie howl and both started charging him. He Pulled out his revolver and shot one in the chest halting its movement, then turned to the other and shot it in the head. The first nearly unphased by the shot to the chest, continued its charge, so Duo shot him in the head also. As the 3rd man started to get back up duo warned him to stay down. it continued to rise and began charging so duo put 3 rounds in its chest.

Exhausted from his ordeal Duo walked to a nearby creek to wash the blood from the men off of him. He thought to himself, he has seen many zombie movies but he never thought it could actually happen. he returned to the ATV and realized he left it running  and now it was nearly out of gas. he had just enough to return to camp but not enough to make it back to belaya polana. he would have to hike the 2000 miles back. 

It took Duo 11 months to make his way back to his plane. He had to trek around hordes of zombies, hunt for food, and stop to heal when he injured his leg. But after getting back he found the airfield looted and most of the planes gone. luckily his was still there. however someone dismantled parts and likely used them to fix their own plane. Duo was at a loss, he knew he had to get out of Chernaurus and get home. after finding a map at the radio tower he discovered there were two other airstrips in the area, both were military outposts. So he made a plan, he would start heading to the safer one first, Balota airfield. he figure it was a smaller airfield so there would likely be less resistance, then he would head to Vybor airbase if he couldnt get all the parts he needed there. along the way he would look for a vehicle in order to haul the parts back.

Duo's journey took him another year to complete. car parts were sparse and there were few vehicles he could fix up. his trek took him to large cities like cherno and electro which, due to the high zombie population, slowed his travel. he had to find the equipment he needed not only to dismantle other broken planes but to haul the heavy parts. But Duo managed to get his plane running. He managed to get airborn, and started heading west-south west. He managed to get over prigorodki when a rocket struck his right wing. his plane crashed into the black sea and duo lost consciousness. He woke up an hour later on a beach...........


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