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Chase Gilbert
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Date of birth
    1997-06-22 (21 years old)
  4. Place of birth
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    English (Australian)
  8. Family
  9. Religion


  1. Height
    175 cm
  2. Weight
    86 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Black, Short wavy hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Equipment
    Machete, Pistol, Clothes on his back
  7. Occupation
    Athlete / Research Assistant


Chase "Gill" Gilbert, was an aspiring young Athlete in Australia that was working hard to become a member of a professional Athlete and to make it to the Olympics. Chase had been working on improving his athleticism since the young age of 6 years old. Being an only child, Chase’s father Russell always pushed him to improve, and get somewhere with his life, but was never impressed with how Chase acted, always cocky and showing off, acting as if the world owed him something. When Chase was 20 years old his dad Russell and his Mother Sarah were involved in a fatal car accident, his Sarah died before reaching the hospital. Speaking to his father on his deathbed, Chase realised that his attitude towards life was completely backwards, and started to see things in a different light.


With no known family left in the world, and a new leash on life, Chase and a group of his friends headed off overseas to see what life was like in other countries and to try and gain a better understanding of life in general. Among this group of friends that all worked in the local research lab, doing various tasks, under a man named Dr. Haywood, was a 28 year old man named Edward McKay, who was an aspiring researchers apprentice and Haywoods protege. One such place the group decided to visit was Sochi.


Whilst in Sochi, the group decided to travel out to a small village just outside of the Chernarus border, whilst at the village they heard news of the outbreak, and attempted to return home, however due to the outbreak they couldn’t leave the village as it was too dangerous and instead had to bunker up until military forces arrived to move them out of the village and into the main city of Sochi. On the 17th of July, at 4am, the military decided it was the safest time to move civilians and locals out of the village and further out towards safety, however Edward had received a message from one of the military forces leaders informing him that his mentor Dr. Haywood was sent to Miroslavl and that the group would need to be moved there to help with the research. Reluctantly the military forces decided the best course of action was to move the whole group to the research lab.


Upon reaching the research lab, the group was greeted by Dr. Haywood and were eager to help. However once inside the lab, the bombing began, hiding in one of the containment cells in the research lab for cover, the group feared for their lives.


After what felt like an hour, the bombing seemed to have stopped and the group heard over a radio that was set to a military frequency, that surviving personnel should immediately move to the airport to avoid any further potential harm. The group moved outside to depart for the airport in which they found weapons clung to the bodies of dead soldiers that were blown up whilst guarding the lab. Picking these up the group moved to the airport, carefully maneuvering around the city keeping their eye out for anything that could harm them.


Upon reaching the Airport, they had found they were too late to be evacuated and had to stay put until they have another means of evacuation. They stayed in the encampment at the airport for roughly a week, until they decided to move out to seek refuge.


However, 30 minutes after leaving the airport, the group was attacked by an infected, in which Edward shot at without hesitation. Hearing the gunfire, another 10 infected in the area rushed at the group. Knowing that causing noise would attract even more infected, Chase instructed his group to run and that he would find them. The path ahead was littered with infected, Chase watched as his friends all ran away, whilst he stood in front of a group of infected with a Machete and a Assault Rifle. Strapping the rifle and loving it to his back, Chase, machete in hand, started fighting the infected.


Chase, had underestimate the amount of infected, and now cornered, had nowhere left to run. Suddenly, the flash of a muzzle and the roar of bullets coming as though it couldn’t have been more perfectly timed. A soldier, standing before him, stabbing shooting the infected in front of him, saving his life. The soldier quickly helped Chase to his feet, looking him up and down, the soldier said “More will come soon, we must move quickly.” Chase and the Soldier moved to a camp in which the soldier had set up, here the soldier gave Chase food and water, and allowed him to rest, until later that day. Sitting at this camp Chase asked the soldier his name and what he was doing in the area. The soldier introduced himself as “Call me Morgan, and as to why I’m here? I was one of CDF guards that was in the city protecting people after the bombs, but when I arrived my group was attacked, and I haven’t found anyone until you. Why are you here kid?” Chase responded quickly, “I work for one of the researchers that were at the lab in town, we were looking for somewhere to seek refuge, when we were attacked.” This conversation continued until midday.


When afternoon arrived, the soldier told Chase it was a safe time to leave and asked “Where will you go?” Chase responded with “I must find my friends, and make sure they are alive. I have to make sure those things, didn’t get to them.” Morgan replied, “I wish you luck, you are very brave. However you must watch out, Chernarus is not a friendly place these days. Not only are there infected, but human beings that can be as bad if not worse than them.” as he handed Chase a new jumper, one that wasn’t ripped up. Chase put on the hoodie and asked “Morgan, where will you go?”. “Well Chase, I will be heading into the city further, and see if I can’t help more people!” Chase thanked Morgan one final time before leaving. Leaving the camp, taking one last long breath of the safe air, Chase decided to head further into Chernarus to search for his friends.


Since entering the borders of Chernarus, Chase has been using his speed to outrun infected and has made a habit of hiding from large groups of armed humans as cautioned by the man that saved his life. So far, unable to find any of his friends, Chase continues searching, never giving up hope.

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