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Ludvik Belinsky
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Date of birth
    1999-07-10 (19 years old)
  4. Place of birth
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
  8. Family
    Father:Lukas Belinsky(Dead),Mother:Karolina Berlinsky(Dead)


  1. Height
    172 cm
  2. Weight
    75 kg
  3. Hair
  4. Eyes



(Written in German)


I cant believe we are already 4 Days into this Madness.
No Police or army to be seen,well we are just Hiding in this Hangar for the past Days.
We are 5 People in here,the Guy from Brazil,i forgot what his Name was,then there is Patrick from Utah,the wierd asian Guy,Marie from Hamburg and me.
I have no Idea what is going on here but it all started when i was waiting for the Plane to Gran Canaria together with my Parents.
There was this one Plane,right after it landed someone must have activated the evacuation slide and people where fleeing from a Guy that was chasing them.
I just wanted to leave this place,because after some Time People began to Panic in the Main Hall of the Airport and were fleeing outside.
My Father insisted on staying and boarding our Plane,if i think back to that Day it was very important to him that we where super early at the Airport,wierd.
I wonder if he somehow saw this coming.
Well that´s not important anymore,they are Dead,i feel bad for not crying over their Death,maybe my stupid Head don´t understand the situation right now.


Ricardo from Brazil and Patrick where outside today because we have no food left,they tried to get some from the Airport shops but there are at least 20 of these Aggressive Sick people inside.
We would be already dead if we where at one of the Bigger Airports,this one is rather small with just one main Runway or whatever its called.
Luckily we are outside of Lübeck,the City must be overrun by now.
Well they found some Food at a near small Shop which was already partially looted.
Patrick says we could Survive for a Week with what they found,then we need to find stuff again outside.
Marie is constantly Crying but we need to be quiet in here.i don´t know why i still don´t feel something simmiliar.


Ricardo and Patrick taught me to Fight these Infected People.
They are going back to the Shop and asked me if i could Help carrying some stuff.
I really don´t want to go outside but i do not want to sit here and eat what they bring and do nothing else.
Also the weird Asian Guy left without a word,good for us because of the Food situation.

The World is Fucking Gone.
All we saw was either Infected or Dead People.
I was not ready to Fight,Patrick and Ricardo where doing all the Work.
At least i could help hauling Food,we found a new and Bigger Store but it was Locked.
Patrick is looking for Tools outside,alone.
I would never go out there all alone.

Yesterday we lost Patrick,he came Back pretty late and his left arm was Bleeding.
He got bit while searching for Tools.
Patrick gave what he found to Ricardo and asked him to Kill him.
They went outside and only Ricardo came back,we 3 where up all Night talking about our Situation and what to do next.
Ricardo and me are leaving in the Morning to get as much as possible Food from that Shop.


A lot of Time passed that i wrote something in here.
We adapted to the Situation and have a plan for every Day now.
Everyone of us has something to do.
Marie is managing our Food while Ricardo and i Try to Kill any Infected Within the inner Fence of the small Airport.
Also we are stacking up on Wood,we need to stay warm,its already November.
Ricardo made a Hole in the Roof at the Highest place where we can have a fire.

Its Done.
Every Infected inside the Fence is Dead.
Marie has caught a cold,i hope she will be well soon.


Today 2 People arrived at the Airport with a small Bus.
Amelia and Mateusz,they are from Poland,they attracted some Infected but the Fence is High enough.
They told us that they driving to Switzerland,allegedly there is a large Survivor Camp.
They asked if they could stay for 2 Days and we did not mind some new Faces.
It was interesting to listen to their Story´s and it felt good to talk to someone else for once.


Everything is gone,Ricardo is Dead.
It happened so fast,i woke up when i heard the Engine of the Bus start.
Ricardo ran up to me Shouting,"Wake up the others and get in the Van Quick"
The Bus attracted way more infected and over night they broke the Fence,hundreds of them.
When i got in the back of the Bus i already heard infected outside.
Ricardo opened the Door from the top of the Vans roof.
Mateusz stepped on the Gas so hard that Ricardo fell and was instantly Crowded by infected.
Now we are Resting outside a small Town in the woods.


After a Week driving through Switzerland we actually found a camp,but they where traveling too,also i have no calendar anymore.
The Group included 13 People,they are Traveling to Turkey or even saudi arabia.
Thomas was the Leader of the Group,he had the Theory that in really warm Countries the "Walking Dead" as he called it, would Decay faster due to the body´s rotting faster.


We are now at least 4 weeks here,everybody is still here because the are no infected in the area and we are stuffed with cans of food.
Also i feel safe here,even Marie seems to enjoy our Time here,she suggested that we should go with the others when they are Traveling to warmer Country´s.
After Ricardo´s Death,its our best call.
Amelia and Mateusz left a week ago because they were not Happy with the place.


Cant believe all this Text i wrote,so much Time passed by since i last held this small Notebook in my hands,i need to lookout after a new pen.
Also Thomas girlfriend is keeping Track of Time and the Days passed,she said that we are already in September.
Its slowly getting colder and Thomas said the Group leaves in a Week,to run away from the cold.


Today we found a working Bus and a lot of Gas too,only downside was that there were Dead people inside.
I helped the others cleaning the Bus wich was super Gross.
It seems that we are still in Switzerland.


Were having heavy problems with the snow in Romania,but from here its not super far to Turkey.
I am very happy to be a part of this,everyone is working together.
We have a few CD´s with Music and actually have some Fun.


We were just outside of Bulgaria when we met a Group of People.
It turned out they were not so nice,they had Guns and wanted our Food.
Almost everything is gone,but they allowed us to leave,but didn´t allow us to drive further down to Turkey.
Right now we´re crossing Romania again to then Drive through Ukraine an then further down south.
I looked at the map and when we stay close to the Sea we maybe Drive through Chernarus.
It would be so cool if i could see my old Hometown again,i mean i was 9 when we left Zelenogorsk to move to Germany.
But still,i hope we Drive through it.


That´s what i feel when i look around.
We found our Perfect place in Russia.
Its far from every Town,we have clean Drinkable Water and a large Supermarket which is just an hour Drive away.
These Cans wont feed us forever so where planning on Growing our own Food.


Yesterday we lost Sergej,we were looking for large pieces of Tarp in a small industrial district.
We checked the Building before but somehow the was still a Infected Person inside.
I tried to distract the thing but it had already bitten him,Thomas managed to Kill the infected and after a Talk he Killed Sergej.


Things are getting back to normal after the loss of Sergej.
The last Days where pretty quiet.
Thomas helped me with the first little Garden Today.


I need a break but i have to run further away.
Everyone is Dead!
I woke up in the middle of the Night from gunshots.
I saw a group of People executing Thomas and some of the others,then i saw 2 men walking towards my Tent.
Marie was too far away from me,i would be Dead too if i tried to save her.
Everything happened so fast,i was lucky that next to my Tent was a small Treeline with bushes.
As slow as i could i left the Camp through the bushes while my Friends are getting killed.
I don´t know what to do,but after this Break i start running further away from these Psychos.


I could sleep in a little House outside a small town.
Im not sure if i did the right thing,yes im Alive but also alone.

(before Ludvik lefts the house,he puts his notebook into a Drawer and close it)


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